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Orion Pictures Corporation. documents
titleNumber of documents
21 hours at Munich & 1,602 other titles. (Part 008 of 011)30
240 Robert & 224 other titles; motion pictures, Wall time, Walltime30
A Children's church program for the purposes of training and teaching doctrine for grades one thru eight & 5 other titles28
Act of vengeance & 813 other titles; television pictures. (Part 002 of 004), Alice30
A doll's house and Hedda Gabler; notes. By Clifton K. Hillegass, employer for hire of Marianne Sturman30
A doll's house (English translation) DU74160, Best of Gilda Radner, Best of Dan Aykroyed30
A lucky guy & 61 other titles, Easy money, Company & 1 other title30
A matter of time (Hold on darlin') Co-composers, Craig Michael Wiseman & Jason Sellers30
American buffalo: battling back. PAu 2-325-496 (1998)30
Amityville II--The Possession & 12 other titles; motion pictures30
And now the screaming starts; motion picture. By Amicus Productions, The premature burial30
Animal magnetism counter top display, TV dollar, Spare car30
An Introduction to the philosophy of Western science and psychology, Claims and deductibles for homeowner's insurance27
Another country, another world & 81 other titles30
Arche for viola and orchestra, Lost angels lullaby, Lost angels28
Assignment Berlin (main/end & cues) By Christopher Guardino, Contemporary Gladiators25
At the earth's core & 5 other titles; motion pictures28
At your service--Mexican style--Seascaper, The Miner, Midnight patrol30
Babette's feast & 8 other titles; motion pictures28
Barry McKenzie's holds his own & 10 other titles; motion pictures, Men's club, Teen wolf & 30 other titles23
Before you runaway [sic], True heart, You will30
Better late than dead! Brooksisms! I'm a verb, not a noun! What the hello!, Better late24
Bill and Ted's excellent adventure & 828 other titles. (Part 001 of 005)30
Bill and Ted's excellent adventure II, Madhouse, The Road home30
Bill and Ted's excellent adventure II, Madhouse, The Road home part 230
Bill & Ted's excellent adventure & 5 other titles; theatrical & television productions30
Blood and lace & 1 other title; motion pictures29
Blue sky. By Equity Music Corporation. (In Searchin' for the truth), Blue sky, POB25
Bobbie Jo and the outlaw. By American International Pictures, Inc27
Boris and Natasha & 1,971 other titles. (Part 006 of 010), Model thanks, Pure fashion30
Boris and Natasha & 3,171 other titles. (Part 012 of 017)30
Broadway Danny Rose30
Bull Durham & 61 other titles, Bill & Ted's bogus journey, Bill & Ted II27
Caesar & Cleopatra theme. From Cleopatra. m Twentieth Century Music Corporation, employer for hire of Alex North, orch.: Herbert Spencer25
Calculus for business, economics, and the social and life sciences, Megiddo, Navigating policy tensions in complex times30
Came a hot Friday night part 224
Car 54, where are you? From album Television's greatest hits, volume 2. SR 087-33329
Castle of Fu Manchu & 5 other titles; motion pictures, Under fire, Breathless30
Collection of songs for "Daddy", Ghostwriter, California Casanova30
Colonel Redl [sic]30
Colors part 430
Computer programs for set-theoretic and serial analysis of contemporary music, Attention Shoppers II27
Concertino Es-dur. Fur Klarinette, Violoncello und Orchester. By Peter vonWinter, 1754-1825, arr. & edit.: Jost Michaels, arr. of solo part of violoncello: Irene Gudel30
Cornbread, Earl and me. By ML Productions, Ltd, Abby, The young racers30
Count Dracula; play in three acts. Editorial revision: Theodore Tiller 2nd30
Cyrano De Bergerac (Royal Shakespeare Co, Safe but sorry, Wacky world of sports30
Days and nights of a french horn player, I never saw another butterfly, Daughters30
Decline of western civilization, Foxfire light, H.O.T.S23
Die laughing. By Plautus Productions, Inc30
Dirty rotten scoundrels & 16 other titles; motion pictures30
Dressed to kill. By Stephen A. Kipner & Ron Leigh part 230
Duke Ellington the piano prince and his orchestra, The Package, The Package '9130
Edge of sanity, Communion23
End of the line--man in boat with hooked fish part 230
Foreign body. PA 326-93730
Futureworld & 270 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Futureworld28
Gang related25
Georgia and John Quetzal. m Brian Stone, pseud. of Brian Goldstone, Charles Greene, pseud. of Charles Greenberg &, Sonny Bono, pseud. of Salvatore Bono30
Good practice for treating existing structures with wells or cisterns close to/within foundation26
Grave secrets. (The new detectives) PA 1-143-976 (2003)30
Happy birthday, Sheldon! By United Features Syndicate, employer-for-hire of Brett Koth, Larry Fentz and Dwight Ferris part 230
Heartbreak Hotel. w & m Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden & Elvis Presley30
Highly irregular on Baker street, Return engagement, Death sentence30
High noon part II: the return of Will Ka., The X from outer space, K-900030
Hollow point & 5 other titles, Daytona blues, Ordinary heroes30
Hollywood squares. PA 389-771 (1986) et al part 430
Home is where the horror is, episode no. 108 part 230
Hotel Colonial, Hoosiers, Platoon23
House of 1,000 dolls & 8 other titles; motion pictures, The hide-out, Hi, Mom30
Howling IV: The original nightmare, The belly of an architect, After food of the Gods30
How to beat the high cost of living, Friday Foster, Purvis g-man30
Human feelings & 1 other title; made-for-television motion pictures29
I could never leave you. w & m Bruce Bently, w Jerry Brown & Vince Brown, Collection X02A27
If you're leavin' (Don't be gone long), Angels and insects, Nine mile run30
I haven't got the nerve. w Carmelo Esteban Martin Caro (a.k.a. Steve Martin), m Justo George Fabian Cameron, Jr. (a.k.a. George Cameron)30
Independence and involvement: a Christian reorientation in political science. By Rene DeVisme Williamson part 230
Invasion of the bee girls25
John McCullough's alphabetized catalogue of compositions, Charge of the model T's30
Johnny Handsome, Cadillac man, Bad girls25
Keith W. Strandberg's action film making master class, American dragons, American Shaolin30
King Henry V. Editor: R. J. Dorius, Henry V, The Way to the stars30
Land of the blind & 3 other titles; motion pictures and screenplays, Cord, Wilderness picture30
Last house on the left28
Let's dance (people, all over the world) By Harry W. Casey & George McRae, Let's dance30
Little man Tate30
Living on Tokyo time23
Lois Gibbs and the love canal, Palookaville, Die monster die30
Lone Wolf McQuade & 1 other title; theatrical films, Wanted: dead or alive29
Loose connection, Cobra, Computer samba25
Manon of the spring (sub-titles) PA 404-341, Manon des sources, L'ours =30
Married to it30
Married to the mob, Storefront Hitchcock, He comes in peace25
Mars attacks (Main end credits & cues) Composed by Danny Elfman29
Me and the kid next door. w & m Scotty Macgregor (Irvine T. Macgregor)26
Merry Christmas to you & 1 other title30
Mother Pletsch's Painless sewing with Pretty Pati's Perfect pattern primer, Starving actors30
Mrs. Brisby and the rats of N I M H, Blue sky, Robocop 221
Murmur of the heart (sub-titles) PA 195-996, Strangers kiss, The oblong box30
My American cousin29
My beautiful laundrette, Rita, Sue and Bob too, A Month in the country24
My little girl (Angel all a-glow) w & m by George Fischoff30
Mystery date part 230
Mystery train. Words & music: Herman Parker, Jr., music & arrangements: Sam Cornelius Phillips30
My trip to New York. By David Seltzer, Six weeks, Speed racer28
No titles given; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 76 C 4495 filed 7Dec76 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division) Order attached; order of dismissal with prejudice and without costs entered part 230
No titles given; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. 77-2611 filed 22Dec77 in U.S. District Court for District of New Jersey part 230
One summer love. By American International Pictures, Inc, Soulfire. p.k.a. Dragonfly30
One woman or two (sub-titles) PA 404-43830
Party animals theme song30
Pauline at the beach (sub-titles) PA 380-07627
Peter and the wolf & 4 other titles; children's classical music programs25
Phantom from 10,000 leagues; motion picture. Music: Ronald Stein28
Phantom tree house (animated) Phat Beach, The cold room, Bachelor30
Poison ivy30
Poltergeists & 26 other titles; television motion pictures, Blazing stewardesses30
Positivism; a study in human understanding. By Richard VonMises, translated with the collaboration of the author by Jeremy Bernstein & Roger Gerhard Newton30
Pretty little Indian maid. Words & music: Lloyd "Lonzo" George & Rollin "Oscar" Sullivan30
Privates on parade; a play with songs in two acts30
Probable cause. PAu 1-792-161 (1995)27
Rape and revenge, the revenge-part 2, War zone, The beautiful and the dead-part II30
Reckless Kelly. Written by Yahoo Serious, Mr. Accident, Young Einstein30
Retroactive and proactive inhibition in prose retention, tested by .., Retroactive30
Return to Macon County. By American International Pictures, Inc. & American International Productions30
Reversal of fortune (cues) Composed by Mark Isham30
Road rules & 3 other titles; musical score, Fantasy camp, Let it ride28
Rolling vengeance & 1 other title; motion pictures30
Season's greetings--a most Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (Reindeer pulling TV) Artist: Lloyd Harting part 230
Seize the time: the story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton, Heat, Pacheco30
Separate ways (worlds apart) & 9 other titles part 230
She's gotta have it her way23
Somewhere in America there's a street named after my dad ; Spy in the house of love ; Boy's gone crazy30
Stay-at-home Sue. w Gene Schwartz, Vicky Schwartz (Victoria Schwartz) & Rosalyn Greenberg, w & m Dion DiMucci & Ernie Maresca (Ernest Maresca)29
Sticky fingers on Uncle Sam30
Stone cold dead. By Richard Ellington30
Sudden cardiac death caused by hypertension independent of coronary atherosclerosis part 230
Sugar daddy love & 9 other titles, Sugar daddy30
Take heed to the message, and 1 other song, Dead on arrival, Momentum, & 1 other selection30
That sinking feeling30
The Addams family & 23 other titles; motion pictures, Alice, FX-II30
The Addams family & 25 other titles; motion picture screenplays part 230
The Beast with a million eyes, My beautiful laundrette, DeSade28
The curse of inforno, Married to it, Love field23
The Fiendish plot of Doctor Fu Manchu, Dope, the play, Fu Manchu, the insidious30
The Great Wall is a great wall, A great wall25
The Inhuman condition. By Simon & Schuster, Inc, The Body politic, The Hellbound heart30
The Life and loves of a she-devil, Paradise paved, Mister Danny22
The official top secret G.O.P. dictionary, On the edge, Yossel and the golden dream22
The political companion to American film, Suspects, Pigtown27
The private files of J. Edgar Hoover, China moon, Victims for victims30
The Private files of J. Edgar Hoover, Miami blues "Hibiscus print", Miami blues30
There goes my baby and here comes the rain30
There goes my baby and here comes the rain, The Favor, Bill & Ted II22
The Sacrifice lamb & 16 other titles24
The Silence of entrophy or universal discourse: the postmodernist poetics of Heiner Mueller29
The Untitled Catharine A. MacKinnon project, Insufferable (the book), Hiney30
Tired of waking up tired, Madhouse, Teenage nation25
To be a rose22
Tony Serra project a.k.a. San Francisco lawyer a.k.a. True believer, Untitled love story30
Trinity & Bambino: the legend lives on, Battlecade II, Red line24
Under surveillance. By Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, Slayer, Troopers30
Universal football game (demonstration on video), Deal of a lifetime, Night-time radio30
Unmasking the idol & 1 other title; audio-visual works, Order of the Black Eagle23
War zone30
We think the world of you. By J. R. Ackerley, A man in love22
We've all got time for one more song, The Hot spot, Oh, that's my man26
When your dreams have all gone, Lone wolf, Get on30
Whose little baby are you? (Richard Diamond, episode no. 3244) RE 390-564, The messenger of the Blessed Virgin30
Wish you were here; a musical play in two acts. By Arthur Kober & Joshua Logan, music & lyrics by Harold Rome part 330
Without a clue29
Wyatt Earp--return to Tombstone, Final voyage, Wyatt Earp-return to Tombstone30
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, The Rebel, Untitled Lee Aronsohn project27
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