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10th annual Section 1983 civil rights litigation and attorneys' fees, Western vacation planner30
A comparative study of freshmen college students' achievement and attitude toward reading when receiving a holistic, literature-based approach versus a basal, skill-based approach to part 230
A multivariate model for the prediction of cognitive development, academic achievement, and special instructional arrangements in school-age children part 219
An analysis of differences between gender, experience and school size regarding the responsibilities of interscholastic athletic directors30
Assessing Asian language performance: guidelines for evaluating limited-English-proficient students30
A study of the effect of an interdisciplinary study improvement program on academic achievement and classroom behavior among tenth-grade students30
Defined benefit pension plan adoption agreement and guidelines for completing Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn defined benefit pension plan adoption agreement30
Equity finance venture capital, buyouts, restructurings and reorganizations, Why'd you have to go (and leave me)?24
Executive compensation in the computer and peripheral equipment industry30
Financial planning ... a roadmap--merging your life and your money!28
Financial products training course, life and health continuing education course30
Guide to tax and financial planning for older clients, Mammoth (and more), V.I.L.,a collective work30
How to develop and manage a successful trust and estates/elder law practice, The Flame by Tom Begley [i.e. Thomas Devlin Begley 3d]30
How to handle tax audits, requests for rulings, fraud cases, and other procedures before I. R. S30
How to handle tax audits, requests for rulings, fraud cases, and other procedures before I. R. S part 230
How to handle tax audits, requests for rulings, fraud cases, and other procedures before I. R. S. Supplement30
How to save taxes and increase your wealth with a professional corporation, Forms and workbook30
How to set up and run a qualified pension or profit sharing plan for a small or medium-size business. Supplement22
Identification and presentation of eighteenth-and nineteenth-century furniture made in the Danish West Indies as a unique decorative art29
Individual retirement account amendment and amendment disclosure statement29
Instructor's manual to accompany learning strategies for allied health students and acquiring critical thinking skills29
Introduction to qualified pension and profit sharing plans, 1983, The Pension answer book29
Love and liberty!; a Civil War revue. w & m Donald Michel Levy, whose pseud. is Don Davis30
Multistate payroll guide. Special supplement--federal and state garnishment, How to use tax shelters today. Supplement30
Multivariant analysis applied to the interpretation of dissolved aromatic petroleum hydrocarbon data for subsurface investigations22
Plan termination answer book. Cumulative supplement, Pension distribution answer book24
Plazzo Celestine, 4750 Gresham Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA, Benefits law journal, An ethics of biodiversity23
Proceedings of the National Health Lawyers Association's ... Annual Program on Long Term Care and the Law30
Psychiatric claims in workers' compensation and civil litigation. Cumulative supplement part 225
PYCJR; Package your Concept, Jr. By Fan Club, Inc., Robert Ginn & Veronica Taylor30
Reading achievement of children with learning disabilities, Becoming the black subject28
Remodelling to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. F. O'Donnel McDermott, 605 Linden, Oak Park, Illinois 6030230
The Temporal and spatial distribution of hydrocarbons in atmospheric .., Joel in the day of the Lord30
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