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14 songs of heartbreak, holidays, and everything in between, A charmed life, Teeth30
1 or 2 things in late spring, Immortal story, Truant heroes30
And now, what's your name?, Devil's treasure, The Stormy sun30
An examination of the relationship between leadership practices and organizational commitment in the fire service part 230
Armour of God II--Operation Condor. PA 553-256, Project A, A Queen's ransom30
Boot-up and drive initializing control program for Seagate ST225 intelligent disc drive & 2 other titles30
Bruce Lee, the legend. PA 221-853, Spiritual kung fu, Magnificent bodyguards30
Burning sensation. PA 473-918, Balloon magic, Lonely guy30
C3, cultivating clear communication, Midnight girl, sunset town, Les Nouveaux samourais25
Changing partners, switching sides, The Broken thread, Lieh ying25
Chase a thousand miles, The blade, Cross road25
Chocolate inspector. PA 866-651, Lady General Hua Mu Lan, The knight of knights27
Circle of our love--I am a child of God, Mr. Nice Guy, Far longer than forever30
Coup de grace. PA 870-831, Vivid notions, Choice deceptions30
Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, The cat30
First strike & 1 other title; novels30
First strike ; Spiral, the lens maker, Smack dab in the middle, A World of joys30
Fruit punch fruit applique drawstring bag/backpack with adjustable ribbon straps asst 2 designs25
Hip neighborhood ; Fear of freezing ; Sportin' a Woody ; You don't live around here30
(I don't know why you're) shopping at the used car lot, Painted faces, Just us collection30
Jackie Chan and the 36 crazies, Jackie Chan27
Live another day, The lovers, Lies24
Live! at the Sierra Nevada Brewery big room, Happy go lucky, Ritmo de las almas = Rhythm of the souls30
Love in the time of twilight, Project S, Red zone20
My heavenly lover. PA 874-531, Dreadnaught, Security unlimited30
Oh celebration, You resurrected my life, Highbinders & 2 other titles, Highbinders25
Queen of gamblers, a.k.a. The top bet, Flirting, When Tat Fu was young30
Righting wrongs. PA 427-171, Winners & sinners, Why, why, tell me why30
Rumble in the Bronx, Crime story, Drunken master II22
Scared stiff and other creepy tales29
Slaughter in San Francisco. PA 499-73924
Spiritual love tunes by Clara L. White, North side, Party30
Stage door Johnny. By National Telepix, Inc, Au revoir, mon amour, She shoots straight30
The Chilean spring, Lost souls30
The dragon flies. By Golden Harvest & the Movie Company Pty., Ltd, The comet strikes. By Golden Harvest (HK) Ltd22
The Himalayas. By Time-Life International (Nederland) BV, Chomolungma, The trek29
The iron-fisted monk. By Paragon Films, Ltd, Grow up in anger, Stab. By Paragon Films, Ltd30
The Lost generation collection, Duel to the death, Witch from Nepal23
The private eye, the cowboy, the very naked girl, movies from Cleo to Clyde, Midnight whisper30
The spirit of love, & other Christian songs, Real thing thang, Some bones to pick30
The young man who wouldn't hoe corn. By Eric VonSchmidt30
Those merry souls. PA 337-952, Gold hunter, H-bomb (Great Friday)30
Treatment of "Saint and beast, where are we?", Prison on fire II, School on fire24
Ursus, Soh, the valley of the lions, The man from Hong Kong, I've heard the mermaid sing30
Washington international nightlife magazine & entertainment guide, Affectionately yours26
Wedding in Tashkent, Making it, Family scene27
When taekwondo strikes = Sting of the Dragon Masters, Love me and my dad, The blade spares none27
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