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Anything at all ; Mission of love ; Nobody wins this war ... [et al.]30
Baby, don't get hooked on me & 6 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing & of final order or judgement (docket no. K78 102 CA4 filed 24Feb78 in Western District of Michigan, Southern Division) part 230
Baby Felix in "It's in the cards", Partners, (She told me) I'm not over you30
Before my heart finds out & 4 other titles, Win back your heart, Beside me30
Be glad and sing ; Pumpernickel, pumpernickel ; Sing a joyful song ; On that night part 330
Cases and materials on labor relations law. 1962 supplement. By Russell Smith, Leroy S. Merrifield30
Collective works of Christopher R. Williams, vol. 6, Cornerstone, Cornerstone of democracy30
Dollar signs. By Gary Harrison & Karen Staley, Everything, Can't you hear me crying?30
Don't go calling me no sissy after that, Please remember my name, Why?30
Everyday part 830
Fun with Dick and James, Goodbye eyes, Disc-connected28
God rest ye merry, gentlemen ; Joy to the world, I'm always here for you, Love don't work that way30
Gringo Dog collection series one, Hard cold facts, Buttle27
I've been looking for you ; Why don't we give it a go?30
Just another lonely cowboy & 2 other selections30
Just as long as were togather in love still [sic]30
Kenny Rogers, J. C. Penny classic weekend, Dream dancin', When we're eye to eye30
Let's fall in love for an hour or two, Wheels, Repo man30
Love this time. By Duchess Music Corporation (successors in interest to A B C/Dunhill Music, Inc.), employer for hire of Peter McCann30
Love will find us & 2 other titles, Matchless gifts, Simple thing30
Maggie's dream. By Dave Loggins & Lisa Silver, A Visit with Santa, Get in line30
Maggie's dream. By Dave Loggins & Lisa Silver, I know love, Willow in the wind30
Maybe this time ; Second chance30
Next March. By Steven Noel Wariner, 1954-, & Charles Randall Goodrum, I'm already taken. By Steve Wariner, 1954-, Terry Ryan30
Now there's no one, prev. known as It's good to have you home. You'll never know the feeling till you try. By Lee Melvin Greenwood30
Our love is on the faultline & 9 other titles; master recordings & phonorecords embodying performances of Crystal Gayle30
Rotation of scissors while fixed in the microsurgical field, When you close your eyes30
Something special, and 4 other selections30
Songs by David Loggins including Somethin' I can't help, Paperbacks & late nite movies, Is it a sin? ... [et al.]30
Standing in the river (dying of thirst), Black cloud, Black cloud renditions 130
The gospel pack '95. By Martin Fleming & Reginald Wright, When I'm in love all alone30
The ox driving song. Traditional. Adapted & arr. by the Seekers, pseud. of Athol Guy, Keith Potger, Judith Durham & Bruce Woodley, piano arr. Chappell & Company, Inc., employer for hire of Oscar Catsiff30
(There's nothing like the love) between a woman & a man. Sound recording, You must really love me30
'Til the world ends. w & m Dave Loggins, piano arr. Leeds Music Corporation, Somewhere up above it all30
Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association. Vol. 70. Editor: J. D. Martin, Jr part 330
Treat her like a lady. By Brian Johnson, David Robson & Dek Roothman, Lavella, Lenear R. Harris30
What in the name of love? By William R. Boling, Chris Deal & Richard Wayne Money30
White wealth and Black poverty: American investments in Southern Africa, Without each other30
Why don't you believe me? By Don L. Potter, Brent Maher & Don Schlitz, Why they call it falling30
You make me wanna love again. By Billy Valentine, & Bibo Music Publishers, employer for hire30
(You were the best man you'll ever be) when you were still in love with me, I'll never stop loving you30
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