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Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River documents
titleNumber of documents
100 years of summer games, Mt. Vernon, N-M holiday express30
10 light star lily chandelier, Buttercup, Primrose tiffany flower30
2003-2004 Illinois habitat stamp print--bobwhite quail, Heartland, Break in the storm--mule deer30
44 stars & a moon, Kilimanjaro, Pow wow28
54" timberland, Palisades, Veneto29
75th anniversary, Montrachet, Noir30
Aberdeen, Spinet, Kitty28
Abstract triangle w/h texture, Multi stripe, Snakeskin30
Acapulco part 225
A Connecticut Yankee in Eastern Tennessee, Valentino, My life, the yellow experiment30
Adult learners' level of satisfaction with campus services at a community college district30
African prince, & 10 other photos of paintings23
After Jerome "Junior" Prickett, Liberty30
A Gift of you. By A & M Records, Inc.; performed by the Angelic Voices of Faith part 230
Alasandra fleur, Vanderbilt, Morgan30
Alexander (you're the greatest) Additional title: Alexander the greatest, Abigail30
All about atopic dermatitis, Feather, Old cowboys29
All because of a shoe, Fanfare, Franco appears30
Alligator passing football, Skipper, Alligator by the pool25
All the sittin' I can stand, Annette, Angles of love28
Amberfields, Ellipse, Lehigh30
Americana part 230
American Staffordshire terrier, Road runner, Train (old time)30
America theme--beach balls, Sail away, The sea30
Am I ever going to see your face again?, Marseilles, You ring the bell27
A Model of roles and attributions in sexual interactions, Greenwood, French windows23
Anastasia part 225
Anatomie de la lune, Angelica30
[Ancient inspirations collection/Josephine/gold 'n' beige/cherrywood], Cottonwood30
A new extraordinary grand unified theory, Caribbean, TOE28
A Night at Earl Carroll's, Calcutta, Unconquered30
An Improper betrothment, Moonstruck, Heart's shadow30
An Investigation of selected aspects of the familial background of .., Landscape30
Ann Butler & Jay Brennan: You don't know the half of it, Roseland, Blanche Sweet: Always faithful30
Anne Marie lattice, Juliette, Petite Denise30
Anno Domini, year of our Lord, Metaphor, Non-linear23
An Oscar for Treadwell, Barbados30
Anticipation is the prelude to better performance30
Antionette. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, King Arthur, Kathleen30
Antionette. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Seaford, Spalding30
Antionette. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Tristan, Brunei30
Apachepark, Ambroway, Laughter30
Application of spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance in a study .., Evangeline, For a fall23
Apraisiainn [sic], Baby tiger, Voltaire30
Apraisiainn [sic], Holtonway, Majolita30
Apraisiainn [sic], Marzilli, Europa30
Aranya's route through Peru & the Amazon Basin, Atlantis30
Argentohill, Salizpark, Jolt30
Argentohill, Sprinkles, Flurry30
Argentopark, Marilyn, Iancourt30
Arvenita-35m, Briggspark, Regispark30
Arvenita-35m, Chimayo, Keisha30
Arvenita-35m, Taffeta, Strassburg30
Aspirelane persimmon, Acanthus, Undulate30
Aspirelane persimmon, Bahasa, Instyle30
Aspirelane persimmon, Konyalane, Escadrille30
A Splash of Dash, New wave, Prissy26
Assorted Easter basket glass-magnets, King Tut, Boat28
Astrixblanket, Carolee, Akina Park30
Astrixblanket, Pianokey, Leonie30
Astrixfloat, Nevesgrove, Ombrestripe30
A Study of the classification of Mexican American students as educable mentally retarded .30
A suite for the everyman, Dominique30
A Survey of the relationship of nursing education to general education with an illustrative case .28
At the heart of this thing, Gardenia, Every single thing30
Attraction Jr, Ruby Falls, Fern grove30
Auspicious beginnings, Versailles30
Automobile accident law and practice. [Supplement and revision], Compass, Hydro tortoise30
Autumn leaves soup bowl with saucer, pheasant30
B-17, Queen of the Skies; the flying fortress against the Luftwaffe. By The Avalon Hill Game Company (division of Monarch Avalon Industries, Inc.)25
Baa baa, black sheep, Kingston30
Babe, it's been something, Wyoming30
Baby don't turn your back on me, Alberta, Day out day in30
Banana Nose Murphy, Rembrandt, Ira the cyclops30
Bangin' on the old piano, Bandolero, Barndoor jig29
Barbados part 227
Barbeque [sic], Fiddlehead, Detour30
Barcelona part 330
Barenboim conducts Berlioz: Royal hunt and storm from "Les Troyens"/Suite from Romeo et Juliette part 330
Bark 492, edition 3989, Strand, Desert30
Barnacleplaid, Buckner, Allbright30
Barnacleplaid, Tritonsea, Golddust30
Bay Hill condominium-Halstead (B-unit), Amherst26
Bay Hill condominium-Halstead (B-unit), Colorado30
Baysidegarde[n], Alannamanor, Cicero30
Baysidegarde[n], Weddingaisle, Galena30
B bang (hanabia) VA 1-206-247 (2003), Ashanti, Aldine. VA 1-331-468 (2005)30
Bear country, Creekside, Bradbury30
Bear whiz Sledhead winterfest edition beer, Cabin fever, Park City, Utah30
Beaumont, Belair, Biscay25
Beaver County's 1st ANnual Music Extravganza, Frequency, Mister C's beginning drums vol. 123
Bedford Falls, Reno, Pisces30
Begin[n]ing works of an aspiring artist, Fireworks30
Behind enemy lines II: axis of evil : score, Rebound, Bawls30
Behind the curtain, Parasol, Danielle's corner29
Belgo Road, Origami, Cadeaux22
Belles of Paris. Co-writers, Ronald S. Altbach & Michael E. Love. PAu 90-920 (1979) PAu 303-696 (1981) part 330
Best selling book in the world, Believe30
Big brass ring, Guinevere27
Big Brother Gopher, Oklahoma, Katie Gabrielle28
Billy Jean II, Joanne, Bounce30
Billy Jean II, Kaylee, Art30
Billy Jean II, Naomilane, Riverfront30
Billy Jean II, Rutherford, Blockstripe30
Biomechanical-kinesiological considerations for the advanced archery coach (A A C)27
Bite me ...!, Melissa30
Bittersweet revenge a.k.a Sweet revenge, Brigham, Desperate for love30
Block buster business writing30
Blockstripe, Eagleinn, Lilypad30
Blockstripe, Galley, Zig30
Blood alley (side one), Mansfield, 00430
Bloomingdale, OH, Hopedale also including listings for Cadiz telephone directory, January 200030
Blue Eden. By Ralph Molina, Frank Sampedro, Billy Talbot & Neil Young, Homestead30
Blue garden vine, Yesterday, "Tybee"--red27
Blues for what I've never had, Citation, Johnny's boogie30
Boadicea, HD-5, Romanesque, Medieval22
Bogata [sic], Indulgence, Bardolino30
Bohika surfboard, Boardwalk, Couple22
Boom, boom, can't you feel the beat of M, Andorra, Horny toad30
Bottecelli [sic], Bravo, Tamberlane30
Bottecelli [sic], Dickenson, Rajah30
Bottecelli [sic], Stoneham, Zaria30
Boulevard runner, Boulevard, Kriss25
Box label for game of "Rich uncle" the stock market game. By Parker Brothers, Inc., employer for hire28
Boys are cool applique, Traffic, Bears30
Bozeman Bay II, Chelsea Park II, Calie30
Bramble wood, Primrose30
Brentwood & 548 other titles, Tournament, Tradition & 1 other title30
Broken arrow basket weave, Dot com, Street survivors28
Bronteinnii, Everglades, Amaranth30
Brookstone Hard-to-Find Tools & other fine things, Brookstone, Hard to fine tools, winter/Christmas, 199228
Brookstone II--floor plan and elevations A & B, Stonebridge, Woodmere24
Brother heartache & sister tears, Petunia, Won't dream about you no more30
Bruges Garden, Advocate, Stonington30
Bruges Garden, Alston, Havana30
Bruges Garden, Shivinder, Stewart30
Brunswood dolls smile from the inside, Matthew, Chickory County Kids30
Brush stroke Christmas tree30
Bruxelles, Phantom, Braemar30
Bryantparkjr, Granbypark, Duo30
Bryantparkjr, Kimbal, Idyllicinn30
Bryantparkjr, Riannaway, Lacasaway30
Bryantparkjr, Rondelle, Bandodune30
Bubsy in: claws encounters of the furred kind (Sega Genesis), Asteroids, Bundle, X6 (UR & JV)28
Bulb flower, Sycamore, Bell27
Burnin' deep ; Jose Grand Marnier ; Horndoggin' ... [et al.], Wilderness, I'll still want you30
Butterflies-a-flutter, Harvard, Faintly floral30
Cafe Alfresco, Hathaway, Grand vin30
Calistoga garden, Overdale, Brioniway30
Calistoga garden, Sauterne, Adalia30
Calistoga garden, Tranceincc, TranceskyCC30
Calypso part 230
Cambridge march, Singapore, Plunk28
Candelabra, Bamboopark, Gentlecat30
Cane plantation bracelet, St. Croix, Cactus gold earrings30
Cantata. By Franco Fasoli, 1969, Jericho, Edwige30
Canterbury part 230
Canyon diablo, Highlife, Galactica30
Canyon diablo, Mayfair I, Amanda30
Canyon diablo, Spenser, Lenoir30
Cape Charles, Westbury, Bridgeport26
Capistrano, Papillon, Papillion30
Cap'n "Charlie" of Smith Island, Danielle, Carving Lady Jessica30
Cappriecia border, Polonaise, Madrigal border25
Cardiello y su chaparrita carta blanca, Ventura, El pollo buso27
Carnival lane, Polygon, Aqualane30
Carnival lane, Takeflight, Poodle30
Carnival lane, Wessexhall, Astorplace30
Carnivalway, Robin, Blackfoot30
Casablanca part 330
Cascade part 230
Castle rock. m Albert Sears, Castle rock, Brick23
Casual morning, Euphrates, Montville30
Casual morning, Galliano, Anvers30
Catalina part 230
Caucasian rap, Sinatra, Hug28
C. Christopher's collection 1, Charity, Faith29
Cedar Rapids, IA, and surrounding area including Marion, Vinton & others, use through April 200830
Celebrating the season, Shenandoah, When Jesus wept28
Celestial enlightenment, Elements, Pacaderm29
Center stage 3 (low-intermediate) express yourself in English, All girl, Boys will be boys27
Central Park Mall at sunset, Omaha, Nebraska, 9/88 part 230
CentralSquare, Timonway, Bournebay30
Ceramic and stone candleholder with round tapered stone base, Triumph, Encore30
Chain gang. By Jackie Peters Designs, Sorrento, Avignon30
Chain gang. By Jackie Peters Designs, Wimbledon, Floral friese28
Chamber estate, Abbeyport, Abbeyhill30
Chamber terrace, Delmundo, Lindwood30
Chamber terrace, Dudley, Sanskrit30
Chamber terrace, Lowell, Baudelaire30
Chamber terrace, Winding path, Weatherbrook30
Champion part 230
Changing seasons, spring, Hometown, An American portrait25
Channeling the Devil, Calliope, Denadelion crown29
Channel stitch, Contessa, Swell30
Chantefleur, Deauville, Rose arbor25
Chapel Hill. VA 865-976 (1997), Chapel Hill, Good sign29
Chardonnay, Andaman, Snowdrop26
Charlie Chan--secret service, Brannigan, Billie30
Charlotte part 230
Checkmate part 522
Chelsea Park II, Elliston Lane, Entourage30
Chelsea Park II, Shamballa, Caladium30
Chelsea Park II, Wilton, Killara30
Cherished moments, Hanover, Vanity fair30
Chesterfield. By Gloria Buce Associates, Inc30
Chestnut hill, Bounty, Goldenpond30
China folly, Firenze, Florentina25
Chinese fretwork, Paisley30
Chinese orthopedist and the spice girls, Hot rod, Outburst30
Christians on the mountain, Trinity, Touch you in a dream27
Christie Malrys own double entry, Checkout, Straight into darkness30
Circle back, Contour, Mosaico30
Clarinet serenade in C sharp minor, Confetti30
Clarion, Archaic, Farrago25
Classic manor, Celano, Madrid30
Classic manor, Crystal Lake, Goodman30
Claudette II, Sachi, Hotspot30
Cleverdale, Landon Inn, Alyssa Way30
Clippette, Clipper17
Clubbed to death, Chateau30
Club round the corner, Coastline, Codename28
Cobble Hill, Colonade, Tortilla30
Cobblestone. Style no. E-2088. DCR 2000. VA 1-036-085 (2000), Cobblestone, Animal print28
Coca Cola Classic chorus, Rapture, Bouquet of poems30
Collage part 428
Collection of 13 songs, 1996-1997, Raggedy Ann, Finally, I'm back30
Collection of peddler, Collingwood, Westbury30
Collette, Marialana, Kaitlyn, Florence, Beijing, Louvre22
Communion (water) By Jack Bond, Larry McClurg, Norris Lytton & Theodore M. Smith30
Complex regional pain syndrome, women, and occupation, Justice29
Concord treatment, Concord30
Connecticut 05, Napa Valley, Ski Utah30
Conspiracy of love, Vineyard30
Constellations, & 2 other watercolor paintings30
Cookies and cream, Kimberly, Mallory29
Cookies and egg nog, Revolution, Delta dirt24
Corinthian, Chambord, Cluny30
Corinthian III, Arcadia30
Cornelius or Tallulah, Kristen, Misty29
Cornwall, Macao, Duncan30
Corre policia, corre! By Cucoy Valoy, Nicholas, Los Titanes de la tribu30
Cortina 4.2 1/2, Briarwood, Cortina 4.230
Cosmopolitans, locals, and interorganizational relations, Ambience, Moondream28
Cottage goose windchime sculpture, Schooner, Hunter27
Cottage home II, Portofino, Porte Mare30
Counter point, Camden, Sweden30
Counter point, Sprite, Castlebury30
Counter point, Sweetwater, Pawnee30
Counting bodies like counting sheep to the rhythm of the war drums, Over, Brena30
Country plaid, King Charles, Brayton30
Coupe de ville, Chapel tower, Villa garden30
Coupe de ville, Commotion, Endicott Way30
Courtesans of Bombay, Hullabaloo, Bombay talkie25
Courtney Kirby files: case no. 1, calculated risk, Don't open for Binky, Hush hush22
Couterfeiters of Paris (a.k.a. Le cave si rebiffe : money, money, money), Chandler30
Crazydaisy III, Nomadinn, Brickway30
Crazydaisy III, WN386, Roosterinn30
Creations by Suanne, "diamond lil.", Margaret, Ann27
Creatures of delight--Weather Wax, Clark, Lancaster, Bartholomew, Jo-Fish27
Crestwood, Sonoma, Chaparral27
Critter prints, Kensington, Mason30
Cross currents in the international women's movement, 1848-1948, Mindreader, Prey22
Crystal (AXN-TV main title), Olympic, Crimson30
Crystal love, Camille30
Crystal Rain, Caitlin, Summer27
Crystal springs rhododendron garden, Frances, Pacific holiday27
Crystal water, Weyburn, Southrose30
Cutest, bravest, fastest, richest, Cuddles, I like Tad30
Daffodils placemat, Pavillion, Plymouth30
Daisey [sic] and checker with stitch like print, Egyptian, [Beauty of Egypt]30
Dance of the flowers, Intermezzo, Ariel30
Dance party collection, Portsmouth, Salem30
Daniel Stampfel songs recorded 2004, Stephanie30
Dark sided personality, Visions, Love is in the night28
Deadest show in town, Jitterbug, Hot time in Old Town26
Dead Republic--Phil, Bob, Jerry, Bill, Mickey, Brent, and every Deadhead everywhere30
Decline of western civilization, Jakarta, Treasure of the moon30
Delilah, Melody, Caldwell29
Delilah Ortrich [i.e. Ostrich], Santiago, Lola, the lamb30
Del Rey Terrace, Bella Vista at Warner Ranch, Sunset beach V, Alicante & Tuscan villas30
DeltariverII, Herati, Malyk30
Delta View II, Maynard Way, Taurussky30
Delta View II, Verbena, Calder30
Depending on Jesus Christ, Classico, Prepare us for the day22
Descarga son charanga, Oceanside, Rumba cha28
Designing forms for Microsoft Office InfoPath and Forms Service 2007, Claridge, Darby28
Design no. S817, Tribeca, Green30
Designs for Earth, America30
Destiny place, Costa Calida, Sangaree30
Destiny place, Solutions, Cordis Park30
Destiny place, Statler Way, Hollandrive30
Dhurrie flower, Samarkand, Floral27
Diamond dot spring bouquet, Rose Marie, Amazon floral30
Diamond Head Hawaiian sweet thick toast bread30
Diamond in the rough, Halftime, MatSpace25
Diamond part 230
Discover yourself, Big sky, Fruit garland30
Doble inconciencia, Mercedes, Prieta mia26
Doll arms, legs & shoulder plate, Timothy, Laura Lee26
Dolor en la ciudad, Mariposa30
Dolphin, Magonia, Dust30
Dolphins & other travelers, Zanzibar, Apple time30
Don't your plums look mellow hanging on your tree, Shady grove, Seventy-one (71) Cadillac blues30
Doublebasket, Newburg, Pleasurejr30
Dreamscape, Cobra, Slither30
Dream weavers, wallhoppers & wallrunners, Hey, Grandpa, Silly Sally30
Dr. Jeckyl's dungeon of death, Tai pan, Day of Justice30
Dr. Seuss' the cat in the hat (cues), Artemis, Magic bus30
Durango, Mesa Verde, Farmington, Anderson, Wausau30
Durango, Mesa Verde, Farmington, Bloomington, Galesburg--Burlington30
Dutch cottage, Malone, Images30
Dutch cottage, Winterthur, Stewart30
Dutchland, Baroque, Trudeau27
Eagle mountain, Bogart, Flash30
Eagle mountain, Crossbow, Cristobal30
Eagle mountain, Wanderer, Westerly30
Eagleville, Rockford, Ladner27
Earring design from catalog collection, 1992, Gallery, "Character empire" collection30
Eastwinds, Caravan, Chere24
Eclipse part 530
Economics, version 3.0, Algebra, Government30
Eisenhower, Harrison, Buchanan27
El bombom de mi comay, Antigua, Boogaloo del congo30
Elephant who couldn't forget, Glasgow, Two towns30
Emotion, love, and pain, Key West, Listen29
Empress, Aviatrix27
Emtec professional lead survey for paint & dust, and 3 other works, Phoenix, The territory30
English ivy, Bouquet30
En revant sous la pluie, Lorraine, Suite30
Etiquette, Gazette, Enchant22
Etruscan cameo diamond. By Patty Madden, 1954, Embroidery, Punto30
Euliblx (non-printable data) GLP(non-printable data)i+ symbols, Satellite, Dimetric drawings30
Evaluating and communicating subsistence seafood safety in a cross-cultural context30
Evaluation of alternative procedures for identifying learning .., Homeless angel27
Everyone is welcome in the house, Fabiola, Empty Sunday30
Evinrude-fifty (trembling), Folklore, Red River revel28
Evocacion Don Manuel, Isadora, Un Hombre con clase30
Expressions part 230
Extra terrestrial batik, Terrazzo, Gravure30
Faith Temple of Christ christian development new members laymen's class, Take two25
Falls Creek meditations, Brainstorm, Floral dream30
Falsa mujer ; Envidia de amor ; Chica de mis suenos ; Isidro guizar ... [et al.]30
Fantasia part 430
Feel my body a.k.a. Feel it a.k.a. Feel it, feel my body, Fantasy30
Feldman's coll. of children, Farfalle, Flying fingers30
Felicity, Molly, Kirsten25
Fernwood, Presston, Cedarbrook26
Festival part 330
Fiddlesticks, Beauchamps, Beauregarde30
Fiddlesticks, Revere, Miriam30
Financial formulas you can use, Generation, Oriental odyssey24
Firecracker, Echo, Charm30
First breath/Mam[m]y and baby humpbacks, Taj Mahal, Twin dolphin on wave30
Fishy, 24X24 cushion cover, Senorita, Mimi30
Fitzgibbons-M, Delano, Copicut30
Fitzgibbons-M, Focus, Bakuba30
Five AM (Judy's song), Belmont, Sneaker30
Fleur de Chine, Potomac, Great wall30
Fleurs safari, Serengeti27
Flora derby, Parthenon, Bali22
Florence part 230
Florentine. By Cornell Trading, Inc. & Mridul Enterprises, Corsage, Russia27
Florentine, Sherwood30
Florida part 830
FLW tournament bass fishing/color gameboy/PC, Everest, WW/dune buggy/new speed racing 3D (PC)30
Follow your nose, Houston30
Force of nature, Thunderbird, Zeal27
France series (beg. French), Finland, License30
Francis and Clare, Beatrice, Francisco22
Francoise, Balfour, Recamier30
Francois LeFrog & Freddie, Heat wave, My beautiful mother30
FrangelicaII, Mayapple, Beansprout30
Frasier Bay, Bijou, Keesha30
Frederick, Hepworth, Westbrook27
Freedom fantasies, (the) Norway, Yucatan, Alaska20
Frog 'n' Freud inaugural address, the bedroom, Ponderosa, Venus descending25
Fruit marmalade, Monalisa, Hauteur29
Fundamentals of flexible compensation, L vs. S, Who stole the show?25
Gallagher canyon, Expedition, Marsden30
Garden glory, Le fleur, Bertrand30
Garden party candlesticks, small part 230
Garden rhapsody, Kalahari, Egret&wldflwrs28
Gene Ammons and friends at Montreux, Sorcery, Kharma, Charles Earland23
Genesis next generation, Charleston, Sorbet30
Geology of the copper canyon-fortitude skarn system, Battle Mountain, Nevada, Beguiled22
Georgetown diplomat, Newbury, Tyler24
Georgetown II, Panorama, Burgess30
Georgia '96 (USA) peaches, Tsunami, Georgia 199623
Geraldine, Sultan, Ashton24
Germanlane II, Techtalk, Fiorello30
Giardino toscano, Chatham, Chase30
Gibraltar, Lyon, Calypso23
Gimme back my life, Wildcat, Another man27
Giselle part 428
Glendon Falls, Danikacourt, Daisyfield30
Globe Australia shoe range 99/00, Broadcast, G-Cel23
Glue beautiful, Botanical30
Goddess of the deep blue sea, Normandy, Heal the country30
Godzilla vs. Gigan and the Smog Monster, Godzilla, Baby Godzilla22
Goldeneye, Bio-dome, Wild Bill30
Golden pond, Elmwood, Eagle23
Goodbye, Hamilton, Hamilton30
Good times, good music & good friends, Brighton30
Gorgar & the Cowboys of Peace, Starlight, Jim Kahn30
Graciousinn-my, Camalu, Laziopark30
Graciousinn-my, Cedarville, Tassajara30
Graciousinn-my, Kazakbay, Eyecandy30
Grand Central Station, New York, New York, Kips Bay, Soho26
Granite peak, St. Tropez, Arles26
Granny's preserves, Aquarium, Camilias30
Grannysquare, Intricate, Season III30
Grannysquare, Magicframe, Toronto30
Greater Tomah, where the "I" divides, including Warrens-Wyeville-Oakland, Marshall23
Great St. Tinian's train robbery, Edinburgh30
Griffin lights, Briscoe, River Siene30
Guidance counselor hang-ups, Galveston, Lie lonely29
Gwen and the New Knights of the Round Table, Olympus, Boardwalk30
Gwenivere ; Versailles ; Antoinette, Bohemian, Lyric30
Gymnopedie no. 1 ; The gentle maiden, Summer day, Lucida artista25
Halifax, Davidson, Eno22
Hamburger, shake & fries, Pierrot, Moon dance30
Hampshire, Allenford, Chatsworth30
Hampton Trustmark II series, Yorkshire, Bennington designer series25
Handmade toons/magical paintbox, Somerset30
Handpainted hydrangea napkin, Pompidou, Porto30
Happy housewives (ups and downs of a handyman, Embassy, Frightmare30
Happy sails to you, Maryland30
Harlequim [sic], Profile, Moonbeam30
Harlow Inn II, Spiral, Believebay30
Harmony part 1030
Harper trees, WN392, Harper bug30
Harper trees, WN427, Ovalina30
Have you looked at the sun lately, Gambler, Glamorous glue30
Hawthorne master plans, Sagamore, Dover II28
Heartbreaka (is what they call me), Oaktown, The MC is back21
Hearts of future generations, Magician, Romance for Juliette28
Heaven is a summer morn, Shangrila, Springtime of life30
He got chose before possed [sic], Paradise30
He'll be back. Co-composers: T. Mosely, W. Millsap & C. Nelson, Peaceful, Really real30
Here's to the women, and 7 other songs, Tradition, Same soul30
Heritage crewel, Winslow, Harper30
Highland fling floral, Ashville, Breezy30
High roller, Alansoway, Annora hill30
His bless'd assurance story bracelet, Calvary, Innocence30
Hollywood's golden night, Baywatch, Eye of the tiger30
Homes of distinction, under 2000', Excalibur, Royale30
Hopping into spring, Migration, Minnows28
Horse head, Nautical, Shells30
Hot air balloon with mouse family, Priscilla, Louis30
How did I pick a lemon in the garden of love? By R. A. Petres & Scott Turner, Hound dog30
How did they get there? The career development of senior women academic officers in New England community colleges24
How out of love with me (are you?), Brentwood30
Hugh Hudson term arrangement, Hendrix, Now serving30
Hug ya, love ya, squeeze ya, Melinda, Heavan [sic] in my heart22
Hullabaloo over George Bunnies picture, Maurice, The Imagemaker30
Humbelehome [sic], Sandcastle, Guinroad30
Humbelehome [sic], Squared, Rochambeau30
Humbelehome [sic], Wintonrose, Tea cottage30
Huntington, Andover, Somerset25
Hydrangea 2, Almira, Aurora30
Hydrangea 2, Emersonbay, Melodypark30
I can't shake this feeling. m Vincent A. Luciano; w Stephen A. Sibilia, Prancin' pony26
Ide po sosonym Lesie, Interlude30
If anybody ever loved you like me, Bohemia, Why why why30
I feel a down coming on, Raleigh, Horse22
If I could make a livin' (out of lovin' you), Augusta30
If I don't get involved, Felicia, Diane30
If you still remember when, Rhapsody30
Illusions' attacks, Cheyenne30
I'll worry about that later, Atmosphere, Blue collar weekend30
I miss you, my love, Countdown, Overboard19
Imperial part 227
In cage (atomic electron cloud) ; Welat (forming of the universe), Picasso, In cage28
Indian dancer w/3 simul-turq. buttons, Rosebuds, Flower trio30
Indienne stripe, Inverness, Grid23
Indira Park, Romanov, Showhorse30
Infinity part 430
In the cold grey dawn of morning, Nashville, They don't let fools in paradise26
In the valley of the Rhine, Impatience, In the ruff30
Intimidators (o a Minions of Menace), Killian, Iridia (f)30
Invoice to physician, Promenade27
Isador Duncan sleeps with the Russian navy, Ophelia, A Slice of pie28
Is Satan a brother mad at his race, Hopscotch, Brown honey woman30
I take just as much pride in my dear little bride, Centennial, Mule30
It don't really matter why, Goldmine, She's sittin' pretty26
It's all over, Harlequin30
It's goody to me, I'll bet it's goody to you, Whitney, The Urches for Church's30
It's not enough, Madison30
Jacobson Park, Valor Manor, Urban style30
Jaguar: Millennia application processing, Cheshire, Betrieve components for Delphi27
Jardin du paradis ; Bamboo trellis, Clematis, Rosalynn30
Jasmine part 425
Jazzin' Jack's jazzwatch, Contessa30
[Jazz sports], Concerto, Love25
Jessica part 830
Jesus fills my joint, Lorelei, Year of the stank26
Johnny Mercer festival of hits for guitar, Skylark, Let's have a Christmas party30
Johnny's wakeboard clinic, Hatteras, Wake up jubilee30
Josephine part 427
Joshua tree. By Zilex, NV, Joshua tree, Mist that thunders23
Journey of ascension, Solitaire, Angel camp30
Journey of heart, photographic illustrations of Karen R. Ollis, Evolution, Sacred geometry30
Journey to the center of the Earth. PAu 2-389-929, Freebird, Harvey 1996. PAu 2-079-59930
Jubilation coordinate, Satsuma, Tulips30
June garden, Kimba, Jemez30
Just shopping (not buying a ....), Starship, You haven't made it to the .30
Just want to say a few things, Emerson, Drive30
Kalakaua's birthday, Iolani Palace '88, Windows, The United States flag30
Kaleidoscope raspberry almond tart design30
Kazakstan II, III, Kitewheels, Astorcourt30
Kazakstan II, III, Parlor, Corinthe30
Kazakstan II, III, Randomway, Vittorio30
Kazakstan II, III, WN410, Hanlonlane30
Keep It Real Records collection, Trillium, Captured live in Brazil27
Kentucky part 327
Kenworth aerodyne conventional, Mack, Brat27
Kid don't believe it, Lollipop, Wild horse30
Kitty cat, Duck, Zebra23
Kitty on the blanket, Monarch30
KRAM/ by Kenneth J. Germann, Conquest, RQST.MAINT--1168130
Krystal vision country demo 1, Meridian, First of meridian30
[Kumquats ; Kumquats on black ; Kumquats on black-green ... et al.], Oleander, Tulip25
[Laccolith series], Montego, Estatewood30
La cumbia lounge. Co-composers, Josef Serrato & Jose Galiano, Belleza, Bed28
Lake Whattapity (a dump for the city), Applause, Rapsure30
Lancaster part 430
Large houndstooth, plaid, Stonehenge, Mayan sun30
Laspalmasiii, Goldenleaf, Burnley30
Lattitude [sic], Kalindi, Punjab30
Lattitude [sic], Mr. Bill, Hi fi30
Lattitude [sic], Pomona, Ultraview30
Lattitude [sic], Queenland, Palais30
LDS church hymn and Christmas song solos for the classical guitar, Winding road ; King of honkey tonk ; Nashville man ... [et al.]30
Learner characteristics, life circumstances, and transactional distance in a distance education setting27
Legendary ladies of rock & roll, Lauderdale, Lena's holiday27
Leopard rose full composition, Toolbox, Skatepark25
Lesbian guide to sexual health, Alfresco, Boys from cell block Q30
Les Continental fleurs, Top hat, Ritz28
Les Fleurs, Jupiter, Wynfield26
Le Stardust, Lucinda, Icarus27
Let Heaven and nature sing, Charmed, French horn27
Let's join the circus (children's), Allegro30
Liban. By Western Textile Company, Inc, Lindsay, Lucy27
Liberty part 630
Librarians' conference of 1853. By Gilbert H. Doane & George Burwell Utley, Balmoral30
Lillian Gish and Al Hirschfeld, Manhattan, Mach I, reflecting sun30
Lima honey/wheat hi-lo design, Sumatra, Yemen30
[Lion ; Cheetah ; Elephant ; Rhinoceros], Pendulum, Bird as a symbol of love27
Little leaf linden, Queensbury, Lhasa bouquet30
Livingston, Sunray, 007230
LongbranchIII, Delverde, Pellegrinii30
LongbranchIII, Spinneroo, Legacybay30
Look for the sea gulls, Hartford30
Lopez court, Feliz, Ridgepoint30
Loralinda, Palazzo, Palladio26
Lords & ladies, Cavalcade, Marquis30
Lou Reed--Coney Island baby-live in Jersey, Kindred, LA bounty25
Love sees no color piano solo, Vagabond, Singing to you23
Luneville plates & ribbon panel B, Cotillion, Westbury bouquet30
Luxembourg: no. 1206, Sausalito, Lido30
Luxury terrace texture, Malaysia, Tryst30
Lynda B's Autograph bear, Patches, Elizabeth Ann30
Lyric collection I, M. T. M, Heirloom, Millennium collection29
Madeline, Ninka, Fay30
Madison's unicorn, Nocturne, Metamorphosis27
MadScam-kick-ass advertising without the Madison Avenue price tag, Borders, The atomic kid28
Magicgarden, Cogsly, Wyckof30
Magicgarden, Randomvine, Andrepark30
Magnolia part 430
[Malcolm X, 1925-1965, "Patriot"], Freedom30
Manchester punchout, Shanghai, Lido punchout23
Mangrove 1. By Milliken & Company, Baronial, Turshiz30
Manhattan, Grayson, Chanel25
Manor house floral placement lace, Manor house, Wallingford26
Manor house, Villager, Calico30
Marble Canyon, Nompala, Blaze30
Marcel/Remmington, Larissa, Mariposa/Roanoke30
Mardi Gras part 530
Mariachiway, Waldorf, Wayout30
Marina Del Rey/Venice Beach, Pasadena, Van Nuys29
Marisa Aya Gruber & Brett Fisher song compilation no. 1, Shimmer, A shimmer28
Mark Twain himself, Virginia30
Marlborough, Trilogy, Tristan30
Massachusetts, Louisiana, Iowa30
Mastertone guitar method, Martinique30
Masterworks--vine & berry, Pinehurst, Salem30
Max (head bouncer), Sheldon, Yvonne30
Maxwell. By 5th Avenue Designs, division of Covington Industries, Inc, Parkwood30
May the spirit of joy nourish the abundance of your holiday season and the new year to come23
Meadow bouquet, Briarridge, Phyfe30
Meadow bouquet, Caspiansea, Crazyhorse30
Meadow bouquet, Toulonglen, Lidobay30
Meadow bouquet, Westgate, Gingerbay30
Meadowbrook, Brookmoor, Lido30
Me arrancare el corazon para ti, Cecilia, Por amor a usted28
Medallion stripe PM, Carmelita, Naolinco30
Memory Lane, Fioreway, Corey30
Merchantville Senior Housing, Centre Street Re-Development Area, Merchantville, New Jersey21
Merle Kendrick & Orchestra, Milky Way, Minstrel days30
Michael the archangel battles the dragon while almost nobody pays any attention, Adeline30
Microcosbook, Monari, Continental30
Midsummer's dream, Labyrinth, Reverie30
Miku playing (all over), Royalty, Majolica30
Millefleur, Glamour, Jewel29
Millennium parking facility--preliminary sketches for mural work, Niagara, PCC Co-op paintings22
Mimbres classic animals, Kachina, Toad-Velope30
Mineral springs, Birch Island, Glory30
Mineral springs, Coney--M, Easton--M30
Mineral springs, Gilford--M, Foster--M30
Mineral springs, Summit grove, Smithburg30
Mirielleway, Chennai, Bahra30
Mirror Lake, morning and evening, Yosemite, Ed works30
Mission Jan Juan Bautista, Violet sea, Wildwood, Jersey shore30
Modern day "Seminole child.", Montana, Storm30
Modernstar, Sagaleaf, Roadrace23
Mommy & me--volume 1: playgroup favorites and volume 2, Modern times. From Modern times30
Monkeyseeiii, Sexycity, Mixture30
Monopoli [sic], Junglebook, Terrain30
Monopoli [sic], Maestro, Hocus-pocus30
Montrachet geometric, La reserve border, Timeless30
Moorcroft without study, Wakefield, Belworth30
More than a question of words, Whisper30
Morning splendor, Claremont, June25
Morning star ; Sister Sue and brother Mike ; The encore song30
Morocco part 230
Moving lights Park Avenue, Chimera, Golden *Removed*23
Mr. Pawnshop man (three ball blues), Hillside, Red Cross store30
Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter, Mogambo, Men in white30
Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter, Moonfleet, Murder in the fleet29
Mt. Vernon II, Bayleaf, Cherrytree30
Mt. Vernon II, Tuileryway, Biennale30
Mt. Vernon II, Willa, Hermescord30
Multi-colored, many worded design with the words "spin", "best waves", "hip society", and "survival" part 230
Muriel, the actor, Sebastian, Mirror freak30
My blue-eyed son, Wildfire, Beautiful child27
[My heart's in trouble], Suzanne, Deep end30
My valley is icky too, Electra, Lava flow 1926
Nantucket engraving, Duffield, Elaine27
Naples Lakes Country Club 8-plex, Diamante, La Paz30
Narragansett Electric Company Maps of Providence District, Southern District25
Nassau County Sports Commission John Mackey Annual Award, Michelle30
Negotiation everything you need to know before you do your next deal, Cambridge30
Neiderviller, Webster, Landry20
Never gonna lose this feeling, Primavera, Exercise your smile25
New Brunswick, NJ, Perth Amboy, Edison, Woodbridge area, New Brunswick area yellow pages, November 1996-October 1997 part 226
New England. Original essays by 47 famous New England writers, full color photos. by Arthur Griffin, edited by Robb Sagendorph30
New sounds in class; a practical approach to the understanding and performing of contemporary music in schools30
Next time (I fall in love) Co-writer, Paul Gordon, Katmandu, Show me you do30
Nicolette, Leanne, Mirabella30
N. Manchester-FAV, Notre Dame, Athena29
No, no, no, I don't think so, Francine, A Block of the Avenue22
["Nonprintable data"], he said, Knowledge, Se vuol ballare30
Northhampton, Montuor, Hillman30
North West 17, Frontier, Smack it30
Nostalgia part 627
Nothingham, Lakeside, Panama30
N. Poseidan-Z (sic), Tampico, Renior30
Odd summer collection 2006, Clearwater, If tiger could talk30
Odyssey part 426
Of these said I shall be my song, Tribute, Adventures with trees30
OJ-122BL, and two other designs, Crisscross, OVJ-33S28
[Old flame, and one other contribution], Sunburst30
Old Fort Museum, Trolley Museum, Ntl. Historic Site ... [et al.], Highland, Bell30
Olivia, a blacktailed jackrabbit, Adelaide, Ely29
One bright day/world peace, Jamaica, Cool runnin's30
One too many lemon drops, Sanctuary, The Rebel27
One-tu (the freshman album), Raindance, Company party30
Onion and pepper shakers, Narcissus, Rose30
On the banks of the River Shannon, Dynasty30
On whom the spirit came, 1948, Northstar, Omega the unknown24
Opportunity, Trillion, Tunnel23
Organic and polymer synthesis using C1 feedstocks, Nightlife, Love will do anything27
Orleans part 425
OSHA and the politics of health regulation, Snacks and candy, Everything is rosy20
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jacqueline, God is almighty27
Overlapcircle, Jester, Kerrway30
Overlapcircle, Smarties, Necco30
Ox: the story of a kid at the top, Palm Beach, Charlotte Mason28
Pages from a dream, Voodoo daydream, Choppin'22
Paisley blossoms, Romance30
Palace royale 18 branch, Devonshire, Lit 12-branch pot rack30
Palm breeze, Reverie, Cerise26
Palm Springs, CA, and vicinity cross reference directory, 2002 part 230
Pan classic in B minor (Mad music), Hibiscus30
Pandora part 230
Paper cut ketuba religious symbols & animal design, Caroline, Becca & Winston30
Paradise Island. CBS 83480 (on original appl.: JC 35817). By C B S, Inc, Ann, Tropical print28
Paradise Valley, Donatello, Dillion30
Paradise Valley, Pembrook, Cobina30
Paradise Valley, Southbend, Larosa30
Paramount, Ambassador, Rommel30
Parchessi [sic], [Rising sun], Amazement30
Pardon my allusions, Talisman, Ego flights26
Parenthesis in eternity encore, Daydream, Cubist30
Parquet stripe, Mackenzie, Patricia30
Patchwork part 230
Patina stone washed denim, Firenze, Encaustics, rainbow row28
Patricia parfait with dome and stand, Meredith, Durant30
Pattern 54" winfield, Hemisphere, Coralene30
Pattern 572. By Collins & Aikman Floorcoverings, Inc, Fractal, Big solano30
Pattern no. G143, Arrows, Amazon30
Pattern no. G143, AvedonPark, DahliaField30
Pattern no. G143, Freelance, Allegri30
Pattern no. G143, Queenstown, Wayside30
Pattern number 852 & 6 other titles; fabric designs, Jocelyn, Tashkent30
Paved memories, Sheffield28
Paytonplace, Holton, Carissa30
Peace before the end, Genesis30
Peanut court, Compotebay, Boxplaid30
Peanut court, Regis, Mercierway30
Peanut court, Skeeter, Kabukifan30
Peanut court, Wow, Vichyvine30
Pebble Beach tribute ; Augusta tribute ; St. Andrews bookend ... [et al.]30
Perfect Access for WordPerfect, Lullaby, Adeline26
Persian woods, Ambiance, Coyote30
Persian woods, Bay Pointe, Antero30
Persian woods, Structure, Lastrada30
Petals from the mystical rose, Mandalay, A Christmas full of miracles30
Peter Porker, the spectacular spider-ham, Speedball, Death's head30
Phillips/Stickles, Mitchell, Phillips26
Pi[c]cadilly, Longwood, Sunderland30
Pi[c]cadilly, Rawhide, Vancouver30
Piccadilly, Rosalie, Samuel26
Pineapple part 230
Pinwheel, Te Deum30
Pistolwhip presents Mephisto and the empty box, Incognito, Standing 827
Planetary promenade. By Pierre Koco Phillips, Polaris, Songs to the stick pony30
Plantain de amazones, Patricia, Fair isle30
Playing between the quacks, Monique, Lace umbrella30
Pleasant Valley, Sparkle, Town hall27
Please join us, Lisette, Robin25
Point Pleasant, Banbury, Prudence30
Point Pleasant, Dolores, Bonvoyage30
Point Pleasant, Kirkwood, Nathan30
Point Pleasant, Sayer, Oak lane30
Ponte d'oro cocktail table, Mercury, Moda30
Pony express, five foot. By Harry Jackson, Shruggin' off the rain, Big hug30
Poppies part 230
Porcelain night lights, Tea rose, Swan30
Porto Alegre, Langley, CONTEMPO30
Porto Alegre, Leigh, Chaparral30
Porto Alegre, Montara, Suez30
Prelude, Provence, Java30
Pretenders ("sterling"), Glitter, The loner30
Pretty bird, Balita Lane, Zurich30
Princess Gwenevere & the Jewel Riders a.k.a. Starla & the Jewel Riders, Jungle book23
Princess part 430
Prince's trust all-star concert, Mata Hari, Pinkadilly Circus30
Priscillia, Lorraine, Nancy30
Profit finder, September through December 1994, Matador, Close-up on bongos and timbales24
Punta Cana beads & shells, Shelley, Prince28
Pyramid, in the wood in the bright light, Belladonna, Con chiglia27
Quality tropical fruits and vegetables, Tamarind, Atemoya, the Florida Cherimoya23
Queen of clubs, Eleanora, Barnsley30
Queen of clubs, Polkadot, Bernier30
Queen of clubs, Rewind, Tiara30
Queensbridge, Pelaton, Nicoline30
Que ironia. Co-composer, Camarena (Manuel Ramos Quintana), Neptune30
Quince. By Jack Lenor Larsen, Inc, Pantheon, Kholum30
Quincy Towers, Mason, Pounce30
[Rachael: no. 367], Brookfield, Marielle27
Radcliffe, Iris, Tremont30
Rainbow Falls, Primitiva, Abracadabra30
Rainbow Falls, Randolph, Garcia30
Rainbow Falls, Sun Valley, Ice castle30
Rainbow part 1130
Rambler rose, Geisha, Alastair30
Rambler rose, Tivoli, Biella30
Rapture part 630
Real heroes: a tribute to the N A S A manned space flight program, Blockade, His girl Friday30
Realistic still life painting in the style of Ann Kingslan, MDA, Watercolor, Acrylics25
Rebecca part 430
Recticious delicious songs, Olympia, Walla Walla30
Red Nichols, his World Famous Pennies, Raymond, Russ Morgan & Orchestra30
Regal Woods--78'. By Prestige & Premier Companies, Brookshire, King's forest '7230
[Reginette border 8718 series], Marguerite, Zoe30
Rejoicing the majesty, My deep red heart, Trust22
*Removed* a fatty fun time, Trigger, Finger pleasures25
Renaissance. (Great ages of man) RE 627-866 (1993), Renaissance30
Restaurant finance, a handbook for successful management and operations, Cambridge30
Rhode Island Arcadia management area ; Rhode Island George Washington management area ; Blue Hills Reservation, Massachusetts part 230
Ricochet of the heart, Holiday30
Ricochet of the heart, Santa Fe30
Rivercreek II, Patioway, Odina30
Rivercreek II, Strickland, Pamplos30
Riverside willow: a Baxter/Kelly original screen print design, La Scala, Lanai30
Riviera part 1130
[Robert and James--arms, legs], Victoria30
Rock 'n' roll eyes & 8 other titles part 230
Rock & roll, Carnegie, Coolidge28
Rock star fade away, Monterey30
Romance part 1030
Roosterway, Hemstitch, Joslin Inn30
Rosewood's ballad, Allison25
Rosewood with two car attached garage, Biltmore, CP-25930
Rossington & Collins Band, Journey30
Round-a-bout, Montague, Medora30
R Scottsdale, Grenada, Acclaim30
Ruffles III, earrings & jackets, Overture, Olympus II30
Running wild. Music by Stephen Henry Hogan, 1952, My daddy, Trail ridin'23
Sabrina part 330
Saddlebury ridge, Cassandra30
Sailor's yarns cotton print, Bloomsbury, Simpson27
Saladier palmier, Suede, Aquatic, Magnolia plate23
Samantha part 230
Same old entertainment, Courtney, Cavity30
Sample no. 16508 MTC1186, Multimedia, Hyperlink23
San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District proposition 4 and 111-Gann appropriation limit determination of maximum appropriation limit for the fiscal year 1991-92 part 330
Sand hill cove, Decoret, San Marino30
Sand hill cove, Montenegra, Tobago30
"Sangre de Cristo mts." vinyl on board, original artwork, Fifth Avenue daybed, "City of Gold" artwork, vinyl on canvas28
San Marino outdoor wall sconce, Monterrey, Thick long leaves22
Santa Barbara County including portions of San Luis Obispo County, street guide & directory part 330
Santa Claus, partnership in art, Clarence, Comfort and Joy30
Santa Fe part 430
Santa Monica area Chamber of Commerce program, sixty-second installation banquet part 230
Sater Design Collection, Georgette, Grayhawk Trail30
Satin roses, Westfield, Garden26
Scandanavian, Charlene, Rockingham20
Scarborough, [Sybil], Hamden26
Scheherezade, Milford, Margate20
Scotties with argyle, Amsterdam, Calais27
Scratch 'n' Sniff Stinky Stickers Mountain madness collector poster, Gumballs, Shades of spring30
Screaming blowtorch, Rosalinda, 18 hours28
Scrollstripe, Alwyn, Wildland30
SDG Village concept cottage no. 4, Gatehouse, Paradise Key model23
SD South Central (Mitchell) TX 5-714-058 (2003), Rochester, Yuma30
Seascape part 330
Sea swirl; stemware. By Lenox Crystal, a division of Lenox, Inc, Rapunzel, Grand tour30
Sea swirl; stemware. By Lenox Crystal, a division of Lenox, Inc, Saratoga, Sea swirl cream & sugar30
Secret gardens revealed by their owners part 230
Secret laughter of women, Coronado, The treat30
Sedgefield, Yardley, Plymouth30
Selection of a heart, Byzantine, Scarabee30
Self torture and strenuous exercise, Rococo, The houseguests30
Send in the clowns, a study of 2 clowns, Reflections30
Sensational. (Hollywood sexcapades, episode 8), Sensational, When you get good and ready30
Serenade part 1030
Serenity part 730
Seventeen doves descending, Woodrow, Yellow crowned owl29
Shadowdancer, Cosmos, Carioca30
Shadowdancer, Flirtation, Kenya30
Shady valley, Le Jardin, Morse30
Shake Oliver, Fortune30
Shakespeare. No. LP 3046. Add. ti.: Chavez literature charm, Shakespeare, Monet gaggle28
She can't say that anymore, Colleen, It's all gone25
S.H.I.F.T./ by Maxine Fleischman and Thelma Anne Norton, Needlepoint, Needlepoint. VA 634-395 (1994)22
Show me (before I lose what's left of love), Showbiz, Shuckin' and jivin'30
Shruken heads: the call of Mr. Sumatra, Ragdoll, Trancers 530
Sicily square, Symbol, Wolf valley30
Sierra Nevada, Westwood, Appalachian27
Simoneta-right, Marrakech, Provenza30
Simplicity diamond, Cromwell, Camden30
Sioux lake saddle, Blythestar, Pearl river30
Sioux lake saddle, Melodrama, Airsea30
Sioux lake saddle, Multiplex, Angelina30
Sioux lake saddle, Yeats, Nausetlane30
Sissinghurst, Shalimar, Ballister30
Siting hazardous facilities, Primitive, A Full moon collage29
(Sittin on) the dock of the bay, Babylon, Un, deux, trois, quarte23
Skull & sword II deck for skateboard deck, Underhill, Rose bone30
Small genesis, Elegance30
[Small Victorian house gift box], Sampler, Magical Santa27
Snowflake placemat, and other works, Guilford, Applique tulips30
[Snowflake], Snowflake30
Sock it to me, Ebbtide, Bennett30
Somerset.: [no.] TC 1139, Lincoln, Norfolk27
Somerset Park, Lulu, Lennox court30
Sometimes I don't like you .., Paragon, Paragone28
Somewhere on the trail. By Gene L. Davenport, Remington, Campfires in Heaven30
Sophisticated Intimates, a mail-order service from HCA introduces our sexiest figure-enhancing bras ever! part 330
Soul of the samurai (The way of the sword), Solange, Some will, some won't30
South Asia, Volcano, Pisa30
South mountain, Mayberry, Sea drift30
South mountain, San Mateo, Kamalia30
South mountain, Sarabande, Electricity30
SouthseasII, Lanterns, Catscradle30
Specialty album for postage stamps of French colonies, possessions & administrated areas part 230
Spectrum, Cracked!, Gone26
Spelling Ace; computer program and screen display. By Franklin Computer Corporation. 2nd ed27
Spenser Hall, Avignon, Aura30
Spinner, Jabber, Tracker26
Sp. Monterey, Prescott, Stockholm30
Sponsorship activation platform for private and public sector organizations, Barcelona27
Sports afield video guide to calling & hunting spring gobblers29
Spring fantasy. Pattern no. 205. By United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc, Shantung30
Springtime part 630
Sprinkles of flowers, Puccini, Westerly30
Stafford Hall, Lambada, Kyle27
Staffordshire figures history in earthenware, 1740-190030
Stardust part 530
Statler block, Leclair, Phoenicia30
Statue of Liberty, Dandelion, Essays of art22
Stencil hearts, Huntington, Denim patch26
Steppingstone, Blast off, Dynamo30
Stockbridge. No. 93-023. VAu 301-923 (1994), Stockbridge, Samoa30
Storybook friends: a little Christmas magic. PAu 2-268-187, Snow White, T&T 2 (20X30) PA 411-72930
St. Pierre Lane, Gracefield, Zebra30
Strawberry plaid, Trellis30
Strawberry plaid, Vertigo, Blue meadow29
Strength and beauty, Longhorn, China27
Stryker force, Tradewinds, Score ten30
St. Tropez, Kendall, Napolean30
Student's guide to The Long search, a study of religions, Camelot30
Sturbridge stitchery, Fireside, Rose hips30
Sullivan, Karajan, Shurbert25
Summer garden--Martha's Vineyard30
Summer pavilion, Shirley, Newburg20
Summer song, Ashford, Nina25
Sunlight filtering, Crescent, Faraway call28
Sunsetsquare, Skyland, Speedo30
Sunset strip, Moonwalk, Lunar25
[Sunset strip], Remake, Kimballane30
Surrounded by circles, Moonlight, Love knot27
Susan flowers & stripes, Regent Park, Sally's bouquet21
Susie's got a new boyfriend, Jillian, Jet day24
Sweet woman, how I'd love to sweet papa you, Georgette, Pidgy23
Switzerland. (Life world library) RE 758-621 (1997), It's getting late, Switzerland22
Symphony part 430
Synopsis of the novel, Give me a break, Funkytown, The Beauty of Bell22
Tabago. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Lakefield, Montclova30
Tabago. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Runaway, Crawford30
Tabago. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Silvia, Nebula30
Tabago. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Wannakee, LaMour30
Take 'em to the dorr, that's all there is, there ain't no more blues, Delaware, What are you doing tonight, Blondy?28
Take our sorrows swimming, Great place, Asylum26
Tallyho fieldstone, Bearspaw, Genteel30
Tallyho fieldstone, Bermondbay, Thornsbury30
Tallyho fieldstone, Finlandia ecru, Portia30
Tallyho fieldstone, Pineland, Cosgrove30
Tapestry part 630
Tascano. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Blockbuster, Thunderbolt30
Tascano. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Folkland, Dallas30
Tascano. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Vesuvius, Entice30
Tchaikovsky's None but the lonely heart, Tarrytown, Sultanto pe' 'na vota30
Team effectiveness factor importance differentiation between team leaders and members30
Technical terminology English-French for architects = Terminologie technique francais-anglais pour architectes21
Terror of Rome vs. the son of Hercules, Serpent, An American in Rome30
Texas Spine Medical Centers--2003 infomercial, Brantley, Gunnie27
Texturleaf [i.e. Textureleaf], Brimfield, Nouveau30
Texturleaf [i.e. Textureleaf], Cindy Lou, Lazy day30
Texturleaf [i.e. Textureleaf], Sardiniainn, Transcend30
Thanks for asking, Natchez, Burkert 123
That's when the bomb exploded, Seminole, Hello, Mister D. J23
That's where you'll find me, Roulette, Blow you away27
[The 1700's crewel chair seat covers miniature kit (also setee cover)], Boston Common29
The 1939 Packard Phatom [sic] convertable [sic] model ceramic automobile cookie jar30
The Abyssinian & the puma, Alliance, Packer26
The adventures of Caper Cat, Manchester30
The Airfury songbook number 1, Avignon, Los ojos de isela30
The Arkansas direct writing pilot assessment and classroom practices in teaching writing28
The art through life collection, Vincent Van Gogh, Bedroom at Arles, VanGogh, Seurat30
The Bad news is we're lost. The good news is we're second in line for takeoff!, Tiffany30
The ballad (to be alive), & 1 other selection, Rochelle, The Collected works of "Tony Villalba."28
The blue rider collection, Metropolis, Organic vision29
The Blues came falling down, Lanikai, Grieg concerto30
The Brinkerhoff have issues, Botanica, Buddy cops30
The Brookshire, Belfair, Boone Hall25
The cadaver of Gideon Wycke, Bernadette, Sad nites24
The casebook of Constance and Charlie, Pastiche, A flush of shadows27
The Challenge of Mosquito Lagoon. By C. J. Powers, Harvest30
"The Civil War" Ulysses S. Grant/Robert E. Lee, Sudbury, Temple garden30
The Collected cartoon art of Leo Kelly. By Leo Eugene Kelly, Jr., 1959, Melrose28
The Collected verse of Judith Ellen Ficksman, Orchestra, My note book22
The congregation, too, October, Sunny day28
The day and the hour (a.k.a. Le jour et l'heure, tomorrow is another day, today we live part 230
The Daydreamer (Hans Christian Andersen), Bonanza, Hazard violence30
The Day Papa killed the cottonmouth, Splendor, Women who are artists30
The Death of David Ferrie, Arlington30
The Dickenson, Bradford, Whittier I29
The Effects of several allometric mutants on the development of .., Sierra, Mainland's Elementary medical statistics30
The enchantress, Carefree, Enrapture21
The Eve of the Revolution, Yorktown, Dixie29
The Everglades, Celeste30
The Fate of Jimmy Dean, Aphrodite, Happy cloud30
The Florida polka, Key West30
The frog who wanted to be a singer, Ragamuffin, Sissy's bounce27
The Future of labor-management cooperation in the United States .., Blossom30
The gables; std., 8, 10, 12, 14 units. By the Rottlund Company, Inc. (Eagle Valley) part 330
The general's lady, Citadel, C battery23
The gifts of civilization: germs and genocide in Hawaii, Molokai, The return of Lono29
The Grinnell at West Whiteland Woods, Rosewood, Davenport30
The homeowners guide to forced air furnaces & the home heating system, Galahad, Zeditor28
The Implications of Aristotle's "Poetics" for a homiletic of story, Opulence, To [sic] many promises27
The Intelligent man's guide to handball (the sexual sport), Advantage, Down in Biloxi26
The Islands & steeplechase series, Westchester, Homestead with loft30
The Jarrod Roth album project, Brittany30
The Jesus loves me doll, Angelique, Shauvon Dee28
The Journal of wildlife management, Hey, The naked scent30
The knell of parting day, Southwest, Uluru (the rock)30
The last Samurai, Samurai, The last Samurai29
The legal seafoods cookbook: simply perfect recipes from Boston favorite seafood restaurant30
The Legend of the sacred cat. Book by Alexandra, pseud. of Gladys Austen Lindner, musical theme by Eddie Lindner30
The Life and legend of John Wayne, Atlanta, Spirit of the full moon30
The Lifecycle aerobic training workout, Hat trick, Spiker24
The Little woman who liked to shop, Trumpet, Who we were today27
The long, lost adventure, Windsor30
The Lunch bunch, Chelsea30
The Madam's wedding present to her daughter was the other side of the street, Andante30
Theme from "Caroline's comedy hour", Impressions. VA 459-527, Impressions30
The Mighty Ducks, incidental character Phil, turnaround, Mallory, Duke30
The moon at noon, Palermo, Wind band29
The movies: live, worship, shop, Mozambique, Ninja guy and karate boy30
The Music business handbook, William, Can't get lucky28
The painter's palette collection: bk. 225. VA 1-074-537 (2001), Blythe, Pavillion collection: bk. 230. VA 1-104-943 (2001)30
The Pazzi conspiracy, the plot against the Medici, Florence30
The peace dividend, Foliage30
The phlebottomizer, Moondance, Julie30
The pickleheads (Chip, Buddy and Junior), Seabreeze, Cowboy30
There is da bomb in Gilead, Bangkok, What time it is30
There's one thing you should know, Rosemary, As the sun gets low30
The return of the grievous angel, Big country, $1,000 wedding28
The rise and rise of Michael Rimmer, Parrish, Rangers30
The Robert Guillaume show, Barrington30
The rose in lantern's light, Grandeur, Rapids29
The Scottsdale New Colony, Scottsdale, Fairport30
The Seagate I, Gulfstream, Biscayne III22
The simple and the wonderful, Lafayette, Hey, Jason28
The solitude of the moon, Santa Cruz, Drive me away24
The spirit set me free, Heritage30
The trinity--introducing the Messiah, Celestial30
The unpublished poem of the obituary liar, Seasons30
The Voyage of the Golden Girl, Santorini, The Dileas27
The writing is on the wall, Scribble, Dad how could you?22
Three channel twisted tongue, Minaret, Pointy glass mushroom group29
Three in a bush, Limelight, Joe Cool25
Thundershield, Amelia, Christina30
Thundershield, Carabella, Bellflower30
Thundershield, Shantung, Nicholson30
Ticking floral stripe, Patrice, Parma25
Tonto's revenge, Belvedere, Idyl30
Too blessed to be stressed, Pinnacle, The creation of man26
Too damn bad for my own good, Eternity30
Tortola/Vigin Gorda Crew, Caribbean sailing team, Tortola, The Palms30
To thy own self be true, & 4 other songs, Scarlett, Wallop28
Tradingpost, Bostonfern, Birchbark30
Trafini. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Lagerfield, Helix30
Trafini. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Meera, Ladessa30
Trafini. By Quaker Fabric Corporation of Fall River, Treaty, Talula30
Trailing wisteria, Pompadour, Madras22
Troll's version of the three Billy goats Gruff, Brandon, Marvin the miser28
Tropicana part 230
Trout flies, Coronation, Parterre30
Tryumf pana Kleksa = Mr. Klek's triumph, Billboard, Szczesliwego Nowego Jorku23
Tuileries with valance, Coquille, Satin bouquet30
Turtles, Swamp30
Tuscany part 230
Two bears birth announcement, Silhouette30
Two-harness textiles: the loom controlled weaves, Brocade, Handweaver's project book30
Two hugs with a kiss in the middle, Pakistan, Jolly fella Tarentella30
Two story loft villa, Oakland, Chelsea30
Two story loft villa, Stetson, Tahoe27
Tylko w moich snach, Franklin30
U-batik bloc [sic], Zhivago, Fahrenheit30
Ubiquitous/introducing Roy Jones, Jr, Palo Alto, Too long/Sorry/Griffey (Rev. 2) :1530
U got that love again, Awesome, Outro30
Ultralodge, Olympicway, Verge30
Uncertainty assessment and validation of predictive microbial growth models, Kensington30
Understanding and film, Springfield, Red season30
United feature comics, vol. 39, no. 24 & 1476 other titles. (Part 007 of 008), Garfield27
Untitled Chinese spy project, Emperor, Silo24
USFL Ballet 4, Bus stop, Blind lust29
Vampire and the ballerina, Vanessa30
Venus DeMilo, Rosebud30
Verona Rose, Englewood, Bogie30
Victoria part 630
Vid en bivag till en byvag bor, Venezia, El Venezolano30
View of the world--New York, Panache, Nostalgia Mickey26
Villagarcia, Regalia, Gooddog30
Vineyard Haven, Mallorca, Winfield30
Vineyard Haven, Playground, Spotcheck30
Vineyard leaf, Simplicity, Jack22
Vineyard Road, Cadelle, Bayvoyage30
Vintage white hibiscus, Island girl, Pakalolo29
Violence in the bell tower, Violets, Violin shop30
Visionquest, Talbott, Nikko30
Viva Las Vegas, Delaney, Derbyshire30
Vizcaya Point, Downy, Canberra30
Vizcaya Point, Sato, Shantell30
VRX 3/1.0 operating system overview, parts I and II, El Paso, CI-MEGIMOS Cobol30
Warrior part 330
Waterfall by starlight, Cathedral, Crystal chimes30
Wave of daffodils ; Guardians of the gate ; The forgotten chair ; Southern comfort26
Weather vane birdhouse ornaments. No. 95/286. VA 1-032-052 (2000), Osprey, Infinite inspiration26
Wee marketeers II series--a series of twelve limited edition figurines, Seattle, [Number 1 Captain Seattle comic poster]30
Welcome the Scottish 3rd, Spellbound, Andean quest25
Wellington, Bergamo, Catalan30
Wellington part 230
We'll take a glass together, Crescendo30
We rededicate our lives to You, Bethany, $1.9828
Westland bed frame, nightstand, bench and mirror, Mulberry, Cleo30
Westminister, Fairfax, Pelham B23
Westminister, Georgetown30
Westminster. VA 826-110 (1997), Westminster, Pixie's PA-H-00526
What a modern publishing conglomerate would say about Gone with the wind, Tigress29
Whatever happened to the "musician?", Snapshot, Main frame22
What your love has done for me, Skyline27
When colors play (a Filipino woman), Free spirit, Elk30
When your heart stops beating, Lillian, 15528
Where is Charlie's band?, San Diego30
Whoops! God spilled the beans, Forever and easy, You scare me28
Who's in the house?, Superstar, Real niggas29
Why is that sadness in your eyes?, Aristocrat, Gotta be an angel24
Wild cherry blossom, Filigree, Floral flurry30
Wildflower, Rose, Spray30
Wild kingdom deskclock, photo, thermometer30
Wildlife part 227
Williamsburg, Virginia, Governor's Palace spoon with sculpture of Governor's Palace at the top of the handle part 230
Willow-Brook, Mona Lisa, Admiral22
WinderfordII, Artex, Pennington30
Window box with chambray center, Terrazo, Sari paisley30
Windy City (I'll tell you what it is later), Winchester, Wine in the wind30
Winning face to face: the art of resolving conflicts in the workplace, Austria, Wales30
Winston Salem, Trivia, Stromboli30
Winterhaven waterwood, Lakeland, Summerton30
Winterhaven waterwood, Westport, Hennessey30
Wishing well made of fallen resin tree and bound by rope, with pail and pink, purple and yellow flowers in grass base musical waterball30
Wisteria part 230
Wood carved sitting buffalo, Freestyle, Feliz navidad30
Woodcliffe, Oakdale, Janine21
Woodridge Persian, Skywalker, Skyhigh30
Woof art gallery--gifts--clothes, Houdini, Banana woofing23
Works of Russell Painter, Paradise30
Worms do it in the dirt, Renaissance, Scott's collection27
Yardley plus III, Bennington, Yardley III30
Yarnlin creations, Ballerina30
[Ya Ya-pumpkin patch pal], Dickens, Gracie22
Yearnin' for the city, Savannah30
Yellowstone. Co-writer, Bobby Carmichael, Yellowstone, Gimme what you got29
Yorkshire New England, Windham, Trenton30
You can build your own sailboat. By Donald Rouse & David Rouse, Century, Poet's heart29
You can't buy my heart with money, honey, & other songs, Abundance, The Texas collection27
You'll finally understand, Prairie, Northeast30
You're as far as I can see (when I close ...), Wichita, You think of everything30
You're gettin' nuthin' for Christmas from me, Network, Joe's mule30
You're not in love anymore, Sueno amor, Marissa27
You're unforgettable (after you've been kissed) By Charles Wright & Tony Hilder part 330
You should, you know, Natalie, I won't survive30
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