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1996 US 500 & 735 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 002 of 002), Pursued, The method30
21 day jump start program--Flexibility essentials, Saturday & Sunday, Way of the gun30
Academia nuts & 14 other titles; motion picture projects, Nine rings of the Wu Tang30
Akeelah and the bee & 5 other titles; motion pictures, Simon says, Tiptoes28
An Investigation into sex stereotyping as seen by elementary pupils and the influence of significant .30
Armed and dangerous & 25 other titles30
Artemin Goldberg: custom tailor of brassieres, Untitled theme fair reality show, Four days in March30
Babar and Father Christmas. (Babar, episode 66)26
Back to the batcave: the life stories of Adam West and Burt Ward & 14 other titles30
Back to the Batcave: the life stories of Adam West and Burt Ward, Freakshow, Bickford Scmeckler's cool ideas30
Back to the Batcave: the life stories of Adam West and Burt Ward, The works of Empire30
Barbie in Fairytopia & 50 other titles, Atomic highway & 43 other titles, Audition & 37 other titles30
Beneath still waters & 4243 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 001 of 019)30
Boot Country, Boot Village--I want them boots, The eye opener, The prominent black style28
Brain injury and recovery: theoretical and controversial issues, A 20th century master scam30
Bret Easton Ellis's American psycho, a reader's guide, American psycho, The Rules of attraction27
Brian and Charlie, Trackers, Bitter30
Buffalo Bill's Great wild West show. By Walter Havighurst, & Randon House, Inc., as employer for hire of John C. Wonsetler30
Bugs Bunny year-round holidays sticker fun. No. 2168. By Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc27
Chairman of the board. By Beta-Carotene, Inc, Carrot Top is: chairman of the board25
Chasing shadows. From album Coast to coast30
Cliffhanger. Directed by Renny Harlin, Cliffhanger, The Pirate27
Coming soon to your time period! Drug avengers, Coming soon30
Death and the loss of sexual innocence, Adrift, Kill the man30
Detention : siege at Johnson High, Meet your dream date, Federal manhunt30
Dream team-the shaping of america's ultimate song girls, When smart people fail: how defeat can lead to success29
El regreso los cuatro de michoacan, The Blair Witch project, Probed30
"Envy" fitness videos & 14 other titles; motion pictures, Kate's addiction, Away from her & 16 other titles; motion pictures23
Felicia's journey & 7 other titles; motion pictures, The Blair witch project II, Garbo: the spy who saved D-day & 6 other titles26
Fields of Nephilim. By Carl McCoy, Tony Petit, Alexander Wright & Paul Wright; performed by the Nephilim part 330
Happy endings. From the United Artists motion picture, New York, New York. By United Artists Corporation, employer for hire of John Kander & Fred Ebb30
Holy, holy is Yah Emmanuel = Kadosh, kadosh, Yah Emmanuel, Do it, baby (wrock), The truth30
II data a.k.a. PI & 2,393 other titles. (Part 001 of 003), The breaks, The breaks f.k.a. The milkman24
Individual and team sports for girls and women. By Maryhelen Vannier & Hally Beth Poindexter30
Instructor's key for Applied logic. By W. Edgar Moore, W. W. Little & W. H. Wilson30
(It seems like) summer's here at last, Arizona dream, Dom za vesanje = Time of the gypsies30
It's not about the bike: my journey back to life & 2 other titles; books. Written by Lance Armstrong part 330
It's not about the bike: my journey back to life & 2 other titles; books. Written by Lance Armstrong part 430
I wanna know what it feels like to be loved, Crying tears, Locked and upright30
Just once more (before you set me free), There is a highway, Looking for a place to cross26
Leonardo DaVinci and his fightin' genius time-commandos!, Bloomsday, The tick vs. Reno, Nevada25
Lost and foundered. By Chad Shaver, Joshua Medaris, William Herzog & Eric Akre part 230
Meant to be (no techno retro-futuristic Bollywood disco musical version), Meant to be30
Men in arms; a history of warfare and its interrelationships with Western society. By Richard A. Preston, Sydney F. Wise & Herman O. Werner30
Mikhail Baryshnikov's stories from my childhood: the house on chicken legs & 14 other titles30
More than puppy love 2--shadows of Atticus, Meet me in Miami, The squid and the whale30
No titles given for magazines & computer software part 230
No titles given for project by Tom Hanks, as an employee for hire of Playtone COmpany & Clavius Base, Inc., created as a work for hire of Home Box Office, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP part 230
No titles given for services by James Gandolfini, employee of Atta Boy Productions, Inc., as a work-made-for-hire for HBO Films, Inc30
Omniscience and the rhetoric of reason in the Tattvasamgraha and the Tattvasamgrahapanjika part 220
Open your eyes. Lyrics: George Thorn 2d, music: Molly Eager & Susan Eager30
Parents and religion; a preface to Christian education. By J. Gordon Chamberlin30
Permanent midnight. PAu 2-202-504 (1997)25
[Pi] & 2,481 other titles. (Part 001 of 004), The way of the gun, Boat trip & 1 other title26
[Pi] a.k.a. PI & 2,346 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 007 of 010), Dreaming of Julia30
Put your arms around me, Waiting, The Hig[h]way song30
Rama Stagner & Kate Harris, In the company of men, Snake oil26
Release of copyright mortgage and assignment, Wishmaster, Legion30
Roger Manning's songs with blues titles, Dying for Dolly, Grunt: the wrestling movie25
Samurai in Siberia: the origins of Japan's Siberian expedition, 1918-1922; a case study in the formation of Japan's foreign policy. By James William Morley30
Shadows and reflections, The eye, Organic forms23
Skeletons in the closet. By Phil Boutelje (Philip Boutelje)30
Snelgrove snail: most of the fun & 4243 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 008 of 019)30
Soul survivor (intro) (In album Soul survivor, by Pete Rock) part 230
Stir of echoes 2: the dead speak30
St. Patrick's Day special, Employee of the month, Little wads30
Supplement no. 21 to the copyright security agreement dated as of September 25, 200030
TARGET (Tutor-aided review geared to expanding retention peer teaching program), I always get what I want30
Ten reasons to add Hartland horsemen to your model horse library, and other contributions30
That's all I need to know. Words and music by Marc A. Marcus, 1930, Come share his joy30
The beginning, the end, and the murky middle, Trial by jury, Presumed innocent30
The harvest of her heart & 6 other titles, The harvest30
The haunting of Hill House, The new age, Cowboy Heaven23
The lost son: a life in the pursuit of justice26
The Marc Pease experience, The eye, Fracture26
The Powers of Matthew Star, Knock off, Iron Fist28
The punisher special features & 1 other title part 230
The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, He's gone, The liberty campaign30
The secret life of quietude in the Cult of the Black Cross30
The substitute 4: failure is not an option, Blair witch project 2, Back to the Batcave26
The substitute teacher's organizer : a comprehensive resource to make every teaching assignment a success30
The substitute teacher's organizer : a comprehensive resource to make every teaching assignment a success part 230
The substitute teacher's organizer : a comprehensive resource to make every teaching assignment a success part 330
The tendercrisp chicken comedy half-hour episode, Top banana, Visiting ours30
The tiger inside: interview with a serial killer, Stressed environment, The slow man23
The Ultimate goal--financial independence, Variations on a Welsh folk song, Academia nuts29
Time for a commercial. w & m Rose Bluestone & Meridian Music Corporation, employer for hire of Paul Kaufman30
Truman Capote's "A Christmas memory", This can't be love, Sunstroke30
Universal blues ; Is my mic on? ; The Lord speaks his mind ... [et al.], Mike Lewis hip hop beats30
What does the Lord look like? w & arr.: Nelson Cogane, m & arr.: Johnny Dee & Phil Romano part 230
White wedding; a homely comedy in one act. By Terence Bowen, Hitman blues, Beeper25
Why did I do it again? Understanding my cycle of problem behaviors, Robert Longo30
Why did I get married? Project. Based on a screenplay written by Tyler Perry, Civil brand30
Zing splash ; Michael Stipe ; Oklahoma ... [et al.], The brave, Gregory McDonald's collected works27
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