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Simon & Schuster, Inc. Pocket Books documents
titleNumber of documents
A Zeke Masters western, Luck of the draw, Riverboat showdown, no. 4422, Four of a kind26
Buck Rogers 25th century A. D. in the interplanetary war with Venus, Buck Rogers part 224
Cashing in on the auction boom, Men, Women28
Christian heritage teaching guide, The rebel, The thief30
Dear grandparents and great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, Modeling XML applications with UML30
Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis program, Tales from the Spaceport Bar30
Le roi, les soris et le fromage. By Nancy Gurney & Eric Gurney, French translation: Jean Vallier, as an employee for hire of Random House, Inc part 227
Lexical structure and the nature of linguistic representations, World Series pressure23
Lover, don't change your ways, Dreams30
Miss Baba in the Caribbean foulball caper, Ali and the magic stew, Cricket at the manger27
National enquirer special, vol. 66, no. 3, Aug. 13, 1991. TX 3-132-61230
No titles given for instruction, operation and maintenance guides and manuals, computer program listings and all computer firmware and software, technical specifications, drawings, reports, advertising, marketing, and promotional material and literature, including graphics and packaging part 230
Pro football statistics and predictions ver 1.030
Star Trek--The Next Generation 1991 calendar, An affair of sorcerers, City of whispering stone30
Star Trek--The Next Generation 1991 calendar, The Green god, At home with solar energy30
Star Trek the Next Generation, The devil's heart, The Children of Hamlin29
Synthesis and characterization of acrylamido-based polymers via reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization29
Taking the stand: the testimony of Lt. Colonel Oliver L. North, Intimate, The master stroke26
The Best of Poul Anderson & 2 other titles, A Breed apart, Challenger25
The collected stories of Greg Bear, Rogue planet, Balance point30
The Contract & 1 other title; literary works26
The Interesting thing that happened at Perfect Acres, Inc, The Case of the vanishing ventriloquist30
The stowaway--a tale of California pirates30
Up for grabs millions in foreclosure real estate--an audio workshop & seminar, Worley jingles30
Vampires, spies, and alien beings, Creatures of the dark, Curse of the sunken treasure22
Web of darkness. By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc, The fourth sex, pt. 2, Fatal memory30
[What--another new universe? and other contributions], Epilogue I, Nessie and the terrible troll29
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