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2000 (two-thousand) Co-writer, Tony Mullins DCR 1996, Like a prayer, Let love lead30
A description of his newly constructed reflecting quadrant, News about the reflecting compass27
African-American pioneers through the brush of Lois Mallou Jones "the Grand Dame of American art."30
A girl doesn't get killed by a make believe lover cuz it's hot, Cleancut [sic], Nothing, nothing25
A handy girl to have around. By Bernard Sabath, Telephone, 189129
An exploratory case study of home health aides' and occupational therapists' collaborative relationship30
A perspective on bonding between male youths and their fathers, Keep smiling, Ultimate scramble system (USS)30
Application of mathematical programming for the determination of transfer prices in a vertically integrated firm part 330
Basic braiding for the beginner, Spartacus, The Republic of Smiles25
Basic techniques for painting textures in watercolor, Splash 1, Basic drawing techniques30
Beautiful thoughts of you, Victim of love?, Tear drops30
Beethoven: piano sonatas nos. 16-18 (OP.31, nos. 1-3) By Richard Goode, Carnival of light30
Biological activity and dynamic structure in artificial protein hydrogels, Mistakes30
Biophysical principles of electrocardiography. By Robert H. Bayley, Blank generation28
Call of the wild. w & m Bob McCormick (Robert Edward McCormick, 1955-)30
Can't stand the Rezillos: the (almost) complete Rezillos, Twisterella, Dance, Raja, dance23
Cardiovascular and metabolic risks associated with schizophrenia and antipsychotic drug treatment30
Caxambas restaurant, & other photographic contact sheet, Erotica, Harp and soul30
Chemical painting on acrylic articles ; Sunset colors on acrylic articles, Poetry of the people30
Children of the revolution ; Oochy koochy ; Ford trax, The road song, Martha22
Condemnation: legal rules and appraisal practices, The syndrome, Work hard, you play hard28
Condemnation of property practice and strategies for winning just compensation, The choice26
Conserving Rocky Mountain places, Tired of your nintendo game?, Cowboy28
Convention bound. From Leonard Sillman's New faces of 1952. w & m Ronny Graham (Ronald Graham)30
Darlington Speedway Saturday night (short track racing), Pushed to the limit, Master songbook30
Day of rainbows, night of five moons, The World, Songs from the Northwest28
Dead man walking (2CD) By Susan Graham, Frederica Von Stade & Jake Heggie, The Ritz; a new comedy30
Deeper and deeper in love, The Right moves, Always Friday27
Diamond in the sky, a pictorial history of the United States Air Force Thunderbirds30
Don't want to dream without you, Glory boys, Rise30
Elementary schools may play a vital role in the prevention of crime in America, And she was29
[English springer spaniel, 1989 Christmas card], Crackerjack, The booty jam30
Enticed = formerly, The Irish Gypsy, Tempted, The Irish gypsy29
Everybody collection, February 1983, True love, Rosa26
Everybody woman, Daylight, 91127
Everyday is like Sunday ; Sister, I'm a poet ; Disappointed ; Will never marry, A wonderful life30
Everyday is like Sunday ; Sister, I'm a poet ; Disappointed ; Will never marry, The Naked night. English subtitles: A. Davis & G. Hakim30
Everyone's in love with you, Girls on my mind, Teotihuacan28
Experiments in cooperative manipulation of objects by free-flying robot teams, Internet starter kit for Macintosh30
Fat is a disease--the origin, cause, and healing, The Walk, Edge of day30
Good night, sailor. By Jay Inchardi, pseud. of Mortimer J. Inciardi, Bright yellow hair27
Hey, brother, hey, sister, Melted wax, Strange new world27
Hot flashes or power surges? a contextual analysis of menopause and its meaning, Grave goods ; a short play30
Howling ; Shadows ; Something, somewhere, sometime ... [et al.], Never let me down30
How to design, implement and maintain an administrative model for victory in Jesus Evangelistic Center Church30
I just can't hide my love for you! Happy Valentine's Day, Magnifico! Happy birthday30
I'll remember as you go on, for my daughter with love, Songs written by Judy Glanton Chambers29
I'll remember those days, & 1 other song30
Instructor's manual to accompany Managerial economics, seventh edition [by] S. Charles Maurice, Christopher R. Thomas part 230
Interest-group perceptions of a university community development program in Brazil's .28
In thanksgiving (for Your presence), Change of heart30
I wish you could have turned my head (and left my heart alone) / I'm comin' down lonely30
Just before (I was gonna say I love you), The Shag, Christmas without you24
Just say yes but never unless it's a chocolate kiss from Hersey30
Lady Night ; [performed by] Patrick Juvet ; strings & horns arr. & conducted by Horace Ott30
Learning to survive in the modern age. SR 78-668 (1986), Africa & 4 other titles30
Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, On her own, No fair!27
Lullaby part 1927
Majesty of the Sierra Nevadas, Carpe diem, Benny's song30
Modified braille tape for application on prints, or photographs for sightless people30
Moto speedway queen, Violator, Spy mission27
Movin' on up and other contributions, Ride the chariot, Saints medley30
Movi' on up ; Don't fight it, feel it ; You're just too dark to care, Spin the world30
Music from the film A Rage in Harlem, Current stand ; Not the way, It doesn't have to be26
My baby part 530
My groove, your move, My joy, Melba's mood22
No aggression, & 4 other songs, Burning inside, Wait outside27
[Non-printable data]ccess--electronic information services--a division of City Publishing Company, Inc30
Nursing sensitive process and outcome measures in patients with adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) receiving mechanical ventilation30
Open your heart ; produced by David Naylor, Sharon Oreck ; directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino part 230
Peacekeeping, military intervention, and national sovereignty in internal armed conflict27
Perspectives of clients of two drug rehabilitation modalities, concept residence and out-patient methadone part 330
Pet sematary ; Sheena is a punk rocker ; Life goes on, 3 original untitled compositions30
Pretenders live at the Santa Monica Civic, Knife, Deep & wide & tall28
Rational mortgage valuation using optimal intertemporal refinancing strategies and hetergeneous borrowers30
Responsibilities of corporate officers and directors under federal securities law30
Road to nowhere ; Give me back my name30
Rocky road, with "Cliffhanger" Sylvester Stallone climbs back into the action arena . part 230
Ruby, don't take your love to town, Cherish, A horse with no name30
Situation ; Always ; Jelly ... [et al.], Acid Jack, Situation / Off--Hodges, James & Smith30
Skipper (of the flying ente) Composed by Herb Hendler & Larry Clinton, I'm gonna smoke him30
Soap bubble meets inertia, Beakfulls of heroin, Shadow26
So good (to be bad) By Barnes, Frost, & Buttram, Road to nowhere, Song never sung30
Songs of faith by Faye Knight Okolo30
Stan and Judy's kid, Secret, Shhh, don't tell24
Straight from the heart. By John Bertolucci30
Study guide to accompany Introduction to organic and biological chemistry by Ronald M. Scott30
Teacher's manual to accompany Regulation and deregulation cases and materials, Applied Bayesian forecasting and time series analysis30
Ten little monkeys. Text: Jessica Potter Broderich, illustrator: Katherine L. Phillips (Katherine L. Phillips Clark)30
The Battle of Marston Moor (July 2nd, 1644) By Roy Wood, Take a bow, Open up, said the world at the door27
The Boy with the thorn in his side ; Rubber ring ; Asleep, Counting backwards, Fish30
The Boy with the thorn in his side ; Rubber ring ; Asleep, Killing loneliness, Upstairs at Eric's30
The Boy with the thorn in his side ; Rubber ring ; Asleep, Um O! e um "ah", Slip inside this house30
The Case Of The Week Program. By Case of the Week, Inc., for hire of Stephen R. Baker, 194230
The History and development of private prisons in the United States, Hold her close30
The Kings Point papers; the maritime court-martial of Captain Ebenezer Ahab, a verbatim transcript with unofficial but autoritative addenda28
The perception of requests in Spanish by instructed learners of Spanish in the second- and foreign-language contexts30
The story of creation & the Ten Commandments, Too long, London Town28
The tension between biblical purity and cultural relevance in seeker churches, Crusader30
Times I'd remember ; In His love ; Jesus is His name ... [et al.], Pleasant dreams sheep30
Tissues and molecules that regulate specification of the avian embryonic kidney, Sonny's theme30
To here knows when ; Swallow ; Honey power ; Moon song, I'd do it all again, Sam Harris30
True stories for little kiddles, middle kiddles, and big kiddles, not harmful if swallowed by adults30
True stories from the Rocky Mountains, the baby elk rescue, Wild, wild life, Beleza tropical30
Two weeks at Babbling Brook, Love to hate, Millie27
Walking on sunshine '82 ; Acappella sunshine ; Rockin' on sunshine ; Walking on sunshine '8227
Walk on water--the secrets revealed, Carrie's got the news, Rock the nation27
Wassailing in the night, Cockles and mussels, The Back of love29
Weaving in San Francisco. Pt. 1. By Evelyn Bingham Prosser, Get to you, Kids!29
We can have a good time in the Lord, First light of dawn, She's money hungry30
What's in your heart? By Homer Banks, Raymond Jackson & Bettye Crutcher30
Why don't you tell me the truth?, True blue30
Wild mountain roses (don't bloom under bright city lights) By Peggy Forman & Michael White30
Wordy Rappinghood ; (You don't stop) Wordy Rappinghood, Love's melodies, Ink and paper30
X2/[performed by] Times Two, Affair, RU tuff enuff?30
Ya shoulda killed me last year, The winner loses, 99 problems28
You look like somebody (that I used to know), Do you wanna dance?, That's the cry of another fool30
You're naked without it! Wear the proper protective equipment for your job--and inspect and maintain it regularly part 230
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