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Ageless woodland wonder & 1558 other titles. (Part 008 of 009), (Blai yai-ba hunter) head hunter30
Another sleepless night. w Howard Greenfield, m, piano arr. Neil Sedaka28
Butterflies in my heart & 1 other title, Butterflies part 230
Call it what you wanna & 2 other titles part 228
Dance of the Affenpinscher, Answers, Is this the end?30
Drinking my blues away. By T. Life, Walter Watts & Debbie Freeman, Hip hop (feels good)30
Fallin' in love (we could have a good time) By Bill Neale, Diane Bernstein & Joseph Jefferson30
Glenn Stewart/South Station songbook no. 2, Roxxi song book, Thoren songbook28
Hard to please. By Robert Jones, Trainride, Silent dancers30
I found love (when I found you) By Sherman Marshall & Phillip Pugh30
I sold my mother for a Harley, Marbles, Easin'30
Just think about the good times. w & m Bob Brass (Robert Brass), Irwin Levine, Al Kooper & Francine Levine30
Let's do it again & 4 other titles30
Let's make it happen. w Nathaniel Lee, 1953-, m Atanas Gurov, 1954, Sentimental love30
Little girl wading in pond feeding ducks, Saint Bernard dog on nearby rock watching part 330
Love dies hard & 2 other titles, Fish gotta swim, Forever blue & 10 other titles30
Love for love's sake & 2 other titles26
Midnight message & 2 other titles, Do it all night, Burnin' desire26
Mr. Jimmy & friends provide biblical perspectives, Precious ore, Chain lightning30
Push on (a little harder) By William Butler, Carl H. Davis & Marvin Smith, Woman needs to be loved & 202 other titles; songs. (Part 001 of 002)30
Secret sinema ; Nightlife of the new gods, Blues Avenue, Something's going on30
Stars & 2 other titles, Then there's you & I, Rolaids--Sodium free30
This old man (Knick-knack paddy wack) Artist: Kid's Players30
Too many nights & 2 other titles22
True West; an album of 12 compositions. By Richard J. Dobson, Hearts & rivers, Rasputin30
Turn the beat around (love to hear percussion) By Gerald Jackson & Peter Jackson, Jr26
Underneath the moonlight. Now you see it, now you don't. Sound recordings by RCA Records30
We can make it happen, and 1 other song30
What you gonna name your pretty little baby?, Lord, I'm willin', We love29
When the right hand doesn't know (what the left hand is doing) & 1 other title, I need to fall in love. w & m Turley Richards30
Why are we sleeping? By K. Ayers, Michael Ratledge & R. Wyatt, All are free & 93 other titles30
You oughta see me sing in the shower. By Dean Pitchford, & Irving Music, Inc., Woolnough Music, Inc. & Jemava Music Corporation, employers for hire of Peter Allen part 230
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