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1992 compendium of postgraduate studies in psychology in the UK and Ireland, Shades of green30
4-H shrine song. Words and music by Margie Geiselman and Judy Nelson, Mill, Frederick Law Olmsted30
Addenda to chapter 16 of New many-body techniques and their application to the 3-dimensional helium-3 system part 330
Adventures in decimals, fractions, and negative numbers, Adventures with fractions30
A farewell to the Yahwist? The composition of the Pentateuch in recent European interpre[t]ation30
A farewell to the Yahwist? The composition of the Pentateuch in recent European interpre[t]ation part 223
A field guide to medicinal plants and herbs of eastern and central North America30
A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature. By William F. Arndt, editor and translator: F. Wilbur Gingrich28
A Light to the nations; an introduction to the Old Testament. By Norman K. Gottwald25
America on parade; coloring bk. By Walt Disney Productions, Perceptions of youth leadership life skills development29
An analysis of the school principal's professional development in the leader 1 2 3 program27
An interaction analysis of developmental phases in authentic and simulated negotiations between police and hostage-takers and barricaded suspects30
Answer manual to accompany Introductory linear algebra with applications, third edition, [by] Bernard Kolman30
A Path to hope for parents of aborted children and those who minister to them, A grammatical description of Tatana29
Archaic features of Canaanite personal names in the Hebrew Bible, The law of the temple in Ezekiel 40-4830
A Review and reassessment of the traditional role of the estimator and the cost consultant in the construction field30
A Study of the recognition and comprehension of that-complements among deaf and hearing subjects30
Athenian reactions to military pressure and the defense of Attica, 404-322 B.C, Demokratia25
A translation of Jean Saint-Arroman's L'interpretation de la musique francaise, 1661-178930
Chronological development of intracavitary (transurethral & transrectal) hyperthermia/thermal therapy for prostate conditions30
Classical rhetoric and its Christian and secular tradition from ancient to modern times30
[Computer assisted instruction programs in an English as a second language format]27
Computer assisted tools for Septuagint studies (C A T S S), Characters, Eventyr26
Consistency of translation techniques in the tabernacle accounts of Exodus in the Old Greek30
Consistency of translation techniques in the tabernacle accounts of Exodus in the Old Greek part 229
Customs and cultures; anthropology for Christian missions. By Eugene Albert Nida28
Determination of integrated water vapor over Antarctica utilizing special sensor microwave temperature-2 (SSM/T-2) data part 430
Developing an outreach ministry in Bergenfield, New Jersey, by All Saints Episcopal Church30
Developments in genre between post-exilic penitential prayers and the psalms of communal lament30
Die Bremerverwandtschaft in Deutschland und in Texas = (The Bremers and their kin in Germany and in Texas) part 230
Ecology: habitats, niches, and food chains. Text: Janet Nickelsburg, charts & map: Donald T. Pitcher29
Factors which enhance and constrain implementation of total quality management in two-year colleges30
Faith seeking understanding ; an introduction to Christian theology, Building your New Testament Greek vocabulary30
Forgiveness in recovery/resiliency from the trauma of war among a selected group of adolescents and adult refugees part 427
France and the economic development of Europe, 1800-1914. By Rondo E. Cameron, Pass the dutchie. By TeeVee Toons, Inc27
Gender and genre in the folklore of Middle India, Theognis of Megara, Pindar's Homer30
Gregory of Nyssa and the concept of divine persons, Opting for the margins as imago Dei24
Guidelines--from predicament to liberation. By Arthur S. Jones, 1923, Rhodes and Rhodesia--the white conquest of Zimbabwe 1884-190230
Harvest Supreme fork split English muffins, Biblical exegesis in the apostolic period21
He makes the winds his messengers--the work of science in the shadow of the divine22
History of the Fountin and Mariah Watts family and their descendants, I'll meet you halfway30
Human adaptation to the changing northeastern environment at the end of the Pleistocene30
Infant/toddler environment rating scale. By Thelma Harms, Richard Clifford & Debby Cryer30
Innovations in modeling and testing of steel structures for automotive applications, and front and rear bumper systems part 230
Instructor's manual with testbank to accompany Biology, investigating life on Earth, second edition, [by] Vernon L. Avia30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Communication in small groups--theory, process, skills, fourth edition30
Integrating science, economics, and law into policy, Love without pain, Isaac I. Stevens29
International Goalie War Federation rules of engagement, 2004/2005, Ignite!, John Saxon versus the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics26
Mavo la-masorah ha-tavranit = Introduction to the Tiberian Masorah, New currents through John25
McCormick on evidence: a practitioner's treatise and an abridged student Hornbook30
Meyer, Olsen & Schmidt's Essentials of parasitology, Reverence for life, Essentials of parasitology28
"Notes inegales" & ornamentation in Francois Couperin's Motets for solo voice .30
Nurses' perceptions of cystic fibrosis patient adherence to treatment regimens after the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis related diabetes30
On the cutting edge/written and produced by Brian Gillogby, After happily ever, Willow run--the motion picture27
Productivity--American management versus Japanese management, a comparison study of two world powers30
Protestant fundamentalist Bible schools, 1882-1940, Reading the Book of Revelation25
Proxy records of the Indonesian low and the El Nino-southern oscillation (ENSO) from stable isotope measurements of Indonesian reef corals part 330
Rest as a theological metaphor in the Epistle to the Hebrews and the Gospel of truth30
Rhetorical grammar: grammatical choices, rhetorical facts. By MarthaKolin. 2nd ed21
Safety analysis function evaluation chart (SAFE chart program), Cry to me baby, Mass evangelism and its effect on church planting30
Sargonic texts in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; materials for the Assyrian dictionary. No. 5. By Ignace J. Gelb30
Stepping-stones to further Jewish-Lutheran relationships, Power, politics, and the making of the Bible30
Stoppers! How to put an end to meetings, monologues, filibusters, boring parties and anything that lasts too long25
Supercalc estimating templates for the heavy construction industry from Emsar, Inc30
Tarzan and the savage darkness, Look out below, Naustalgia28
Teaching the Bible to black Africans (toward a methodological approach to .., Reading from this place28
The Ascent of Everest. By Sir John Hunt, H. R. H. The Duke of Edinburgh & Sir Edmund Hillary25
The Book of Esther--its place in the linguistic milieu of post-exilic biblical .28
The changing face of form criticism for the twenty-first century, Just like home27
The Chronicler's use of the Deuteronomistic history, All I can give you, Baddest little boogie28
The Dead Sea scrolls & modern translations of the Old Testament, How to tell your child about death30
The Development of an instrument for determining botanically related misconceptions .30
The disciple. By Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, I testify30
The Effects of imagery control training on imagery abilities and .., Surveying the land30
The everyday, anytime guide to Christian leadership, Helping children grieve, When your child dies30
The Great Brain ; More adventures of the Great Brain ; Me and my Little Brain ... [et al.] part 330
The higher party schools--education, politics, and the transformation of intellectual life in the Soviet Union, 1921-192928
The Hittite dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Kanissuwar30
The Impact of accreditation and degree status on proprietary business, trade, and technical .30
The Joy of study; papers on New Testament and related subjects presented to honor Frederick Clifton Grant. Editor: Sherman E. Johnson30
Themes and variations for a Christian doxology: some thoughts on the theology of worhship30
The narrative function of the Holy Spirit as a character in Luke-Acts, The Economics of industrial organization30
The obedience of faith, the eschatological people of God, and the purpose of Romans30
The proto-feminist constructions of gender in August Strindberg's pre-inferno plays30
The Pseudepigrapha and modern research with a supplement, The History of the Rechabites30
The psychometric development of a scale to measure Afrocentric and Eurocentric worldviews part 230
The Relationship between fear of success and ego development in .., Sandy's suitcase29
The relationship between leadership styles of public secondary school principals and the motivation levels of their teachers part 227
The rituals and myths of the feast of the goodly gods of KTU/CAT 1.23, Train of thought17
The Robert B. Fowler charitable organization endowment fund kit (with key man options)30
The role of online immediacy behaviors in student writing improvement and satisfaction in a Web-based undergraduate course30
The Shroud of Turin: is it the model for the sculpture, the Claus Sluter "Head of Christ", ca. 1395-99, Dijon, France?29
The Society of Biblical Literature presidential voices in the twentieth century, Temple propaganda22
The synthesis and characterization of new tantalum chalcogenide halide cluster compounds part 230
The unauthorized guide to Snoopy collectibles with values, Collecting plastics, More Peanuts Gang collectibles30
The Utilization of 1 and 2 Chronicles in the reconstruction of Israelite history in the nineteenth century28
Twenty-seven ways of improving classroom instruction, that cost no money, and take less time than conventional methods part 330
VII Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Leuven, 198930
VIII International Congress of the International Organization for Masoretic Studies, Chicago, 198830
What you should know about varicose veins, spider veins, and sclerotherapy, Anticoagulants30
You just glow! and other lies of pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, Tell me another one30
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