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Abby K, Project 6: Four fingers. By David Kent, 1958-, Nicole VanGiesen, 1972-, Peter Coley, 196230
Across the broken line & 5 other titles, Get ready for the rain, A sad song & 44 other titles30
A far cry from over you & 5 other titles, Trouble is, Trouble is. By Sam Gay, 1962-, Porter Howell30
A girl like you (and a heart like mine) Co-authors: Carol Chase & Rick Williamson30
All I need is your love every day & 85 other titles part 330
All is not lost & 139 other titles, When I come to my senses, Hearts and horses30
A million miles away (fade away), In mid air, I didn't ask30
Am I the only one? ; My baby you ; Don't let me leave, We were gone, No place to fall30
Analysis of the sequence and expression patterns of engrailed and homeotic genes in the primitively wingless insect, Thermobia domestica30
An awful waste of space & 17 other titles, I'm doin' my best, Heavy liftin'27
A Nonsense anthology. Collected by Carolyn Wells, Life after life, Distant relation30
Any old fool & 82 other titles; songs. Composed by Allison Mellon & co-composers as noted26
A Systematic approach to clawhammer banjo, I don't do memories, Some way collection30
Beautiful part 630
Because she loved him so & 2 other titles, When love leaves, Feet27
Blaming it all on you & 36 other titles; muscial compositions. Assignment of copyright part 230
'Bout last night ; I don't want to wait, Unkissed, To quote Shakespeare23
Can't live with 'em, can't love without 'em. By Gerald Lee House, 1949-, p.k.a. Gerry House, Samuel Alan Gay, 1962-, p.k.a. Sam Gay, & Suzonne P. Ford, 1962-, p.k.a. Devon O'Day part 430
Depends on who you ask & 14 other titles, The light of day, It's a simple love (in a complicated way)30
Descendants of Alexander Easlick/Eslick of NJ, Honeysuckle sweet, You don't lie here anymore29
Did it hurt (when you fell from heaven)?, House of dreams, Heart could be a mind30
Don't send the invitation (if you don't wanna party), My place in this world, John Wayne walking away30
Dragging me down ; Freeway ; Broken glass ... [et al.], I never felt more alive, Losing my cool30
Dream walkin' ; Jacky Don Tucker (play by the rules, miss all the fun) ; Tired ; Yet30
Dream walkin' ; Jacky Don Tucker (play by the rules, miss all the fun) ; Tired ; Yet part 230
Feels like I'm gettin into something good, One Mississippi, This thing called livin'30
From the ashes, the storyteller, Brothers in the wind, Rebel in the rain30
Goodbye for now. w & m Unart Music Corporation, employer for hire of Adolpho DeLaParra, Harvey Mandel30
He's the first and last word in heartache, Love comes along, There goes another memory now30
(Hey, won't you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song. City boys. Artist: B. J. Thomas, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc part 225
Hold on to your dream. w & m Robert Dembinski, Bill Mavrudus, m Guy Dembinski30
If this ain't love I don't think I can take the real thing, A Few too many times30
If you could say what I'm thinking, Don't rattle my chain, If you weren't over me28
I'll know when I get there, Hell yeah, And the crowd goes wild30
I'll never have the heart to leave, Every bird that sings, Only love matters in the end25
I'm gonna tell her if you won't, Sellin' lipstick in Las Vegas, We can get there from here30
Introduction to the statistical dynamics of automatic control systems. By V. V. Solodovnikov, revision of translation: L. A. Zadeh and John B. Thomas30
It all went south from there. By Charles Harmon Jones, 1955-, p.k.a. Chuck Jones, & Porter Carleton Howell, 196430
I will come back again & 1 other title. By Verrlon Thompson & co-writers as noted27
I will come into your holy place, O Lord30
Keep ridin' for your dream, Shtiks, More shtiks27
Land of 1000 dances & 32 other titles, Better off broken, Capture the magic27
Lass with the waving brown hair. w & m Rebecca Tyrrel, The mountain30
Love in the making & 4 other titles. By Tim Norton & co-writers as noted30
Love will last. m Alex DeVeny (Alexandra DeVerny) & Dorothy Albert, Willy the wolverine28
Might as well feel lonesome. w & m Kent Westberry & Johnny Bourque30
Modern day romance/old fashion love, I only have time for you, Never had it so good30
"My best friend" in Princess publications. By Darla A. Wollam, I love you this much30
My kind of paople. By Woody Wright, 1957-, Joe Johnston, Kim Patton Johnston. (In A brighter day)30
Nobody, no where, no way, no how. By Del Anthony Gray, 1968-, Gerald Lee House, 1948-, Suzonne P. Ford (p.k.a. Devon O'Day, pseud.) part 229
On again, off again blues, Magalita, What Sean wants28
One of those days (when I miss Lester Flatt)30
Prentice Hall's federal taxation, 1995, corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts30
Save the world, & 1 other song. w & m Kathryn Lewis; m Donald Allan Marsh, 195430
Shadows part 1130
Someday part 2530
Something warm (Spanish) Co-writer, Renee Victor, Melanie 1989 collection of eleven songs30
Spencer Bernard country songs, spring 1991, Summer '84 collection, Summer '82 collection30
Spoiled rotten, & 2 other selections, I'm the past time, darling, Colorado song29
Standing next to Jesus (song for dad), Dancing with angels, Please, come home29
That changed me & 4 other titles. Written by Michael Dulaney, Steven Dale Jones & Jason Sellers part 330
That's Texas & 1 other title. Composed by Tracie Lynn Heil & co-composer as noted30
That's Texas & 1 other title. Composed by Tracie Lynn Heil & co-composer as noted part 221
The complete uncensored private SNAFU cartoons from World War II, The Bugs Bunny--Road-Runner movie26
The Cradle to the Cross. Four part S.A.T.B. Poem by Paul Cunningham, arr. Robbins Music Corporation, employer for hire of Harry Robert Wilson30
The Deeper we fall. By Gary Nicholson, Wayland Holyfield, Strongest weakness, The kickin' inside30
The hard way & 8 other titles part 230
The highway that runs through the graveyard and other weird tales, The highway30
The one that got away (got away with my heart) Co-writer, Alison Moorer30
The Roaring Tide Ministry/newsletter, How'd you get this number?, The cape30
The White Selchie maid. By Lui Collins Zander & Bill Kirsch, You see forever, Beyond the distance30
They ain't made the honk tonk (that will get me over you), Bubba's and Coy's, El juego del millennium30
They ain't made the honk tonk (that will get me over you), No where to go but up30
This is love & that's all it is. By Stephen P. Amos, 1966-, & Rick Ruskin, 195630
Tonight it's on. By Charlotte Jones (Char J.), Wyconda Boatman, Tenia Sanders, Jocelyn Buchanan, Latanya Green30
Waste of time and 2 other titles, Your love speaks louder than words, Randy Hardison, 4/9630
Watchin' life (with the sound turned down), Hangin' by a thread, Stronger30
Welcome to your life, Michael Angelo, Chameleon girl, House of liars30
We've got nothing but love to prove, I wouldn't live in Harlan County, What I really need is you26
What the heart wants. By Michael Dulaney, 1959, Down this road, Angels working overtime26
When it rains. By Steven Noel Wariner & Mac McAnally30
When it rains, it pours, & 2 other songs30
Who's your daddy? Co-composer: Anthony Smith30
Works of Craig Wiseman. By Craig Michael Wiseman, 1963-, & Dana Hunt Oglesby, Don't blink30
Works of Kent M. Robbins. By Kent M. Robbins, 1947-, & William S. Robinson, 195730
You can't go home again. By Kenneth D. Laub & Hal Hackady30
You get what you pray for & 3 other titles. By Bobby Carmichael & co-composers as noted30
You get what you pray for & 3 other titles. By Bobby Carmichael & co-composers as noted part 230
You gotta believe (in something) By Guy Fletcher & Doug Flett part 330
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