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Hold back the dawn. Words & music: John Henry Simmons30
I need your love & 19 other titles30
I need your love, babe. w & m Joe Luster & Gene Fontaine part 230
I wish they wouldn't always say I sound like the guy from the USA. w & m Chris Sandford & Barry Mason30
I wonder who (has taken my place with you) By Benny Davis, Magine & Goldberg30
I wonder who the lucky guy will be? By P. F. Sloan & S. Barri30
Like a cloud holds rain. By David Pomeranz & Dan Hill, Blood in my veins, Carmelia26
Listen to the beat of my heart. w & m Redda Robbins & Tony Styles, Lonely soul30
Lose control. Co-composers, Juan Atkins, Richard Davis & Curtis Hudson29
My baby's coming home to me. w Jerry Connell (Robert E. Connell), m Joseph Pantoja26
Tell me part 1930
Tell me part 2330
The Bamboo rod and how to build it. By Claude M. Kreider, Yo soy Jesus, No Llores mas30
The church music department and its participants, What a wonderful name, & other songs28
This time part 1430
This time part 1630
We could be so good together, We could be30
When we dance. By Gordon M. Sumner (Sting, pseud.) (In The best of Sting, 1984-1994)30
Who's gonna dance with me? Words Sheila Burns, music Ron Riddle, Last forever, Run, rebel, run Words Sheila Burns, music Ron Riddle24
You don't live in my heart (anymore) Words & music Marie Burns & David Kent, Our souls belong to God30
Young enough (to know better) Words & music by Eric Jude, True love possession, Last night of the world30
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