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After the war & 20 other titles30
Ain't cha comin' out? & 407 other titles (part 002 of 002), So grateful, Rumbabomba23
All for the love of sunshine. From Kelly's heroes. By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., as employer for hire of Lalo Shifrin30
All the way home. From the motion picture, All the way home. w Stanley Styne, m & piano arr. Jule Styne30
American bar, a biographical directory of contemporary lawyers in the U. S. and Canada30
Amusement park math with pterodactyl tunnel. (I love math) TX 3-685-199 (1993)30
Angel. From Those Calloways. w Jay Livingston & Ray Evans (Raymond B. Evans), m Walt Disney Productions, employer for hire of Max Steiner30
Any old port in a storm 6 other titles30
Any town is Paris when you're young. By John Scott Trotter & Tom Adair (Thomas Adair)30
At the crossroads (of loneliness and love) Co-writer: Jim Rushing30
Autumn leaves (text) TX 3-738-778 (1993) & TX 3-871-286 (1994) part 230
Away from home. w & m Ferdinand Washington29
A Wonderful, wonderful fellow. From the Columbia film Gulliver's travels. By Columbia Pictures Music Corporation, employer for hire of Ned Washington (w) & George Duning (m)30
Barefoot boy with cheeks (sole of foot facing out) GP118010 (1977) part 230
Behave yourself. m Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Lewie Steinberg, Al Jackson, Jr30
Belle of the ball. Music by Leroy Anderson, lyric: Mitchell Parish30
Blue and disgusted. Words & music: Paul Gayten, Sam Theard & Teddy Brannon, Teasing the blues30
Boogie woogie country man. Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc30
C'est la vie (it's no life) By Jack Robinson & James Bolden part 230
Changing partners26
Christmas dreaming (a little early this year) Words and music by Irving Gordon and Lester Lee25
College humor. Editor: Sandy Nelkin30
Collegiate. For voice & piano. w & m Nat Bonx, w, m & rev. lyrics of 1st verse & new lyric for 2d verse: Moe Jaffe part 230
Comin' home on the radio & 1 other title, Comin' home30
Comin' home on the radio & 1 other title, Comin' home part 230
Count your blessings. For 4-part chorus of mixed voices with piano acc. Words by John W. Bratton, music by Geoffrey O'Hara, arr. Carl Deis30
Cowboys and Indians. By Simon and Schuster, Inc. & Artists & Writers Press, Inc., employers, Willis Lindquist & Richard Scarry (ill.), employees for hire30
Cuddle up a little closer. Arr. Asa Music Company, employer for hire of Jimmy Rowles part 330
Deadline! (Tab play script, no. 1.) PA 16-392 (1978), Promise30
Dedicated to you. w & m Frank Conley Slay, Jr. & Robert (Bob) Crewe30
Don't call it love & 38 other titles30
Don't do it baby & 5 other titles, Don't do it30
Don't you know I'm in love? Words and music by Darlynn Bonner, Willie John & H. T. Greenhaw, Jr. (H. T. Greenshaw, Jr.) EP204393 (1965) part 230
Do you believe in miracles? The story of the 1980 US hockey team--2/5/0130
Dreams do come true. From the film, Farewell. w & m Joe Meek30
Drummer boy bounce. Symphonic band. Music: Bernard Whitefield & Charles Hathaway30
Dry your eyes. Writers, Jamie Moore, Robert Marvin, Sam Mizell & Michael Linney30
Duke's place. w Ruth Roberts, Bill Katz & Robert Thiele, m Duke Ellington (Edward Kennedy Ellington)30
Ever so often. w & m Deadric Malone a.k.a. Don Robey, Joseph W. Scott & Sandra Tucker25
Ev'rybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. For voice & piano. By Timmie Rogers, Al Fields & Tom Delaney30
Female epicurean's society. From Aloha, Hawaii. w & m Peter Lee Zoellner, Fred T. Smith (Frederick T. Smith) & R. Alex Anderson (R. Alexander Anderson) part 330
Five minutes (in the arms of the right woman) By John Talley & Bob Montgomery30
Forsaking all others. w & m Robbins Music Corporation (as employer for hire of Larry Kusik & Eddie Snyder), Frankie Laine & Joan Burdick30
From here on down (it's uphill all the way) Composed by C. Carson Parks27
Get yourself a college girl. w & m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of Fred Karger & Four Leaf Productions, Inc., employer for hire of Sidney Miller30
Give me the simple life. From Wake up and dream. Arr. Bregman, Vocco & Conn, Inc., employer for hire of Skitch Henderson22
Happy anniversary (Happy Hawaiian anniversary) Co-author: Jerry Bryd30
He makes me feel so crazy (Ba ba lu) By Wes Farrell, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart30
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