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A few little things & 33 other titles, There will come a day, You're still here30
Aguecheek's beef, belch's hiccup, and other gastronomic interjections, The Rare and delicate flower26
Albuquerque. By Chris Lindsey, 1960-, Stephaney Seekel. (In Chris Lindsey--collection 1, tape 1)30
All creatures of our God and King = Lasst uns erfreuen, The Hollywood family tree & 1 other title27
All that you are ; No greater love ; So worthy of all praise ; To you alone, Gone but not forgotten29
All the way. By Web IV Music, All the way30
Almost home ; Beyond the grave ; Could this be the day? ... [et al.], Almost home30
Bits and pieces, phases to self esteem30
Bolder and bolder. By Joie Bruno (Joseph Bruno), new lyric: Larry Clinton, Wing and a prayer30
Collection by George & Anne Day, Beginning to end, Never gonna change27
Down in the hollow where Sally lives & 3 other titles30
Drinkin' them long necks. By Johnny Slate a.k.a. John Thomas Slate, & Danny Morrison a.k.a. William Danny Morrison30
Edge of the night, Disappear30
Everytime I do. By William Daniel Morrison a.k.a. Danny Morrison & David Carroll Kirby a.k.a. Dave Kirby30
Forever and a day ; Yo (the end) ; Special forces ... [et al..]30
Forever one ; Deeper (into you) ; High ; Good for me, Forever one, Sax series28
Get back in the game with good credit and win, Keep on marching, Creation mazing30
God gave me you; That good. By Andy Goldmark, Jamie Houston, James Dean Hicks, Tragic suspicion; and 1 other titles30
Goodbye, good-lookin' ; I told her lies ; Cold Statesville ground ... [et al.], Rock Bottom, pop. 130
I ain't got no business doin' business today. By William D. Morrison a.k.a. Danny, & John T. Slate a.k.a. Johnny30
I can live without you (but not very long) ; We had it all ; 1010 Whippoorwill Lane part 230
I can live without you (but not very long) ; We had it all ; 1010 Whippoorwill Lane part 330
I can't afford to take off work (to hunt you down to beat you up) By Johnny Dot30
If you only knew ; I found someone ; I know ; I'll be pleased part 330
If you really can't live without me (why ain't you dead yet)?, A woman like her, Love's sweet intervention30
If you want my loving (I'll give it to you all the time)30
I'm just a man in love with you30
I'm the only thing (I'll hold against you) By William Lon Wilson (p.k.a. Lonnie Wilson), Kim Williams, Joe Diffie part 330
I never know what the stranger's gonna do, When I need somebody, Something told me26
It's all fun and games ('til someone gets hurt), A mountain in Oklahoma, Some bridges are built to burn30
Jesus, what a friend for sinners ; My Jesus, I love thee ; Once in Royal David's City ; We're marching to Zion30
Let's make love. w & m Willie Mitchell, 1928-, William Brown, 1946-, David Hudson, 1953-, Julius Bradley, 1942-, Ed Adams, 1948 part 530
Life without you ; Sucker for your love ; To love someone ... [et al30
Living Psalms and proverbs with the major phophets, paraphrased, I know how to love you well30
Make up your mind. By Irving Music, Inc., employer for hire of Andrea Martin, & Brian Gocher30
Maybe, maybe, maybe30
Me, myself and mademoiselle aux Chateau de LoveGood27
More than a rapper, and other song lyrics, When it's right, Break up30
Never settin' foot back in those arms, Make a move, Huelskoetter/Dukes30
No titles given for portion of cover & pages 18-19 of Kid's Kraft series--Felt & pompoms, no. 7434, containing names and representations of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy part 230
O holy night (traditional song) By Loris Holland, arr part 330
One more repossession = a.k.a. One more repossession (and I'll be out of debt), I feel like I've been rained on30
One more repossession. By Oscar Thurman & Kim Williams, More than I can take, Cold in Amarillo30
Promises part 1130
Prop me up beside the jukebox (if I die) By Rick Blaylock, Kerry Kurt Phillips & Howard Perdew30
Rock bottom ; I'll always love you ; Saturday, Rock bottom, Shotworn30
'Round the family tree & 778 other titles. (Part 003 of 005), I wish I had a train30
Silent night (pd) By Steve Cropper, Donald Dunn a.k.a. Duck Dunn, & Al Jackson, Jr. & Booker T. Jones30
Silent night ; The coventry carol/What child is this? ; Jingle bells ... [et al.] part 230
Smoke and mirrors, & 1 other song30
Straight to the heart. By Terry Britten & Graham Hamilton Lyle, Doin' what it takes (to feed the fire)27
Tears for you; a.k.a. Heartaches, mistakes. By Bluebeard Music, Ltd., employer for hire of Michael Jupp a.k.a. Mickey Jupp30
The Answer to the whole set of questions of the celebrated Mr. William Apollonius, pastor of the Church of Middelburg, looking toward the resolution of certain controversies concerning church government now being agitated in England. Translated from the Latin by John Norton, entire English version: Douglas Horton30
The Grouch anthem ; Ain't no road too long ; Easy goin' day, Raining inside, I wouldn't go there30
The mind of John J. Blanchard, What U want, Foggy evening30
The Old days, Somewhere30
This could take all night, Promises broken, Sitting on top of the world30
Trashin' the town, One on one30
Turning away & 3 other titles, One tequila, Where there's no goodbye30
While you're walkin' the floor over me, The dawn's early light, Scarecrow dance30
Works by Ken Takeuchi and Rob Waters, From here on out, Ashley's theme30
You are part 830
You're a good lookin' cowgirl--you're a good lookin' cowboy, The wrong Mr. Right again27
Your [sic] my everthing, Just do it, Waterside28
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