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A study of academic achievement among freshmen gifted female honor college students versus academic achievement of freshmen gifted female non-honor college students at a southern public university30
Bobbi Brown entrance music & 1 other title, Tokyo godfathers, On the sixth day30
Breakin' all the rules ; Their game, Together in a dream, The Cop is a criminal30
Breakin' all the rules, You got served, 50 first dates26
Casino Royale. By Famous Artists Production, Ltd., as employer for hire of Hal David (words) & Burt Bacharach (music)30
Catch and release & 8 other titles; motion pictures, Radio, Dick30
Catch and release & 8 other titles; motion pictures, RV, Monster house30
Charlie's angels 2000--music from the motion picture. From Charlie's angels. SR 294-319 (2001)30
Charlie's angels & 8 other titles; television series30
Chateau Sauvage a.k.a. Chateau Savage & 104 other titles; television series episodes30
Christmas & 2 other titles; musical score for initial use in episodes of the television series, Party of five30
Daisy Miller, The turn of the screw etc, All the King's men, Henry IV, pt. 230
Didn't I & 9 other titles, VIP, VIP, episode no. 1330
Double impact & 8 other titles; motion pictures30
End of the affair. By Coronado Productions, Ltd, The Dukes of Hazzard30
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind & 1 other title; motion pictures, Plague dogs30
Exclusive license, assignment and mortgage of rights, including copyright, Blue streak30
Fantasy island, episode nos. 1-4 of 1998-99 television series, Apt pupil, Amy Foster30
Florida road kill & 6 other titles; pub. fictional books. Written by Tim Dorsey30
For the recreation and delight of the inhabitants. By Katherine White, Stuart Little30
Four feathers (1915)30
Frankstein & 1 other title; motion pictures. Joint financing, production and distribution agreement. (Part 002 of 002)30
Ghost rider; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc, Ghost rider, Ghost rider & 1 other title30
Guys like us, episodes nos. 101-104, Malcolm and Eddie, Pilot28
Hagan's Infectious diseases of domestic animals; with special reference to etiology, diagnosis, and biologic therapy. Editors: Dorsey W. Bruner and James H. Gillespie part 230
Hard promises & 1 other title; theatrical motion pictures30
How to make your man behave in 10 days ... or less, The Insider, Rikers30
I know what you did last summer, Shut up and dance, Wild things29
Interior monologues, poems & scenes, Wind chill, Mad Moms27
Last voyage of the demeter, Dick, Apt pupil21
Les miserables & 1 other title30
Mad about you & 5 other titles; screenplays & motion pictures30
Malcolm & Eddie, episode nos. 301-304, Godzilla, Godzilla, episode no. 11730
Malcolm & Eddie, episodes nos. 301-304, The Parkers30
Man of the house. By the Lutheran Church in America, employer for hire of Clokey Productions30
Marie Antoinette. By Bernardine Kielty Scherman, illustrator: Douglas Worsline30
No titles given for services by Effie Brown, employee of Duly Noted, Inc., as a work-made-for-hire for Home Box Office, Inc part 330
Oh baby30
One sees, the other doesn't & 1 other title; music for use in the television pictures30
Patti Miner & John Hancock country music, John Hancock--collection of songs, Steal the sky30
Pleased to meet you. By L. Wood, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow, Can't hardly wait29
Rude awakening, episodes nos. 110-11330
Running free trailer composition 1 part 230
Seven years in Tibet. By Heinrich Harrer & Richard Graves, with an introd. by Peter Fleming & illus. wih 40 pages of photos29
Something fishy (Flintstones) (Flintstones comedy show)30
Something fishy (Maple) (Mysterious ways (season 2)) PA 1-076-84330
Something's gotta give30
Something's gotta give (Scruggs) Co-writer: Sharon Anderson30
Spider-Man, Fire-Star, and Iceman at the Dallas ballet, Spider-Man, Read30
Stone cold a.k.a. The Brotherhood & 2 other titles; films, Bad influence, For better or for worse & 1 other title; motion pictures26
Stranger than fiction; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc part 230
Teacher's and administrator's manual. By Roland L. Peterson, Leo M. Harvill & James T. Horner30
The Addams family & 25 other titles; motion picture screenplays part 327
The crocodile hunter: collision course & 1 other title, A view to a thrill & 8 other titles24
The dating game, episode nos. 3001-302530
The dating game, episodes nos. 3001-3025 part 230
The holiday time of the year (Chanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza), Untitled - 2nd draft30
The messenger. By QM Productions & Warner Brothers-Seven Arts, Inc30
The newlywed game, no. 3001, Oh baby, VIP, episode no. 2030
The Philippa Schuyler story & 2 other titles, Son of the bride, Mildred Pierce24
The spell you spin (the web you weave) From the Columbia Pictures release A dandy in aspic. w & m Colgems Music Corporation (as employer for hire of Dave Grusin & Bob Russell) & Chalet Pictures, NV (as employer for hire of Quincy Jones)30
The tears of my sister ; The prisoner's song ; The one-armed man ; and The land of the astronauts30
The young and the restless, episode nos. 6450-6485, Elmo in Grouchland, Hoofbeats30
To eat or not to eat, junk food's the question, Wild things, The Park is mine28
Universal soldier II: brothers-in-arms & 1 other title; screenplays & television motion pictures part 230
Untitled Oliver Stone project, I'll be you, Apt pupil28
Urban legend 2: final cut24
Urban legend 2: final cut & 1 other title; motion picture part 230
Variations on a theme, she said? he said? who said?, Bottoms up, L is for love26
Whatever it takes (to see you smile again) By Stewart, White & Edmonds part 330
What planet are you from? Motion picture, The people vs. Larry Flynt, Multiplicity30
Wheel of fortune and 2 other titles; computer programs30
Zorro starts the new year, The Mask of Zorro, Zorro and the pirate30
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