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A boy, a dog and a frog & 229 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Boot scoot boogie30
A Dream. By Enrique Ressia & Music City Songcrafters, Black flower, Aerobics30
Ain't got nothin' but a Christmas song, & 1 other song, Falling for you30
All about you. Changes in music: Sylvia Fine (Sylvia Fine Kaye)29
All for love. By Sting, pseud. of Gordon Sumner, Rod Stewart, & Almo Music Corporation & Badams Music, employers for hire of Bryan Adams30
All I'll ever be & 27 other titles, Drift off to dream, Blue Collar man & 11 other titles24
All is love. By Irving Music, Inc. & Sumac Music, employers for hire of Alvin Fields29
And I "don't really know what it was", Why can't I?, Simple little thing called love29
Anything you ask (I'll do for you) w & m James Peterson & Sonny Thompson, Runnin' behind30
Barcelona nights & 49 other titles, Arrow without destination, Whispering hills30
Big black bag ; Long love century ; 32 seconds ... [et al.], Mother love, & 2 other songs30
Big fat funky booty & 41 other titles, Cannonball jive, Mailbox microcosm memorandum30
Blue horizon; the tea clipper, Spendrift. No. 9878. By Montague Dawson30
Buchanan rides alone & 4 other titles; motion pictures, Happy song, Comanche Station & 1 other title; motion pictures30
Can't stop ; Monopoly on sorrow ; I wasn't meant to feel this/asleep at the wheel ; It's going down30
Cappy. No. 2457. By Whitman Publishing Company, employer: Mary Hilt (text) & Barry Martin (ill.) as employees for hire30
Causal attributions and emotional experience, Puppet show, Puppet show. w Paul Ritts, m Mary Ritts30
Cities on fire ; 22nd century boy ; Turn over (I like it better that way), I wanna be a cowboy & 10 other titles30
College mambo. m Robert M. Pfeifer, Robert Stevens & Robert Kames, Stay forever27
Concerto for trombone and orchestra, Roadrunner, Shake, rattle, and roar27
Cup of coffee and a side order of dreams, Cinderella30
Do I cross ya mind? By Christopher Williams, Leon Sylvers, Kiyamma Griffin, Ike Lee30
Don't give a *Removed*! ; No *Removed*'n' problem ; *Removed*ed up just right ; Depression and anguish27
Don't make a promise your heart can't keep, Don't make me live without you, You've learned to live without me30
Do you think of me? By Jensing Music & Paddy's Head Music, employers for hire of Sandy Ross30
Drawn to the rhythm ; Path of thorns ; Lost ... [et al.], Full of grace, Building a mystery ; Adia ; Witness30
Dream gone by ; Keep me from harm ; Sweetest drop ; You're so close, My ship of dreams24
Edge of darkness. (Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, no. 25) PA 321-581 (1987)30
Face in the crowd. w & m Harvey Vincent Golemon, Jr., 1966-, John Robert Merth, 1965-, Robert Mac Thompson, 1964-; m William Wilson Bannister, Jr., 1965-, Michael Wayne Shauer, 196730
Frontier leather (jingle), & 2 other songs, Tease me, Fate awaits30
Group psychotherapy and group function. Editors: Max Rosenbaum & Milton M. Berger30
Halo of ashes ; Gospel plow ; Dime western ; Dying days, Celebrity, The Inspired songs of Gary L. Conner30
Hera & 4 other titles, Every heartbeat, He's in town30
I can see what they're putting you through, Pretty girl30
I can't cool down & 6 other titles, The Code of love, I just can't do without you30
If you're gonna dance. By Tom Flores & Bob DeMarco, Foolin' myself, After all30
I love playin' with fire, The sweet life, You just keep talking30
Imagine this ; Yinin' & yangin' ; Joe's journey ... [et al.], The light of freedom30
I needed you, and 1 other title, Victum [sic] of love, Such a woman30
Jungle rain ; Caribe ; Gimme soca ; Build a fire ... [et al.], What you do, Tropical suite29
K-9/ lyrics by Neil Jackson and Reginald Pruitt ; music by Kim C. Moore and Butch Berry ; vocal arr. by Cashmere30
Kissing you. EU640679 (1960), Kissing you, My love, sweet love30
Kristina Clark/Brian Tankersley collection I. By Nocturnal Eclipse Music, as employer for hire of Brian Tankersley & Kristina Clark30
Last goodbye ; Lover, you should've come over ; Eternal life, Snowblind, Hollywould30
Laughter and tears. w Jay Livingston & Ray Evans (Raymond B. Evans), m Paul Weston30
Let love shine & 41 other titles, Tilt, Love is why we're here30
Lipstick on your collar. w Edna Lewis, m Joy Music, Inc., employer for hire of George Goehring30
Lowdown from the lesson tee--correcting 40 of golf's most misunderstoodd teaching tips29
Make sweet love; Region; Exit Landrew ... [et al.]. By Kevin Wood, Andrew Wood & Regan Hagar27
Mama always told me (there'd be days like this) & 14 other titles, One more sunrise. w & m John Rox30
Miserable bastard ; Once you wake up ; Growing in dirt ... [et al.], Hard to exist30
More or less, & 1 other selection, One more song, All this time30
Mo' roots. By Taj Mahal, sound recordings: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc, Coming of the Mandinka ; Rolling on the sea30
Must be love (it must be love) w & m T. Williams, Carl E. White, Madero White, Donald R. Harris & J. Harris part 326
Nashville part 530
Naughty, naughty Nancy. From the musical score, Little Mary Sunshine. w & m Rick Besoyan (Richard Besoyan)30
Nothing's free ; Lost in America ; Bad place alone, Dirty dreams, Burning our bed30
Nothing's free. PA 1-241-902 (2004), My one joy, My momma said30
OLSIST-F& 14 other titles, Someone for me, Welcome to Pennsylvania26
One of a kind: the rise and fall of Stuey 'the kid' Ungar, the world's greatest poker player part 230
One of a kind: the rise and fall of Stuey 'the kid' Ungar, the world's greatest poker player part 630
Out on my own ; Just too easy ; A Girl in trouble (is a temporary thing) ; Say no30
Playful fantasy, Cascade, Italian air28
Puppet master. By Richard S. Vick 3rd (p.k.a. Drama, pseud.), Louis Freeze, Larry E. Muggerud & Andre Young (p.k.a. Dr. Dre, pseud.)28
Rainbow's end & 3 other titles part 224
Real niggaz Co-writers: Ali Kenyatta Jones, Tohri Harper, Robert Cleveland & Cornell Haynes25
'Round and 'round (merry go 'round of love) By Edward T. Riley (p.k.a. Teddy Riley), Timothy Gatling, Gene Griffin & Aaron Hall part 230
Same old life. By Pat Gasperini, Jason Terwilliger, Corey DiGiovanni, Jerry Terwilliger, Sandy Nardone30
Say a prayer. Words: Joy Puliatti, 1965- (Joy Tomasina, pseud.); music: Michael Ernst, 1961- (Michael Gunn, pseud.) part 230
Selfless, cold, and composed ; Cigarette ; Battle of who could care less ; Missing the war30
Simple melodies for simple souls, 12 summer love songs, Hold me in your dreams30
Six bad brothas; a.k.a. Six bad brothers. By Paul Devoux, Danny Devoux, Steven Daniels-Silva & Joe Nicolo30
Soul sanctuary. By Rogers Nelson p.k.a. Prince, pseud., Sandra Saint Victor, Johnny Kemp30
The Best of Tito Rodriguez; folio. Music & arrangements: Tito Rodriguez, Emotional waves30
The masquerade/Pebble Creek collection, & 1 other collection, Leavin' you again, Finger print30
The Mysteries of space. w Don Armstong, m & arr. Music City Songcrafters, Galatea30
The Physiology of pathology of leukocytes. By Herbert Braunsteiner & Dorothea Zucker-Franklin30
There's an old fashioned picture (in an old fashioned frame) By Carl Victor Bias & Morris Armstrong Bias30
These are the times (that dreams are made of), Winds of green, America's first choice30
The timeless Yankee song, Time flies30
Trust me part 830
Turnin' ; Dying to meet you ; A whisper heard around the world ; Dying to meet you (reprise) part 330
Voice of the heart. By John Newton, biographical sketch of the author: William Culbertson30
Wavin' my heart goodbye ; Down in the light of the melon moon ; Right where I belong ... [et al.] part 430
Weekend in Monaco ; St. Tropez ; Vienna ... [et al.] By Russ Freeman, Snowbird, Wind song30
When the cat's away (the mouse will play) By Joey Carbone & Willie Wilson, Eventide romance29
Words need not be spoken, Exclusively yours, The Law of love27
You're so cold. To be around you. By Mariah Carey & David Cole; performed by Mariah Carey. (In Emotions)30
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