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A little bit crazy & 4 other titles27
All I have to do (is close my eyes and look at you) Co-writers, Dennis Knutson & Danny Potter30
A matter of time (Hold on darlin') Co-composers, Craig Michael Wiseman & Jason Sellers part 230
Anything goes (now that everything's gone) Words & music by John Northrup & Robert Ellis Orrall30
Are you sleeping? Music: Summy Publishing Company, employer for hire of Robert Shepard29
Baby don't go. Co-composers, Narada Michael Walden, Michell Gayle & Angelo Tomasa Bofill30
California sunshine. Words and music: William John Hope & Lyle Moraine30
Can I sleep in your arms? Lucky ladies. Artist: Jeannie Seely, bands 2, 3 & 6 of side 1 & bands 1 & 5 of side 2: MCA Records, Inc30
Close to you (they long to be) Easy piano30
Do what you gotta do & 16 other titles. By Lindy Robbins & co-writers as noted30
Everybody needs somebody (I need you) By S. Wonder, C. Paul & M. Broadnax30
Finishing school. From Strip for action. w Harold Adamson, m Jimmy McHugh (James Francis McHugh)30
Free and easy. Lonesome cowboy. Sound recording: A&M Records, Inc., artist: Carlson and Durio30
Gotta get back to you. w & m Tommy James & Bobby King, piano arr.: Big Seven Music Corporation, employer for hire30
Happy medium; The Hasty Pudding Theatricals of Harvard University presents its 107th annual production. Music: Michael Lay, words: Henry Steimmy Ziegler30
Harlan County. I'll leave this world loving you. Artist: Wayne Kemp, sound recording by MCA Records, Inc30
Heart's command. w & m Elaine Tubb a.k.a. Elaine Tubb Wingerter, & Glenn Douglas a.k.a. Glenn Douglas Tubb30
Heaven help you when you fall in love. From My L. A. Words by Paul Francis Webster, music by Sammy Fain30
Here we go again (extended version) Written by Michael A. Saulsberry, Eric J. Kirkland, Philip Johnson, et al part 330
How sweet it is & 57 other titles; master recordings & musical compositions part 230
I ain't gonna be the first to cry. w & m Dan Walsh, Harvey Price & Mitch Bottler26
I already know (what I'm getting for my birthday) By Robbie Williams & Early Williams30
I can't help myself (here comes the feeling) / Carelessly. Artist: Sami Jo Cole30
I'd love (for me to be loved by you) w & m John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins & Bill Cates part 330
If only you'd of happened to me (a long time ago) w & m Harlan Howard & Gene Meyers part 230
I have something to give you. w & m Dee Moeller a.k.a. Delois Moeller, I'll kiss the tears30
I know better now. Co-composers, Kristian Frans Bergsnes, Brian Maher and Jim McCormick30
In the park coloring book. By Saalfield Publishing Company, In the park30
It only took a moment. w & m Marshall Leib, Joey Paige (Joseph E. Sauseris) & Don Wayne (Don W. Chocek)30
It's about time. From album Television's greatest hits, volume 2. SR 087-33330
I've got it bad for you. w & m Alvis E. Owens, Jr. (Buck) & Donald Eugene Urich (Don Rich)30
Just because the sun is shinin' (don't mean it's a sunny day) Co-writers, Jill Jones & Keith Colley30
Just for your love (I would sacrifice) By James Gadson, Clarence McDonald, Alan Abrahams et al part 230
Leave me alone & 4 other titles30
Leave the driving to us. w & m Clarence Henry Reid, Harry Casey, Bennie Lattimore & Steve Alaimo30
Let me be your lovemaker. w & m Clarence Reid, Betty Wright, Willie Clarke, arr. Screen Gems (employer for hire of Sid Engel)30
Let's make music; experiences for the classroom teacher, textbook. Text: Maurine Timmerman30
Life is a multi-dimensional experience Super-Pac vs. Pac-Ape, The sky's the limit30
Little scatterbrain. Ain't your memory got no pride at all? Artist: Red Lane, sound recording by Phonogram, Inc30
Living with the shades pulled down. m Bouldeaux Bryant, -1987, & Felice Bryant, -2003, w & m Merle Haggard part 430
Lookin' at the world through a windshield. w & m Jerry Chesnut & Mike Hoyer, Pride's not hard to swallow30
May the best man win. From Nellie Bly. m James VanHeusen, w Johnny Burke29
My lips will never tell (what my eyes may show) w & m Eddie Miller, Barbara Miller30
Nine hundred miles from home. From How the West was won. Adaptation & arr. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., as employer for hire of Alfred Newman & Ken Darby30
No one part 230
No place to go (but out of my mind) By Mickey Newbury & Hoyte Hawkins part 230
Now that it's over, please remember me30
Old faithful. No. 3. From Yellowstone suite. For band with optional chorus for SSAATTBB. m John Klein30
Only a fool (would love the same mistake twice), Only a fool30
Our house is not a home (for it's never been loved in) w & m Claude Putman, Jr. (Curly Putman) & Shirley Mayo part 330
Put me back in your dreams. Words by Olive V. Kesselring, music by Kim Woodward (June Leone Woodward)30
Repeat after me. From Manhattan tower. w & m Gordon Jenkins, arr. for piano: staff of Leeds Music Corporation30
Ruby is a groupie (with a cosmic cowboy band) My better half. Artist: Bobby Braddock, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc30
Ruby is a groupie (with a cosmic cowboy band) My better half. Artist: Bobby Braddock, sound recording: Phonogram, Inc part 230
Seeing eye dog; television program. By Lassie Programs, Inc., as employer of Stan Silverman, Mel Chaitlin & Miriam Geiger30
Seven come eleven. w & m Sparkle Moore, pseud. of Barbara Jean Morgan Denny30
She just said goodbye. w & m United Artists Music Company, Inc. (employer for hire of Milton Blackford), Unart Music Corporation (employer for hire of Larry Butler), Rex Allen, Jr30
Should a gentleman offer a lady (what you offered me tonight)? w & m Dave Kirby, Johnny Slate, Elizabeth Overstreet30
Sing me a sad song, Willie. w & m Don McKinnon, Last summer's rose, Country go go girl29
Sing me a sad song, Willie. w & m Don McKinnon, Since you've gone away, He walks on the water30
Something funny going on. w & m Karon Penning & Tom Hall, Trapper man. w & m Tom T. Hall (Thomas T. Hall)30
Somewhere between your leavin' (and my lettin' you go) By Benita Hill, Don Graham & Pam Wolfe30
Starry eyes and dreams, Starry eyes27
Steel guitar chimes (inst.) EP379773 (1977)30
Stick your hand in a bucket of water. w & m Jack Barlow, Bobby Fischer & Arthur M. Wilder30
Success part 230
Tennessean. Performed by Ed Bruce; compilation & 6 new bands of sound recording: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
The band keeps playin' on. w Red Simpson & Joe Simpson, m Fuzzy Owen (a.k.a. Fuzzy Owens) part 230
The Legend of Saint Christopher's on the Hill. Dramatization & chorus parts: J. Henry Francis30
The Peddler's dream and other plays. By James Reeves, with an introd. by E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc., employer in a work made for hire: Nellie McCaslin30
(There for a minute) I thought that you were mine. w & m Bobby Bond (Robert Reinhardt)30
There's got to be a better way to live than this, Jack of all Jills, Ladies' magazine30
The Teaching of secondary mathematics. By Claude Harold Brown, Manchild in the promised land27
Togetherness. By Screen Gems, a division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc part 230
Untouchable you (that's what they call you, Sue) By Neal Davenport & Horace Davenport part 330
We're gonna make it. w & m Billy Davis, Raynard Miner, Carl Smith, James Eugene Barge part 230
Where did he come from? From Hec Ramsey. w & m Jerry Chestnut, Joe Johnson, Last run to Memphis. w & m Jerry Chesnut & Del Reeves30
Where were you when the stars came out tonight? By Adam Mitchell & John Campbell30
Wicked woman fall in love30
With all my heart (I resign) Written by Pearson, Jr. & Klemer30
You can tell he's from Manpower! A536424 (1961)30
You got it part 230
You might be digging the garden (but somebody's picking your plums) w & m Joseph Arrington, Jr. (a.k.a. Joe Tex), Louis Johnson, Joseph Thomas part 330
You took her off my hands (now take her off my mind) Words and music: Harlan Howard, Skeets McDonald (Enos McDonald) & Wynn Stewart (Winford Stewart)30
You've lost too much. Words & music: Tommy Collins, pseud. of Leonard Sipes & Fuzzy Owen, pseud. of Charles Owens30
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