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99.9% sure (I've never been here before), I'm movin' on, This everyday love29
Absolutely positively & 857 other titles. (Part 001 of 004)30
Abyssinia Jones & 2,724 other titles. (Part 002 of 014)30
Across the universe & 325 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
A danca do canguru & 246 other titles. (Part 002 of 002), Que pensabas, Que nem louco30
A folio of Israeli songs. w Bertram Berns, m & arr. Bernie K. Lewis & Gene O'Brien30
Ain't selling out ; Get it together ; Burdens ; A little bit more (instrumental)30
All of me for one of you & 125 other titles; musical works, You're my gravy train30
Amber waves of grain: America's farmland from above. TX 2-982-160 (1990), Amber waves27
Another day. PA 900-810 (1998), Another day, Abscess27
Bottomfeeder & 25 other titles, Wide, Three bullets28
Denitrification rates and associated soil characteristics of wetlands created on oxidized and reduced mine spoil in East Texas19
Down south west coast midwest connect, Survivors, Kansas City's on the map30
Girl on the run; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc30
If I had you. By Marian Ann Warren, pseud. of Charlie Belle Warren30
If you didn't think I love you (there ain't no Santa Claus) By Don Pfrimmer30
I just might take you up on that28
I remember part 1530
I've got a darlin' (for a wife) By Merle Haggard & Ronnie Reno, I never got anywhere with you30
Love of mine, & 10 other selections, Slow New York, If a heart breaks26
Milky Way, a future capital city of the Earth, White house, I always leave on the sky27
Multicompartmental tracer kinetic analysis of retinol metabolism .., Tentative, Love30
Nearshore marine paleoclimatic regions, increasing zoogeographic provinciality, molluscan extinctions, and paleoshorelines, California30
Noah's ark part 230
One more last chance & 1 other title28
Please be mine forever30
Revelation part 630
Sexy, saucy, sometimes naughty time of year, Down to Mexico, Train of thought30
Slangin' dem thangs, and 1 other song, What's up with that?, Jersey boy30
Suzanne (my best friend) Written by Chambers & Middleton, Stronger everyday, The lamb's book of life30
Thank you (for caring and sharing so much), Give my heart to you, The Empty chair30
That ain't the way (to make love) & Half a cup, The view, Too bad for you30
The dawning of the day, Redemption30
The Differential effects of leader-initiated confrontation on the academic achievement of .30
The Effect of nursing clinical ladder programs on patient care and the .., So far away from home30
The interplay of matriarchal and patriarchal power in four thirteenth-century father-daughter incest narratives from the French, Spanish, and Latin traditions30
The Old ballroom. Words & music: William (Billy) O'Hara, arr.: Donald Tomlinson30
The trouble with angels. By William Frye Productions, Inc, The self-defeating organization & 4 other titles30
Totalemente enforma: "tono musclar" & "salsa step" & "cardio ritmo", Enchanted tales-The legend of Su-Ling30
Ultimate 70's R&B smashes : Atlantic 50th anniversary collection, It's all just the same: musical composition30
What good is my heart without your love? Co-writers, Rod McCormack & Adam Harvey22
You are there (in my horizon) By Richard Berardi & Michael Berardi30
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