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A good place to turn around & 9 other titles. Written by Jon Mabe & co-writers as noted29
All day long I dream about sex30
A lot of things different & 19,595 other titles; songs, Assignment. (Part 003 of 172)30
Am I giving up too soon & 21 other titles, Women rule the world, I just want to love you30
A mini-drama of business. w & m Brett Hardin & James Goare, 1963, Don't talk, Collection of love and inner peace25
A pastoral approach to multiple personality disorder and demonization, Paper crown of gold27
Billing, spot schedule, time sales continuity sheet and sales forms, Ride it, Power up the bar19
Black Camaro and a beautiful woman, Hands of time30
Canonic variations for percussion and orchestra (original composition), TGIF, Let them be little30
Can't wait to get back home ; Faded love, faded love ; Trying to get away with you part 230
El Tejano ; Wrap around the world ; If you don't wanna love me ; Crick in my neck30
Even if it hurts. PAu 2-606-409, Caterpillar tattoo, She's gravity30
Faded love, & 5 other songs, Let's go30
Georgia rain. Co-writer, Dave Lutz, Yesterday with pride, Sad songs and you24
Gerbert's goodnight prayer ; In the beginning ; Adam and Eve and the forbidden tree ... [et al.]30
Goodbye to Neverland ; Pretty ; Little Saviour of Brooklyn ; Runnin' out of heroes30
Here's a couple of grey hares to add to your collection. Happy birthday!, Love you30
Honky tonk mood again ; Playing on my heart strings ; Two more wishes ... [et al.] part 230
I can only think of one ; Is anybody loving you these days?, You get used to somebody30
I can't wait to miss you. Co-writer, Shannon Curfman. DCR 2003, A place in this world for me30
I didn't know the nights could be so long, & 1 other song lyrics30
I don't stand a chance with a ghost like you, Put a cap on the rap, Strange behavior26
If He can move a mountain (He can move a heart), You made a rock of a rolling stone30
If you don't mind, I'm your man30
I got you ; Lotta man (in that little boy) ; Blame me, Money, Oh yeah30
I know that's right. Co-composers, Bob DiPiero & Rivers Rutherford, Bo Jenkins, Fire inside30
I may never get over you ; She's about as lonely as I'm gonna let her get ; Whiskey do my talkin'30
I'm only in it for the love. By Leon E. Brooks a.k.a. Kix Brooks, Deborah Allen & Rafe VanHoy part 330
Instructor's manual to accompany Introduction to radiologic technology, fifth edition30
Interfaith voices of deliverance; songs. Vol. II: I feel good about Jesus. By Anthony Benjamin Smith, Darrel J. Benjamin & Cynthia Wigfall30
In the dreams of fond embrace. By Catharine Zimmerman Kinsey, Machines (need love, too)28
I wonder part 830
Kerosene ; What about Georgia? ; Love is looking for you ; Love your memory, Me and Charlie talking26
Let's go for a ride with maximum sounds & security, Give it away30
Love is a liar. By Charles Black, Austin Roberts & Bobby Fischer. (In Gone but not forgotten)30
Love wasn't listening & 28 other titles, He will, she knows, Spaghetti western swing26
Never again ; Stronger proof ; Somethin' aint always better (than nothin') ... [et al.]27
Never be the king & 18 other titles, Walk forever, Sorrow28
Never laid a hand on your heart ; Blood red rose ; Rate my music ; Wherever good dreams go30
Shut up and drive ; Emma Jean's guitar, The river, I got him ready for you29
Song lyrics, written in full or in part, by Eric Larsen, Song lyrics written by Eric Larsen30
Step-by-step guide for including students with disabilities in state and districtwide assessments30
(That good to the last drop feeling) semen, Perfect day, Perfect day in heaven27
(That's how my heart is) longing for you, Cumberland coal, Drive30
The Colonial burying grounds of Eastern Connecticut and the men who made them, The gift of color30
The Effects of group cohesiveness on social loafing in simulated word .., This hat ain't no act30
The golfing machine: the star system of G.O.L.F. (geometrically oriented linear force) & 2 other titles30
The hard way, and 1 other song30
The more you drink, the better I look, If nobody believed in you, Me and John and Paul30
The Only good thing (you ever said was goodbye), Go home, Spinster30
Too many tomorrows & 23 other titles, She thinks she needs me, You don't lie here anymore25
Unforgiven; a.k.a. Forgiven. By Paul Nelson, 1946-, Larry Boone, 1956, I'ma bluesman30
Whose money do you think this is?, Works of Gary Lynn Loyd, Kiana30
You don't know what it's like. By William "Smokey" Robinson, Sue Shifrin & Reed Nielsen30
You do your thing (I'll do mine) & 25 other titles, She's always right, Closer to Memphis & 49 other titles28
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