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52 estrellas, & 1 other selection, Keep the fire burning, Letters to myself30
Above and beyond (Bible study guide)30
Across the miles & 195 other titles, Reich songs28
All of my life & 401 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), That girl of mine, Born in the gutter30
America's newest praise & worship favorites, He is exalted with Twila Paris 3387222
America the beautiful, land of the free part 230
A mild, regioselective ketal claisen rearrangement promoted by triisobutylaluminum, and, synthesis of ortho-disubstituted benzimides30
Arms around the world. Co-writer, Lamar, Somebody's there, Send an angel my way29
Before the river came & 2 other titles, Apart form you & 17 others, Look what love has done30
Behavioral motivators' product catalog, Leaning on the everlasting arms, Hymns with jazz28
Believe part 1530
Be still part 430
Bingo, bango, bongo ; Mr. Peraza ; Cruisin' for a bruisin' ; From me to you, Come on in27
Blow the trumpet ; Yet will I rejoice ; Since Jesus came into my life ... [et al.]26
Butterfly kisses and sweet goodnight wishes28
Chase to town (goin' the gold) From the motion picture: Million dollar mystery, You saved me!30
Closer than we've been before, Keep the candle burning, Funky dunk30
Colored Carl and Carl the colorless ; Life lessons ; or, Life lessons collection28
Consider the lilies of the field, Caribbean dance, Something spooky28
C.P.E. Bach--Flute concerto in D minor/Franz Hoffmeister--Flute concerto number 6 in D major30
Creation song (glory to the lamb), How majestic is your name, There's somebody out there30
Creation song (glory to the lamb), Trumpet of Jesus, Creed30
Do you feel their pain? Co-writers: Steve Camp, Kim Maxfield Camp & Rob Frazier part 630
Eleventh hour praise song, First love30
First love (part II) (The family Holvak) LP47738, A stranger in a strange land29
Forgiveness part 326
God bless America ; Amazing grace ; Do Lord remember me part 230
Great expectations, [by] Charles Dickens30
Have we got somethin'?, Friends30
Healing hands--Chinese healing arts30
Heaven--what is it? Author: K. Schilder, English translation: Marian M. Schoolland25
He came down from the cross, and 6 other selections, What's keepin' me alive, What I'm feeling now23
He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs, Mi tributo = My tribute, Restoration30
Here we are30
He's been faithful ; The Lamb has overcome ; Cast all your cares ; Make us one, El ha sido fiel29
He touched my broken heart30
Hiding place ; I made a choice ; You are my love30
How can they call this cheating? By Steve Dorff, Nancy Masters & Jan Buckingham30
I could sing of your love forever & 81 other titles; master recordings. Artist, The Praise Baby Collection30
I exalt thee ; Holy, holy, holy ; Amazing grace ... [et al.], Sing 'til the power comes down21
If we knew now (what we knew then) By Steven C. Chapman & Jerry Salley, His strength is perfect30
If you're lovin me the way I'm lovin you, I will be your friend, Joga fora30
If you want more than this kind of bus insurance, maybe you should call Clarendon30
I have decided & 8 other titles, He'll pull you through, & other selections, Raphael songs 1--GC29
I'll say yes, and 3 other songs, A festival of joy, Father, teach us21
Influence of electrostatic interactions on the morphology and properties of blends containing perfluorinated ionomers30
In the light of loving you, I see new aspects of me part 230
In the middle ; Don't stay too long ; Raindrops ... [et al.]30
I saw the Lord scripture companion, Bullet for love, Dust on the shelf30
It must have been Jesus ; Pour out his spirit ; Can't keep it to myself ... [et al.]30
It's waiting for me, Masterpiece, It's called Heaven30
It wasn't easy ... from cradle to grave stories of an Appalachian coal miner, Stand26
I will follow ; Oasis ; The voice ; Risen Lamb of God30
Jason Stephen sample music, Heavenly, Here she came29
Just a closer walk with thee ; Please let me stay a little longer ; Jesus on the mainline ; John the revelator28
Keep me on the wheel ; Saved ; Since Jesus touched me, Pray for me, Pray for me. w & m Sharon Haygood30
Kevin L. Williams Productions presents A retrospective look at the original drawings of Muley the Mule and friends part 230
King of the hill, The Four seasons, The Rock singer part 228
Land where we'll never grow old, I should have been crucified, Name above all names30
Look what He's done for me, Jubilee, Shine thru30
Lord, I lift your name on high, My will, My heart will go on25
Majestic medical main title (no trailer), Man after your own heart, Mellow jazz trio28
May the God of peace make you holy (ar only) By John Chisum, Look what God is doing30
Mister Sun (take your time going down) EU721076 (1962), Leavin' on my mind, Listening to my F M30
More like you, less like me, Daniel standing, Mercies30
More than anything, I want things to always be right between us, I am trusting you30
Mountain trail ; He paid the price ; Cold day in Hell ... [et al.], Heartbeat30
Music makes the world go 'round, His eyes, Light up the bowl30
My faith will stay ; Lay it down ; Sweet peace of God ... [et al.], Child of the father, praise Him this moment30
Never give up on me ; There is none like you, King of glory in his name, Energy30
[New versions of Emily Dickinson poem (number 1068 and 1775) contained in "The Manuscripts and transcripts of 'Further in summer than the birds'"]30
Nothing but the blood of Jesus ; Leaning on the everlasting arms ; There is power in the blood30
Not the same girl (I used to be) Co-writers: Tamara Champlain & Michael Caruso, I want you back30
Observing and modelling F-Region ionospheric dynamics using the (OII) 7320 angstroms A emission27
Old Greensborough Preservation Society's West Washington Street wall mural, Greensboro, North Carolina30
One day at a time, each step of the way, hold on to your dreams, believing part 230
Original jazz collection from the Steve Cohn Quintet, Everything you are, Competing claims, uncertain sovereignties28
People get ready--a multimiedia experience for young people, What a time, Jesus is the best friend28
Philadelphia Aerobic & Nautilus Fitness Center TV commercial, When the wind blows30
Praise the Lord! hymn arrangements, spiritual songs, and healing songs part 230
Revival in the land/revival in the land, Soul inspiration, The third heaven30
Risk and return of real property among communities in Erie County, New York, Speechless30
Salute to the Armed Forces (intro only) By Christine Wyrtzen, Lynne Brower & Phil Brower30
Several synthetic applications of O-Stannyl ketyls, Great is the Lord30
She's every woman. By Gary Fjellgaard & Frank Penner, Innocent eyes, Play her a love song30
Sing your praise to the Lord, I know you know, I want to be just like you28
Slam, boom, band (is drivin' em wild), I'm not giving up, We were depending on all that grass30
Smack dab into the darkness, No other name, To Jesus with love30
The Equal Rights Amendment, myths and realities, Everyday heroes, Many different roads30
The hand of God as a narratological instrument in nineteenth-century fiction, Aborting America30
The Horton Street Hamster Club, Daystar, My golden hamster29
The King is coming and other favorites as sung by the Bill Gaither Trio, How great Thou art30
The lighthouse and the three little pigs30
The love I never had & 1 other title, Breathe30
The night-night song ; The Marshland Orchestra ; The great big puddle, Mystical ambition30
The North Carolina roots of African American literature, Sounds of heaven, AFDC Cadillac and child support28
The rock (that was rolled away) Performed by Various artists, Go light your world30
The Sacred symbols and ikons of John Gibson Phillips, K H, Jehovah, The Winged sun30
Things ain't ok (in Oklahoma) Written by Kenny Beard, Wade Hayes & Robert Kemp, This is your time30
This is the day ; Every good and perfect gift ; I am not ashamed of the Gospel30
Those moments with you, Who am I?30
Three Mendelssohn psalms for chorus and orchestra translated from the German into English and transcribed for piano and chorus30
Ultimate. By Robert Orrall, Jeff Coplan. (In Freaky Friday), I will not go quietly30
United in one mind, for one cause, together we're standing for Jesus, Blessed is he that reads, hears, and keeps30
University supervisors and adult elementary student .., Hosanna, Halfway House30
Upon this rock! Historical sketches of African-American churches in Person County, North Carolina30
Variations on Zacchaeus war ein sehr kleines Mannchen = Zacchaeus was a wee little man part 230
Viewers guide to the 1984 winter Olympics, Calvary, Watch27
Waiting part 2230
Wait I say ; I'm pressin' ; Couldn't keep it to myself ... [et al.], Majesty, I give you everything30
Washed in the blood of the lamb, Fisher of men, John 3:1630
Water into wine and the beheading of John the Baptist, Carry the weight, Shadow of the wave30
We love you just the way you are advertisement, We love you30
What a friend Hank Williams (has become to me), My rock, No harm done, & 2 other selections30
What are you made of? By Billy Simon, Don Koch & Mark Harris, Whatever you ask, Surrender to freedom30
What I really wanted. Co-composer, Denise Rich, You'r' mine, Crazy29
What's a good shape for a planet? By Bobby Hammack & Tom Adair, We will see Him29
What's wrong with Dixie?, Simply love, Simply love poems29
What would Jesus do to find meaning in suffering?30
When I feel your warm embrace. By Selena Carol Parks, 1960, Look what the Lord has done26
Where the Lord guides ; His hand ; Untold millions, Little is much, I don't wanna go back30
Where the southern cross the yellow dog, Gather at the river, Cathedrals of kudzu30
Who goes to Hooters on Easter? & 13 other titles. Written by Priese Prince Lamont Board & co-writers as noted30
Who you are. Co-composer, Cree Summer, Who you are, Don't cry for the loser30
Wonderful feeling, Real, Fairytale song30
You are holy, & 1 other selection, I'm yours27
You are the one for me ; I need your love ; She's mine, and 5 other songs part 230
You don't have to be a star (to be in my show) & 3 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78 C 1085 filed 23May78 in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, Brooklyn, N. Y.)30
Your love is the best Christmas gift of all. Christmas seems like a good time to say, I'm glad you're my sister30
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