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Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Board of Trustees documents
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A change of perspective: the letters of Virginia Woolf. Vol. 3: 1923-1928. Editing, editorial note & introd.: Nigel Nicolson, -2004, editing & editorial note: Joanne Trautmann part 422
A Comparison of medical hypoanalysis and cognitive hypotherapy .., Bad ones, The Best of John Scott and his associates27
A critical techno-economic assessment of biomass energy conversion with an emphasis on utilizing sugarcane residues as a feedstock30
A Guide for orientation course instructors to accompany Student success, third edition, [by] Timothy L. Walter, Al Siebert part 230
Alfred Hitchcock and the three investigators in The Mystery of the sinister scarecrow25
An Analysis of sex equity/inequity in teacher-child interaction .., Lifesaver Lessons30
An Analysis of the portfolio behavior of black-owned commercial banks, Computer selection for the first time user30
An audio-visual tool for use by local congregations experiencing pastoral transition30
An Evaluation of the relationships between the threat of potential scarcities and selected product related .30
An Exploratory study of the prescribing patterns of dentists, Steam and power engineering technology30
Angels we have heard on high ; Be thou my vision ; O come all ye faithful ... [et al.]30
An Industrial engineering CAD/CAM educational module based on a virtual automated milling cell design part 326
An inquiry into the possible impact of current scientific research in human genetics on the Augustinian doctrine of original sin30
An Introduction to mathematical logic and type theory, Outlaw love, Who is this black man? ; The Gospel according to .29
Appraisal master quick and easy guide to the first user-friendly 10-minute appraisal system18
Archaeological excavations at the Kruse Bluffbase number 3 site, Monroe County, Illinois25
Archaeological investigations at the Kingfish site, Saint Clair County, Illinois30
Assessing writer's knowledge and processes of composing, Elements of language, Elementos del lenguaje30
Basic usage, vocabulary, and composition; instructor's key, 40 lessons in usage, 30 reading selections, 10 writing assignments. By Hulon Willis part 230
Bertrand Russell on the sinful Americans: a somewhat frusturating exchange of letters28
Characteristics and origin of the Cedar Hill bentonite bed, lower Austin Chalk, Dallas County vicinity30
China's decision for rapprochement with the United States, 1968-1971, Leaders under stress30
Church history from Cumorah to Kirtland, from Carthage to the Sl. Valley30
Creating life in the lab instead of the bed, Mortal lessons, Confessions of a knife30
Developing a peer self-help support group focusing on role-related stress among clergy of the Jersey City District, New Jersey Annual Conference, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church part 230
Documentary report of the Ann Arbor symposium on the applications of psychology to the teaching and learning of music part 230
Doing good and doing well: an examinatin [sic] of humanitarioan [sic] intervention. By Stephen A. Garrett, 193930
Effects of instruction in building connections among schemata on high school students' complex problem-solving achievement part 230
Electronic mail retention policies in mid-sized manufacturing companies in the United States30
Equipping laypeople for servanthood through ministry in the United Methodist Church, Morristown, New Jersey30
Evaluative analysis of a secondary alternative program with special reference to subsequent performance30
Extant collections of black newspapers, 1880-1915, in the libraries of the United States30
Factors which impact effective succession in small family-owned businesses, Behavioral analysis of drug dependence30
Gay monarch: the life and pleasures of Edward VII. By Virginia Cowles (Virginia Cowles Crawley)30
God's love is like the lighthouse beacon, guiding us, protecting us, and helping us navigate the dangerous seas of life30
Heavy traffic analysis of processing networks with parallel and sequential .., Stingy29
High Grass Valley. By William MacLeod Raine, foreword by Wayne D. Overholser, The Lone deputy. By Wayne D. Overholser30
Historical background for a hermeneutic interpretation of the Liszt B minor sonata as the metaphysical embodiment of his spirit27
How will career opportunities of non-promoted police officers be enhanced in mid-size law enforcement agencies by the year 2000?30
Influence of network structure and social support on black smokers' intention to stop smoking cigarettes part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany A Writer's reader, third edition [by] Donald Hall, D. L. Emblen part 230
Instructor's manual to accompany Literature--options for reading and writing, The Writer's options30
Intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and experimentation in the autobiographical writings of Cherrie Moraga and Maxine Hong Kingston30
Inverse gravity modeling for depth varying density structures through genetic algorithm, triangulated facet representation, and switching routines30
Isaac Asimov presents The Great SF stories no. 20 (1958), Visions of other worlds30
Is there a doctor in the big house? (Trapper John, M. D.) PA 161-134 & PA 161-135 (1981) part 230
Jacques Bainville and the renaissance of royalist history in twentieth-century France30
Journal of environmental science and health. Part C, Environmental carcinogenesis & ecotoxicology reviews part 221
Legal medical practices basic clinicolegal issues seminar workbook, Teacher's manual for Medical liability30
Litigation support systems, an attorney's guide. Cumulative supplement, Sweeter as the years roll by22
Master teacher curriculum series phonics flip chart, Your kingdom come, Who may ascend the hill of the world30
Measuring Old English rhythm, an application of the principles of Gregorian chant rhythm to the meter of Beowulf27
Neuvieme Congres International de Stratigraphie et de Geologie du Carbonifere, Washington and Champaign-Urbana, May 17-26, 197930
Neuvieme Congres International de Stratigraphie et de Geologie du Carbonifere, Washington and Champaign-Urbana, May 17-26, 1979 part 230
Parent, teacher, and school administrator perceptions of grade retention and alternatives to grade retention30
Perspectives in Jewish population research, Sunset, Peace jumpers30
Perspectives on the use of nonaversive and aversive interventions for persons with developmental disabilities part 230
Principles of neuromuscular reprogramming and therapy, Sentences, Figures of thought28
Private investigation, security science and public service, The Expert witness survival manual27
Professional choice, socialization, and career development of graduate .., Foraging, collecting, and harvesting30
Prophetic memory in Wordsworth's ecclesiastical sonnets, The Daybreak boys, Jeppe of the hill and other comedies30
Public finance and the quest for efficiency = Les Finances publiques et l'exigence de l'efficience30
Relieve stress, pain, anxiety fast! with the revolutionary deep relaxation technique part 230
Robert Creeley and the genius of the American common place, ["Afterword" in Splendide-Hotel]30
Sandstone intrusions in the Andean fold-thrust belt (51 degrees-54 degrees S), Chlamydial infection in pregnancy23
School and society through science fiction. By Martin Harry Greenberg, Joseph D.Olander & Patricia Warrick30
Science fiction, canonization, marginalization, and the academy, Hard science fiction30
Selected case studies in the use of tolerance and deviation information during design of representative products30
Sexuality policies and services in residential facilities for adults with mental retardation30
Stae of the union ; I don't care what you call me ; What would you have me do? ... [et al.]28
Storm warning of things to come30
Study guide to accompany Intermediate macroeconomics, [by] Dennis W. Jansen, Charles D. DeLorme, Jr., Robert B. Ekelund, Jr part 230
Superintendents, school board members, and legislators' perceptions on policies, priorities, identification, and program needs of latchkey children in selected school districts in the state of Ohio part 330
Super-resolution techniques for bearing estimation under the influence of a strong interferer30
Tales from Shakespeare. By Charles and Mary Lamb, illustrated by Richard M. Powers, afterword by Clifton Fadiman, author of renewable matter: the Macmillan Company27
Teacher's guide for the easy reader edition of Black Peter and The Red-headed league (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) part 230
The Asian lectures--in anticipation of the question, "Why do you write?", Shatter me30
The Best western stories of Loren D. Estleman, Acts of mercy, Anthology of monster stories30
The Black struggle for public schooling in nineteenth-century Illinois, A Register of English theatrical documents30
The Black struggle for public schooling in nineteenth-century Illinois, Christina Rossetti and the poetry of discovery30
The deterrent and general preventive effects of sanction threats on violence between intimates30
The developmental goals of first-time entering community college freshmen, Vintage Nantucket30
The Effects of status differentiation on selected nonverbal behaviors at settled distances part 230
The Fantastic stories of Cornell Woolrich, Night screams, Shared tomorrows30
The gas phase decomposition and trimethylolpropane phosphate neurotoxin formation potential of tricresyl and T-butylphenyl phosphates part 230
The History of Western Civilization. Topic 9: the nineteenth century. By the University of Chicago, author of a work made for hire edited by Christian Mackauer and the staff of the University of Chicago College30
The humor and the not so funny of education, A History of banking in Arizona, Trident30
The Imagination of Charles Dickens. By A. O. J. Cockshut, Man and woman, The Art of autobiography in 19th and 20th century England30
The Influence of John Henry Hobart on the life of Elizabeth Ann Seton, The contemporary militia30
The Influence of socially desirable responding on biographical .., February sixth30
The Irony of democracy, an uncommon introduction to American politics, fourth edition30
The Nativity set symbol of our Creator's unfathomable love, Christmas international27
The Outline of history; being a plain history of life and mankind. By H. G. Wells [i.e. Herbert George Wells], by Doubleday & Company, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Raymond Postgate (rev. and brought up to the end of Second World War) & J. F. Horrabin (maps and plans)30
The Petit site (11-Ax-253), Alexander County, Illinois, Postcards from Paris, Born to live in your love30
The Playwright's art; stage, radio, television, motion pictures. By Roger M. Busfield, Jr21
The Public interest; a critique of the theory of a political concept. By Glendon A. Schubert30
The Relationship of children's reading difficulties and family .., Update, 1980, The Sixties never died30
The relationship of institutional complexity, efficiency, and size to physical space needs in Texas public senior colleges and universities part 230
The relationships between topic interest and text-based interest and their effects on the processing of expository prose30
The relative effect of property type and country factors in reduction of risk of internationally diversified real estate portfolios and measuring contagion across national real estate securities indices25
The Secular imagination, the continuity of the secular romantic tradition of Wordsworth and Keats in .29
The Spanish revolution (1931-39) By Les Evans, Naomi Allen & George Breitman, Speak your peace28
The Unknown cinema of Erich VonStroheim, reconstruction and analysis of The Devil's pass key, Queen Kelly . part 230
The uses of Jesus Tradition in Pauline correspondence, with special reference to the letter to the Romans30
UFO sightings at ICBM sites and nuclear weapons storage areas, Now give we all our maker praise30
Uncle Abner, master of mysteries. By Melville Davisson Post, selected and with an introd. by Anthony Boucher, employee for hire of the Crowell-Collier Publishing Company30
Understanding the thoughts and experiences leading to the full-time enrollment of a selected group of adult undergraduate students in a midwestern university30
Who needs hair? The flip side of chemotherapy, Rainbows, Rainbows carrousel28
Why are white people afraid of people of color?, Adolescent protective factor attainment30
Wife of former Representative Kelly said he threatened to commit suicide, Customer says it was buy insurance or forget the loan30
Wisconsin marital property reform and its effect on real estate purchase, ownership & sale part 230
Wisconsin marital property reform and its effect on real estate purchase, ownership & sale part 330
World War I memoirs of Frederick Merle Williams, Battery F, 130th Field Artillery, 35th Division, American Expeditionary Force in France, battles of Meuse-Argonne and St. Mihiel, 1917-1918 part 430
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