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Southern Nights Music documents
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A Dream that got a little out of hand and 51 other titles, Sarah, You take the leavin' out of me23
Ain't this the lovin' end & 188 other titles, We'll be together (on est bien ensemble) RE 675-95028
Bring them in. w & m Lisa Morrison, 1971-, & Roscoe Morrison, 1911-1974, Oridginal lyricks [sic] for song entitled "Heather Lee Ann"30
Christmas never quite goes away; songs. By Beverly Gail Harris, Who needs you?, Verse for "Christmas never quite goes away"30
Concepts of algebra. By Donald R. Clarkson, Vincent H. Haag & Kenneth Michaels, Just another woman in love30
Cultural relations and U. S. foreign policy. By Charles A. Thompson and Walter Herman Carl Laves30
Don't give a man what he wants (just give him what he needs) By Larry Rogers, Gene Dobbins & Louis Black part 229
Flight; (The Higher we fly) By Windstar Productions, Lee Holdridge & John Gillespie Magee, Jr30
If somebody wants me (they'll find me with you), I'd just love to lay you down, The Last of the good girls28
(If you're gonna make a mistake) make it with me & 1 other title, Sarah, Every square has an angle30
If you think you're feeling lonely, you're not alone, Claim it, The drifter & 2 other titles30
I still believe (you've been my whole life), & 1 other song part 230
(I want to live on an) abstract plain, The Charisse collection, Alpha/omega30
Lock and key ; Nico lost one small buddha ; Cold enough to cross ; Edgar Bergen, Lay my body down30
Lookin' for love (in the wrong places) By Jim Grady30
Love the world through me, Allegra, You lied to me27
Meanwhile, back in Abeline. Arr. for piano: Dennis Linde, The Devil's daughter, Callin' Baton Rouge30
No easy answers (for a broken heart) By Mary Welch, Johnny Macrae & Bob Morrison29
Now there's you, now there's love, Tell me you love me, HBO boxing30
Out of my life, out of my heart, and out of my mind, Eyam, The First night of lonesome30
Pick up the pieces, and 5 other songs30
Roger North on music; being a selection from his essays written during the years c. 1695-1728. Transcribed from the manuscripts and edited by John Wilson30
See me also with your heart, Southern breezes29
Song lyrics of Wanda Mallette and Patti Ryan through September 21, 1983, We still shoot horse thieves in Texas30
That it's all over feelin' (all over again) & 1 other title, Love's a trip, The Backroads30
That it's all over feelin' (all over again) & 1 other title, She's not as married as she use to be30
That's what one night can do. By Michael P. Huffman, 1947-, Bob Morrison, 1942-, & Donny Kees part 430
That's what one night can do. By Michael P. Huffman, 1947-, Bob Morrison, 1942-, & Donny Kees part 625
What do you know about heartache? By Bob Morrison, Mary Welch, Johnny MacRae & Len Chera30
What do you know about rock 'n' roll? By Michael Warren Findling, David John Hussman, Lance Brandel Sabin et al part 330
What were you donin' [sic] in my dreams last night? By Hunter Moore and Paula Breedlove25
What you gonna do with that beautiful body? By Wanda Mallette, Patti Ryan, Bob Morrison, & Charles Westover a.k.a. Del Shannon part 430
When a fool learns & 2 other titles, Now there's you, Southern breeze30
Where do I go (from here)? From the the Paramount picture, The education of Sonny Carson. w & m Len Chiriacka & Chris Gantry, new piano arr. George Terry part 330
Who needs you? By Gerard Robert Langley & James Johnston Stewart30
You don't have to say you love me27
You've got another think comin' if you think I'm comin' back to take another drink of your wine30
You were there (when I really needed someone)30
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