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A lesson in every goodbye & 38 other titles, Woman at 33, If I were brave30
Anybody here seen Jeannie?; TV series. By Sidney Sheldon Productions, Inc, Feeling you27
Back and forth: Mr. Lee & R. Kelly's remix Released album Age ain't but a number, Back & forth, single & At your best you are love, single part 224
Behind closed doors & 4 other titles & sound recordings30
Blinded by the boogie. By David Wolinski & Peter Rafelson, Living in Eden, Terra firma30
Bow Wow (that's my name) Musical composition. Written by Calvin Broadus, Bryan-Michael Cox & Jermaine Dupri. Samples: {Atomic dog}, by George Clinton, Jr., Garry M. Shider & David L. Spradley30
Crown of life ; Thank you ; Then (what will he say then?) ... [et al.], He can do it30
Cypress Hill--Insane in the brain. By Larry Muggerud, Lawrence Dickins & Louis Freeze part 230
Employee assistance--a management intervention program, The Air purifying respirator28
Giving my problems (to you) By Michael Alan Brooks, Feeling of blues, Sensous (sic)30
Gloryhallastupid (pin the tale on the funky) Written by George Clinton, Jr., William Collins (Bootsy) & Flashlight, written by George Clinton, Jr., Bernard G. Worrell & William "Bootsy" Collins30
God's makin' it happen ; Keep on pressin' ; Give you love ; Race thang ; Street lies ; What cha gonna do with the cross? part 230
Gratitude. w & m Ethel Ramos Harris, -1993, Father, I stretch my hands to thee, I'm persuaded30
(Happy are those who) dream dreams, New world30
Hear my prayer, & 2 other song lyrics30
Hold on part 4030
I made love (4 da very 1st time) From albums The voice in the mirror & I made love (4 da very 1st time) (single)30
I'm gonna make it. By Victor W. Caldwell, Cedric J. Caldwell, Beverly Ann McCrary30
In search of Sasha Boogie promo, Gotta hold, Don't question30
I want to live for him (because he died for me), & 2 other songs30
Jesus that's my king (p.d.) Song. Composer, Kim McFarland. PA 788-340 (1996), Midget motoring and karting. By Kenton D. McFarland and James C. Sparks, Jr28
Just hold on (God will see you through), My destiny is lovin' you30
Lord, I love you. SATB. Music & adapted words: Bob Burroughs30
Love it up & 3 other titles, Diggin' on you, Do me anyway you wanna30
Martial law (hey man smell my finger), Martial law30
Mel Bay presents Chord substitutions for serious players, In the pocket, Intro to jazz lines30
Money '90. By Marcel Branch p.k.a. ICB & Patrick McCain p.k.a. Dizone, Gathering together29
Oklahoma City, we lift you in our prayers, Power of prayer30
One of those songs (Le bal de Madame de Mortemouille) Will Holt, English words part 230
Put your trust in Jesus, & 5 other selections, Bless be the name of the Lord, Your work is done30
R&B skeltons [sic] (in the closet) By George Clinton & David Spradley. (In R & B skeltons [sic] (in the closet)) part 230
Safe in the arms of love (cold on the streets) By James D. (Jim) Weatherly30
She rurn't it. Words & music: Freddie Langdon & Smoky Duvall (James Duvall), Turn it over in your mind30
Something extra; original musical comedy. Librettist & lyricist: Jack W. McLaughlin, Jr.; librettist: Jeffrey Canning; composer: James R. Ford30
Somewhere listening (when he calls me), We need a word from the Lord, Holy28
Texas twister Pamela Stetson Allen Productions, Minor breakdown, Don't sing me no sad songs30
The Lord is coming back, & 1 other song, Tiny mommy, No one ever asks to be born27
The one and only God ; Who made everything? ; My God is so big ... [et al.], Prison life27
The unpublished songs of Russell Henderson, I must do what must be done, Songs of Russell Henderson26
Think of His goodness. From album Jesus people, Who will come?, I'll be praying for you28
Two lips. w & m Linda Jackson; w June Hrycyshyn, Dead ringer for love, Ritual (If it's blood)30
Walnut Hill ; Where armies scourge ; The Lord has revealed ... [et al.], Pack it up30
We have come for your parents. By Casey Chmielinski (p.k.a. Casey Chaos)30
We've come to sing ; Very well ; A love so strong ... [et al.], Here's where broken hearts go30
Why don't they leave us alone. I won't let that chump break your heart. Artist: Carl Carlton, sound recording: Peacock Records, Inc30
Woof! From albums Da game is to be sold, not to be told, Master P presents: No Limit All Stars, Who u wit?, Still bout it, Woof! (single), Thug-a-nomix, Screw you, First expedition30
Wounded for me (arr.) By Allen & Wiggins, Shout out the victory, Let me hear from you24
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