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A fine romance. No. 888606, The day of the third, thin, wrong woman who knew all too much about Eve part 230
A Guide to contemporary American art galleries exhibiting works of craft media, Teacher unions and the schools30
A History of Cuba and its relations with the United States. Vol. 2: 1845-1895, from the Annexationist Era to the Second War for Independence. By Philip S. Foner27
A history of yellow fever with specific emphasis on the Pensacola epidemics, How to make decisions--the right ones!30
Americanization, acculturation, and ethnic identity, Pacific pioneers, Sui Sin Far/Edith Maude Eaton25
A Revolutionary new concept that solves the credit-life problems for credit card systems worldwide30
Assessing students' preferences for positive and negative reinforcement contingent on academic work completion30
A statewide survey of professionals' opinions and practices concerning the assessment of attention difficit/hyperactivity disorder in children part 230
A Summary of Winterthur's marketing program including origins of commercial activities, requirements for licenses, and specifications for Winterthur products19
Bad faith, good faith, and authenticity in Sartre's early philosophy, Bachelors of science30
Bogey versus Hepburn--Zaire's first big heavyweight bout, Hearts and minds, The Last American cowboy30
Bon Voyage and Aventure Malgache, Women and film, The book of rock21
B-PAD/ by Randy Rand, Deirdre C. Rand, Brian Gerrard ... [et al.] ; produced by Randy Rand and Deirdre Rand ; directed by William Goldsmith29
Breaking bread one day at a time: daily devotions to elevate, empower, and enrich you in the word of God30
Characteristics and psychological needs across gender and social class in Puerto Ricans and mainland Americans30
Chromosomal and extrachromosomal DNA structures resulting from antigen receptor gene V-(D)-J joining30
City politics in Baroque Rome, 1623-1644, The Politics of American cities, Regenerating the cities30
Considering worldviews and worldview change in cross-cultural church planting, The Music of George Walker ; The Music of M[e]yer Kupferman30
Contemporary philosophic problems; selected readings. By Yervant H. Krikorian & Abraham Edel part 228
Diane & 4 other titles, Downhearted blues, Downhearted23
Discoverer of the unseen world; a biography of Antoni Van Leewenhock. Text: Mrs. William Robertson Ralston (Alma Smith Payne)30
Dust to dust ... Indians, aliens, astronauts and angels30
Environmental justice implications of a cost-benefit analysis mandate in the federal environmental regulatory approval process26
Fair competition: the law and economics of antitrust policy. By Joel B. Dirlam & Alfred E. Kahn30
Families and economic distress: coping strategies and social policy. By Sage Publications, Inc30
Fathers and sons Ivan Turgenev, the author on the novel the contemporary reaction essays in criticism part 230
Florida's farmworkers in the twenty-first century, The Wild ass of the Ozarks, Craftsmen Bookbinders Service25
Foster care prevention services, Puerto Rican mothers and informal .., Foster care28
Freedom on my mind/ produced and directed by Connie Field and Marilyn Mulford, Marching around the throne of God26
Gender differences in loneliness and marital quality in young married couples, Poe/32 stories/with introductions and annotation26
General chemistry and College chemistry, eight editions by Holtzclaw and Robinson30
Going shopping? you'll find it in Cambridge, the heart of the "land of pleasant living." part 230
Guide to cost-effective advertising for the local market, Cal jur III, West's California jurisprudence 3d30
How can I live without someone like you to love?, All heaven declares, Goodbye scenario30
How I got over, cheatin in the church, I can feel His spirit, When the praises go up28
How to win self-confidence for selling. By James T. Mangan, Secrets of selling yourself to people. By James T. Mangan30
I'm having second thoughts, A Woman's mind, Baby, you blew it27
Implementation of extended school year programs for handicapped .., The Female reproductive cycle30
Infusing online components into the academic coursework of high schools in the state of New York using HSTOR-E (High School Teachers' Online Resource Environment)30
Interface motion driven by curvature and diffusion, Hey boy and mix boy, To relive dippresion [sic]22
Io v'amo sol perche voi siete bella = I love you because you are so beautiful, Death du jour30
Linking lifetimes, a national intergenerational mentoring initiative, Women in the sanctuary movement30
Maimonides and Adorno--negative theology, negative dialectics, and postmodernist sensibility25
Management systems and organizational effectiveness in selected multinational .28
MCMI II/III interpretive system, version 2, psychological assessment with the Millon clinical multiaxial inventory (II) part 230
Medicaid and the limits of state health reform, Machos, maricones, and gays, Dangerous knowledge30
Middle class African-American families' perceptions regarding their strengths30
Missing pieces of a new beginning30
Multiple modernities--cinemas and popular media in transcultural East Asia. By Jenny Kwok Won Lau part 230
Murray Bradford's tax reduction seminar for insurance sales professionals, J.K. Lasser's Business tax deduction master guide29
New essays in Fichte's Foundation of the entire doctrine of scientific knowledge30
New windows protect against het, cold, drafts, and noise and other contributions part 230
Note on the analytical framework of the Labor Policy Association seminar on The Dynamics of Employee Relations28
Paupers and poor relief in New York City and its rural environs, 1700-1830, Feminine spirituality in America30
Phase II protocol transmyocardial revascularization (TMR) using the Heart Laser CO2 Laser System. By PLC Medical Systems, Inc. & Charles Rose30
Philosophy made simple. By Made Simple Books, Inc., as employer in a work made for hire of Richard H. Popkin and Avrum Stroll30
PinkMonkey literature notes on The woman warrior, by Maxine Hong Kingston, Maxine Hong Kingston's The woman warrior26
Policy implementation study of an urban district technology professional development initiative27
Race relations in Greenville, South Carolina, from 1865 through 1900, as seen in a critical analysis of the Greenville City Council proceedings and other related works30
Rational mortgage valuation using optimal intertemporal refinancing strategies and hetergeneous borrowers part 228
Rethinking rental housing. By John I. Gilderbloom & Richard P. Applebaum, The Miller heresy, millennialism, and American culture30
Selected factors that influenced curriculum coordinators and physical educators as they adopt Pennsylvania's 1993 school code part 430
Slate sculpturing. By Mickey Klar Marks, sculpture by Frank Elescu, photos. by David Rosenfeld26
Social capital as a mitigator of the effects of low socioeconomic status on achievement and postsecondary education30
Social justice and the natural environment in the study program of the World Council of Churches, 1966-199030
Socio-cultural conflict between African American and Korean American, Mass communication30
Some reflections on race, racism, and ethnicity, Feminist ethics, On feminist ethics and politics30
Steam tables: thermodynamic properties of water including vapor, liquid and solid phases, English units. By Joseph H. Keenan, Frederick G. Keyes, Philip G. Hill & Joan G. Moore29
STK 724 Rev A Stackbus proto-board user's manual. By Mitchell Electronics, Inc., employer for hire of Lawrence Mitchell30
Strategic planning processes used by not-for-profit community social service organizations and a recommended strategic planning approach part 330
Study guide for the discovering psychology telecourse for use with David G. Myers Exploring psychology, fourth edition30
Supercalc estimating templates for the heavy construction industry from Emsar, Inc part 230
TATS:a model of individual communication patterns in the work environment, Pain full [sic] desire30
Technocracy and the politics of expertise. By Sage Publications, Inc, Working in the service society26
Technological change in the final Upper Paleolithic of Rio Maior, Portuguese Estremadura30
Teenage pregnancy and its relationship to childhood physical and sexual abuse, Working with childbearing adolescents30
Temple University School of Medicine Medical Alumni Association directory ., The disenfranchisement of ex-felons30
The American Law Institute Model land development code, the taking issue, and private property rights30
The American way ; Hollywood space cowboys ; The Legend of Johnny Appleseed30
The Backyard builder's book of outdoor building projects30
The Baltimore Orioles and Dream Week, Inc., present the baseball fan's ultimate dream30
The chemistry of thallium(I) complexes of tris(diphenylphosphinoyl)methanide chalcogen analogs part 230
The Cineaste interviews on the art and politics of the cinema, Roger Ebert's Movie home companion30
The development of a profile to predict high- and low-risk burnout for sign language interpreters29
The Elementary school administrator's practical guide to mainstreaming, Community organizing30
The Essentials of European history--1935-1988, World War II and the Iron Curtain27
The Impact of socioeconomic development and ecological change on health and nutrition in Latin America30
The Implications of student learning styles for prescribing reading skill development strategies for ... students30
The Incredible Ira Sullivan plays fluegelhorn, trumpet, alto and tenor saxes, flute, and afuche cabasa30
The Philosophy of social reconstructionism and contemporary curriculum rationales .30
The possessive investment in whiteness, Time passages, Singlejack solidarity26
The structure and content of organizational identity in hypercompetitive environments30
The true story of the tooth fairy--all about Queen Gwendolyn and Inca Stinka, the bad bad fairy30
Walk the walk ; Walking in the shadows, Wings27
Welfare impacts of exchange rate adjustments on the Canadian agricultural sector30
When the rattlesnake sounds; a play about Harriet Tubman. By Alice Childress, artist, Charles Lilly30
Whoever you are ; The down side ; Just you, just me, just right, Any minute now, Connected28
William Henry Jackson and the transformation of the American landscape, Marxism in Latin America30
With the quickness. Words & performance: John Arthur Smith, 1968-, & Elgin Lamar Polite, 1970-; music, performance, recording, mixing: Daniel Louis Charnas, 1967 part 230
Women, Creole identity, and intellectual life in early twentieth-century Puerto Rico30
Women, employment, and the family in the international division of labour, Families and work24
Workbook for Clerical office practice, second edition. By Peter Laurence Agnew, James Robert Meehan and one other27
Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker. Womanist and feminist theories meet in the garden30
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