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A comparison of the effect of knowledge of results, corrective, and extended feedback in a computer-assisted instructional program on formulating obstetric nursing diagnoses for nursing students part 230
A Comparison of the Experimental housing allowance program and Great Britain's Rent allowance program30
A multi-state molecular epidemiological survey of 16 beef, dairy, poultry and swine farms to facilitate risk assessment of listeria monocytogenes30
Analyses of the effects of an exotic lizard (Anolis sagrei) on a native lizard (Anolis carolinensis) in Florida, using islands as experimental units30
An Empirical study of the amplifying power of verbal interventions made by therapists .26
An extended CSP architecture for the sequential assignment problem in the interpretation of protein nuclear magnetic resonance data part 230
An Investigation of the relationship between cognitive developmental .., Wait on Him28
Are environmental regulations driving U. S. industry overseas?, Forest land use, State of the environment, 198220
Assessing housing needs and policy alternatives in developing countries, Urban housing in the 1980s24
A study of teachers' instructional planning as revealed by an analysis of objectives, strategies, and indicators of student achievement30
A Workbook of activities & exercises for two year old children to develop better skills in alphabet, articulation, attending auditory basic-concepts cognition . part 330
Child support enforcement and its effect on America today30
Citrus flavor gum Arabic and pectinedible film confectionary base herbal and vitamin formula for prevention or relief of flu symptoms per 3.0 gram packet (food grade) part 330
Comparison of self-reported transformational leadership behaviors and outcomes of women senior student affairs officers with immediate staff member perceptions30
Comparison of Texas teacher appraisal system evaluations of traditional and post-baccalaureate teacher candidates30
C*-semigroup bundles and C*-algebras whose irreducible .., L'italiana in Algeri =26
Depreciation, deferred tax expense and capital structure adjustments for reducing measurement error in accounting earnings30
Effective economic decision-making by nonprofit organizations, Works of Dennis Ray Young30
Effects of decreasing state aid on school budgeting, organization, and program, Pre-meditated love30
Fireman's sales and service to accompany Principles of accounting, second edition, practice set IB, [by] Helmkamp, Imdieke, Smith30
How to select a sound system for your car, boat or plane. Audiovox candidly reveals what you should look for, listen to, and beware of30
Impact of the immigration reform and control act on the immigration and naturalization service23
Independent living skills training curriculum of the National Paraplegia Foundation, New England Division, Southeastern Massachusetts Independent Living Rehabilitation Program30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Anthropology, the exploration of human diversity and Cultural anthropology, both ninth editions, [by] Conrad Phillip Kottak30
Instructor's manual and workbook answers for Structure and function of the human body, fifth edition30
Instructor's manual for Fiscal administration, analysis and applications for the public sector29
Instructor's manual to accompany Contemporary public administration [by] Thomas Vocino, Jack Rabin30
Instructor's manual to accompany Goodman and Dolan's Economics of public policy, the micro view30
Inter or insert-locking modular blocks or panels of glass, and, or, plastic composites30
Keys to the growth of neighborhood development organizations, Love and smoke, Tender betrayal30
Longitudinal calibration and testing of the Chicago prototype housing market model with tenure choice for four metropolitan statistical areas30
Long-term care nurses' attitudes, opinions, and expectations regarding caring behaviors30
Medicaid nursing home reimbursement in Minnesota. By The Urban Institute, Hero in green20
Mental health care unit discharge planning group stress and medication teaching guide part 230
Mexican-American cultural meanings, expressions, self-care and dependent-care actions associated with experiences of pain30
Michigan courtroom evidence [by] Michael D. Wade, Jennifer J. Strom, American ethnic groups: European30
National health insurance, social politics, and medical practice in Britain, .., Financing health care for the elderly28
Needs assessment of safety and accident response practices in college chemistry courses in four selected state colleges of New Jersey30
Neighborhoods without neighborhood schools, an analysis of neighborhood contextual and structural effects30
Nobody's gonna get this lovin' but you bw nobody's gonna get this lovin but you. SR 56-731 (1984)30
Performance measures and benchmarks in local government facilities maintenance, Local goverment police management30
Proceedings of the eleventh international conference on information and knowledge management, CIKM 2002 part 330
Program applicants as a comparison group in evaluating training programs, Does training for the disadvantaged work?27
Robust microphone array processing for speech enhancement in hearing aids, An Examination of the effect of the presentation of .30
Self-healing described as transformational metaphors in cancer patients, Hot like Mom27
Single mothers' perceptions of what is important in their lives as they transition from welfare to work30
The AutoCAD 2004 tutor for engineering graphics project manual with AutoCAD 2005 update28
The Directory of incentives for business investment and development in the United States30
The displacement response of an elastic-perfectly plastic oscillator to a periodic external force26
The effect of therapist orientation and personality style on the treatment outcome in psychotherapy with children defined as disruptive in school part 230
The effect of therapist orientation and personality style on the treatment outcome in psychotherapy with children defined as disruptive in school part 330
The Effects of federal programs on higher education; a study of 36 universities and colleges. By Harold Orlans30
The Effects of psychomaturation education on the self-concepts of continuation high school students30
The Fourth way; a record of talks and answers to questions based on the teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff. By Peter D. Ouspensky24
The new world Spanish/English, English/Spanish dictionary, Highwaymen, Cellular30
The Private sector in state service delivery, People arise!, Candles and carnival lights28
The relationship between selected stakeholder groups' perceptions of quality and student satisfaction for regional higher education institutions30
The Relationship between self-esteem and the length of time in an .., Spiritual-religious orientation scale30
The San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit sector in a time of government retrenchment30
Two mechanisms of vorticity generation in combusting flow fields, Family living, Teacher's guide and resource book to accompany Family living30
You got me right where I want to be ; Ring around the Rosie ; Rain ; Just an old star30
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