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Another lonely night. w & m Jerry Lynn Williams, 1948, Across the Baldwin County line30
A place I thought I'd never see, Excited, Sound of summer27
A woman has her way & 96 other titles. Written by Jerry Lynn Williams, Forever man30
A woman has her way. w & m Clint Patrick Black, 1962-, Jerry Lynn Williams, 1948-, Homer Howard Bellamy, 1946-, & David Milton Bellamy, 1950 part 230
Babe, I'm gonna leave you. By Jimmy Page & Warner Bros. Publications, Inc, Travelling riverside blues30
Bobby Bland and B. B. King together again. Artist: Bobby Bland & B. B. King, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc part 330
Captured & winning combination, Love has a name tonight, Fool for your love30
Don't be givin' your love away. w & m Jerry Lynn Williams, 1948, Have it all, Have it all tonight30
Falling in love. By Jeannie G. Manzo, 1965-, Benjamin F. King, 1954-, & Bob Held, 1951 part 230
For better or worse. w & m Wilson Pickett & Don Juan Mancha, Miz Lena's boy, Help me be without30
Hallelujah, Hold on30
Heart of my heart. w & m Jerry Lynn Williams, 1948-, David Milton Bellamy, 1950-, Homer Howard Bellamy, 194630
Hillbillies from outerspace & 6 other titles, Tick tock, Good Texan30
If I had you (I'd live for you only) Co-writer: Benny Joy, Just how love should be30
It's alright ; A moment of silence (interlude) ; I been there ; Gotta keep in touch part 330
It won't be Christmas without you, Getting us ready, Will power29
Leaving blues ; Kind hearted woman ; Thirty-eight, thirty-two, twenty ; Kiss tomorrow goodbye28
Lovin' you lovin' my lover. By Jerry Lynn Williams, Love will carry on, Ready to live again30
Message of love. w & m Jerry Williams, Alana McDonald, Herb Ludwig & Tom Dean, Joy IV30
My love for you (is like a mountain range) By Ernie Ashworth, Harold Watson & Tommy Moreland part 530
Only time will tell (if times gonna tell) By Pamela Brown Hayes part 230
Passing through "New York General Hospital."30
Renegade--Wreak havok [sic], Surrender30
Save a little time for love & 18 other titles30
Share your love and life with me30
Tarshis & Albrink--Suite number 2, Full time job30
Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and 6 other plays, Moongazing glide30
Time to say goodbye; song. By Jerry Lynn Williams & Daniel Joseph Moore, The Collective works of Daniel J. Moore30
What's this world coming to? Words & music by Dean Dillon & Don Schlitz, They're waiting for me30
What's up, what's up ; What's up, beat box, what's up ; Talking on the mic, You are my keeper30
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