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99 awesome instant elementary school physical education activities on individual task cards28
A biomechanical comparison of an intramedullary nail and a fixed angle screw side plate for distal femur fractures part 230
A Comparative analysis of the futuristic conceptions of chief school administrators .30
Advances in non-impact printing technologies for computer and office applications part 230
Advances in non-impact printing technologies for computer and office applications part 330
Advances in non-impact printing technologies for computer and office applications part 424
A fanciful collection of people who never existed, adventures they didn't have and words they didn't say30
Agricultural mechanization knowledge and skills needed by agriculture, food and natural resources students part 230
A Guide to the selection, combination, and cooking of foods, volume 1 & 348 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)30
A history of Kenilworth as told through its streets and street signs, Jumpback baby, jumpback30
Alpha-actinin interaction with actin measured by fluorescence .., Happy days with the naked chef30
A Manager's guide to productivity, quality circles, and industrial robots, Fortran 7729
American aces of the first air war, George A. Vaughn, Jr., 84th Squadron R A F becomes an ace August 22, 1918 over Veillers Carbonnel, France & 4 other titles; watercolor paintings & sketches30
America's wars and military excursions, Nantucket, War in the deep30
Analysis and design optimization of simply-supported rectangular composite sandwich plates under axial and biaxial loading30
An Analysis of data from member schools in the Alabama private school .., Flat top city28
An exploration of patterns of drug use and of the effectiveness of a substance abuse prevention program according to adolescents' level of academic achievement30
An Investigation of the relationship between the prices of precious minerals and specified social and economic factors part 430
A phylogenetic study of the neotropical banjo catfishes (Teleostei, Atlas of time-temperature diagrams for irons and steels21
Aquatic entomology, the fishermen's and ecologists' illustrated guide to insects and their relatives & 31 other titles; books23
Architectures, frameworks algorithms and devices for real time, adaptive signal separation30
A study of four factors influencing the career plans of American and British high schools students part 330
A Textbook of gross anatomy. Pt. 1: The Upper limb. By Ernest D. Gardner, Donald J. Gray & Ronan O'Rahilly30
Augustine's theology of divine inspiration in the production and reading of ecclesiastical writings30
Beaded belt and collection of belt buckles by David G. Clough, Process dynamics and control23
Behavior analysis guidelines and brain injury rehabilitation, Zen master, Zen student28
Bookcraft: how to construct note pad covers, boxes, and other useful items, End of this town25
Building material job cost, user's manual, ver. 12.030
Capital investment analysis; using discounted cash flows. By George L. Casler, Bruce L. Anderson, Richard D. Aplin. 3rd ed30
Celestial navigation sight reduction by pocket calculator30
Certified financial planner code of ethics and professional responsibility program manual30
"Change and change again, or, Beatrice Rochester," by Louisa Lascelles .., A first course in numerical analysis30
Comparacion de la hirudina con una heparina de bajo peso molecular para la prevencion de las complicaciones tromboembolicas despues de la sustitucion total de la cadera30
Comparative psychology: a modern survey. By Donald A. Dewsbury, Dorothy Adelaide Rethlingshafer30
Comparison of simulated high-altitude pilot effective performance time between habitual smokers and non-smokers30
Continental drift and biological evolution, Contest series, Taste of love30
Control systems for air conditioning and refrigeration (Unit 138) By TPC Training Systems30
Current techniques in quality improvement (the Taguchi approach), A primer on the Taguchi method23
Decision tables and their practical application in data processing, Scott Gildersleeve--songs from 1987-198930
Development of a method for investigating carbon removal processes during photoassisted thin film growth using organometallic precursors30
Digital communications systems with satellite and fiber optics applications, Wireless digital communications27
Discover the insider secrets on how to simply and easily use a highly successful, tested, and proven direct mail campaign to attract first time homebuyers to your tele-seminar in 38 days, guaranteed30
Dried flowers and other favorite things, Spring's favorite flower, Sun30
Du kleines Schwalbenpaar; langs. foxtrot. Words & music: Bob Trill, pseud. of Robert Beyer, music: E. Kristian, pseud. of Charlotte Durowsky30
Economic analysis of restoration practices to improve water quality and fish habitat of a large river floodplain part 230
Everything you ever wanted to know about appraisals but were afraid to ask, Mental shielding--protection against anger, criticism, and manipulation27
Family functioning in families providing care for a family member with schizophrenia30
Filament winding (its development manufacture, applications, and design (polymer engineering and technology) By Dominick V. Rosato & C. S. Grove, Jr30
Finding, selecting, developing, and retaining data processing professionals through effective human resources management30
Finding, selecting, developing, and retaining data processing professionals through effective human resources management part 230
Food and beverage market place-suppliers edition30
Getting action from organizational surveys, Medicare/medigap, Soybean utilization30
Handbook of business planning and budgeting for executives with profit responsibility30
Handbook of business planning and budgeting for executives with profit responsibility part 230
Handbook of business planning and budgeting for executives with profit responsibility part 330
Hoshin Kanri for the lean enterprise developing competitive capabilities & managing profit30
I dread the mailman every day, Chariots for Apollo, More27
Innovative psychotherapy techniques in child and adolescent therapy, How to influence children30
Instructor's guide, early childhood development and education, second edition, A Book on casino gambling30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany American government, competition and compromise25
Instructor's manual with test item file to accompany Hole's Human anatomy and physiology, seventh edition [by] David Shier, Jackie Butler, Ricki Lewis30
Instruments for physical environmental measurements with special emphasis on atmospheric instruments part 230
Interior design furnishings directory of discounted 800-number and hard-to-find companies part 330
Joy in the camp. Compilation, editing & 82 songs. w & m C. S. Grogan, Edward L. Williams, compilation & editing Connor B. Hall30
La guerra del Pacifico, el decenio de Fujimori, Humala, Sanchez Cerro y la decentralizacion (Peru un pais en estupor)30
Litigating wrongful discharge claims. Cumulative supplement, Applied reliability24
Lonely. Words, music & adaptation: Stan Brenders (Constant Brenders), Claude Alix, pseud. of Paula Vandenbroeck, & Stanley Miller part 230
Magnetic tape format for information interchange, 128-track, parallel serpentine, 12.65 mm (1/2 in), 3400 bpmm (86 360bpi) run length limited recording25
Make it yourself! Baking substitutions, the most complete collection ever!, The Versatile vegetable cookbook23
Making marble-action games, gadgets, mazes & contraptions, Easy to make decorative kites28
Math workbook for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Math exercises: you take control28
McGraw-Hill's Illustrated index to the 1996 national electrical code, The Second book of electronics projects30
Measuring the radio frequency environment, Superstar band, Soul ballad29
Memories of San Antonio, Texas during the early 1890's and my life there, Exercises in style30
Michigan bankroll. w & m Nelson Cogane, Dick Sanford & Sammy Mysels, I'ma moonlight millionaire. w & m Nelson Cogane & Lee David30
Microscopic surgical techniques for the treatment of lumbar disc protrusions and associated pathology part 230
Mineral exploration biological systems and organic matter, Mining geology, Ophiolitic and related melanges22
Minute men of the air; the valiant exploits of the Civil Air Patrol in peace and war. By Carroll V. Glines, Gene Gurney, maps: Diamond Art Studio29
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1972. By Robert Bigelow, Robert B. Cairns, John P. Flynn et al25
New England consolidated emergency medical informational reference guide, Have fun with the chord organ. Book 2. Arr. F. Roy Chilton30
Numerical methods for differential equations; fundamental concepts for scientific and engineering applications. By Michael Anthony Celia and William Guerin Gray part 230
Nursing home administrators' perceptions of the effects of education and training on nursing home quality of care part 230
Nutrition for the foodservice prof. 3/ed, Atlas of foreshortening, Improving employee perf in30
On the determination and reimbursement of costs in the provision of Medicaid services by local health departments30
Patterns of antecedents to husbands' battering behavior as detected by the use .30
Perspective transformation among mainland Chinese intellectuals reporting Christian conversion while in the United States part 330
Postharvest physiology, handling and utilization of tropical and subtropical fruits and vegetables part 430
Practical stock and inventory techniques that cut costs and improve profits, Save your heart30
Practical stock and inventory techniques that cut costs and improve profits, Structural concepts and systems for architects and engineers30
[Preface to the Morningside edition and postscript in An Introduction to the philosophy of time and space] part 330
Productivity and cost containment in public agency food service; implementing a convenience food service system in the U. S. Public Health Service Hospital at Nassau Bay, Texas. By Edward Robert Tate part 230
Products liability keyed to courses using Owen, Montgomery, and Davis's products liability and safety30
Programmed instruction manual for state of Tennessee license course outline for unarmed security officers28
Project management workbook to acoompany Project management, a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling, sixth edition30
Psychiatry; journal for the study of interpersonal processes. Vol. 18, no. 1, Feb. 1955. By George H. Dession, Martin Grotjahn, Lionel Ovesey, et al part 230
Psychopathological disorders of childhood. Editors: Herbert C. Quay, John S. Werry, C. Keith Conners et al30
"Puff is a happy dragon" and others. By Lenny Lipton, Independent filmmaking--from conception to delivery30
Pulse code modulation techniques with applications in communications and data recording30
Quantification of the cumulative impact of change orders on sheet metal labor productivity30
Radiation fin augmentation of friction and heat transfer in a tube with tape-generated swirl flow part 230
Relationships between college teacher leader behevior and student ratings of teaching effectiveness30
Reliability Physics, 1987, 25th annual proceedings, San Diego, California, April 7, 8, 9, 198730
Retrofitting of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings for energy conservation30
Retrofitting of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings for energy conservation part 330
Roses and butterflies iron-on transfer patterns, Away we go!, Smocked caftan26
Saluki secrets--a new owner guide to successfully living with a Saluki, Fanatic, About aging30
Screen-process printing for the serigrapher & textile designer, Sewing shortcuts from A to Z20
Self-instructional manual for teachers and other professionals working with attention deficit hyperactive disordered children30
Solutions manual for Cost accounting, accounting data for management's decisions30
Solutions manual to accompany VLSI design techniques for analog and digital circuits28
Solving urban problems in urban areas characterized by fragmentation and divisiveness part 230
Soulsinger--no peace in a cup of coffee, Lyrically speaking, Radiance30
Spanish composition through literture. By Candido Ayllon, Paul Clarence Smith, Antonio Morillo, 193230
Statistical methods for the analysis of photodynamic bioassay and indexing air pollution .30
Steck-Vaughn mathematics skill book 7700, decimals and percents, Plate tectonics30
Strategic planning in hospice organizations and the higher education needs of hospice administrators30
Stretch and strengthen for rehabilitation and development. By Bob Anderson, Donald G. Bornell & Jean E. Anderson part 530
Structural design criteria for the permanent soil nail/tied-back and cantilevered earth retention systems at Glendale Adventist Medical Center Acute Care Facility30
Student workbook to accompany Hospitality management accounting, fourth edition, Hospitality management accounting30
Study guide to accompany General industrial education and technology, Basic drafting problems30
Supervisees' reported best and transformational experiences in the context of psychological supervision24
Systematics, functional morphology, and macroevolution of the extinct mammalian order Taeniodonta30
Teacher and principal empowerment in elementary schools in eastern Washington, Cardiovascular critical care nursing27
The Ceramics of the Mosque of Rustem Pasha and the environment of change, Oriental rugs30
The Collective bargaining handbook for hotels, restaurants, and institutions, Salads for foodservice menu planning27
The Collegiate experience of first term traditional age commuter .., The Professional pastry chef30
The encourageMint a wealth of daily inspirations, encouraging you to become who God says you are--in him part 330
The forgotten boys of the Civilian Conservation Corps., who enlisted as boys amd were discharged as men part 330
"The front page" on film as a case study of American journalism mythology in motion. (vols. 1 and 2)30
The History of pharmaceutical education at the University of South Carolina, 1865-197830
The Library of Congress cooperative acquisitions program for India and the management of Indian language materials in the academic and research libraries in the United States30
The lived experience of healing in women who encountered battering within a relationship with a man30
The National plant germplasm system of the United States, Horticultural science, Plant science26
The Professional secretary's desk top reference guide to good writing, summarizing reports, proofreading30
The Role of animals in biological cycling of forest-steppe ecosystems, The Urban nest28
The Role of prolactin in the regulation of testosterone secretion in normal adult men30
The roles of interrogation, perception, and personality in producing compliant false confessions30
The Sage handbook of quantitative methodology for the social sciences, Liberty and freedom30
The search for dwelling and its relationship to journeying and wandering in the novels of Graham Greene part 230
The territorial component of nationalism in Southeastern Europe--the cases of the Hungarians, Romanians, and Serbs30
The Touche Ross personal financial management and investment workbook, Stock, stones, and rymes30
Toward safer schools and healthier communities the resolving conflict creatively program in Lincoln County, Oregon30
Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation, Inc. rules and guidelines--men and women wrestlers30
Urban design: the architecture of towns and cities. By Paul D. Spreiregen, Creating architectural theory23
We didn' know no clinic: an ethnomedicinal study of plant use in central Mississippi30
When a man loves a woman ; Take time to know her ; My special prayer, I thank thee, Lord30
Workbook for Technical drawing, third edition [by] David L. Goetsch, John A. Nelson, William S. Chalk30
Zing went the strings (of my heart) From album Nice 'n' easy: celebrating Sinatra (SACD)30
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