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101 great putts & 1528 other titles; photoplays. (Part 004 of 008), Babe, To duet or not to duet30
2019, after the fall of New York, The Wraith, Zero boys30
$5.20/hr dream & 3183 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 016 of 018)27
A Collection of works by Bob Murray and Jeff Claypool, Final countdown, High tech talk30
Adventures of Little Koala and friends & 373 other titles. (Part 001 of 002), Snow kills30
Advinalo con senas & 176 other titles, Yor, Yellow hair30
Agee on film. Vol. 2. Foreword by John Huston, editor-notes preceding each script, compilation of scripts part 230
Age of dinosaurs & 11 other titles; motion pictures or television programs, Bela Karolyi gymnastics30
A Hard day's night. By Proscenium Films, Ltd30
Alice's adventures in Wonderland & through the looking-glass. By Lewis Carroll, with ill. by John Tenniel, afterword by Clifton Fadiman, author of renewable matter: the Macmillan Company30
A Matter of love & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Sunset strip, Thrillkill30
Amazing masters/martial arts & 53 other titles; theatrical motion pictures & television productions30
American justice & 1 other title; motion pictures26
Animal farm rectangle shape with clock, no. A-08, Animal farm part 427
At close range30
A test item file to accompany Kagan and Havemann's Psychology an introduction. Ser. 3, 1970. By Ronald Krate & Barry Silverstein30
A Woodland glen = Fleurs de la foret = Waldblumen = Fiori di bosco = Blores del bosque25
Babar comes to America. By Laurent DeBrunhoff, Random House, Inc., as proprietor of work made for hire, M. Jean Craig (translator)24
Baker's hawk & 3 other titles; motion pictures or television programs30
Beach Boys: an American band, Blood diner, Wrinkles26
Bedroom window & 376 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 002 of 002), Love and passion30
Best seller. By William Murray, Best seller30
Bible tales for young people. Vol. 1, no. 5, Mar. 1954. By Official Magazine Corporation26
Big man on campus, Backtrack22
Billy Crystal: Don't get me started, Blastfighter, Brer Rabbit26
Body slam part 330
Boyer, Frank D., collection no. 3, Eyes of fire, The Sea of greed30
Breaking with the mighty Poppalots, Adventure of the action hunter, Arena30
Breaking with the mighty Poppalots, Blue man, Casey Kasem's rock and roll IV30
Call me part 1130
Candid camera. From album Television's greatest hits volume 4: black & white classics. SR 186-53527
Candid camera on England's royal family (1939) (Time capsules/Hearst reports)30
Captain James "Bob" Powell and "The Gunslingers", Dolphin, Radiance--the experience of light24
Charles Gassot presents M, Savage heart, Heist26
Cheerleaders of Central High30
Chinese boxes & 2 other titles; motion pictures30
City in fear27
City limits of heaven, City limits30
Code name: Chaos (spooks), Spies, lies and alibis, Spies, lies, and alibis30
Collected works of James Brewer, volume 4, 1981, The Adventures of the Little Prince25
Dance with a stranger27
Dark future a.k.a. cyborg rage & 8 other titles; motion pictures, Uninvited, Russian holiday20
Dick Clark's best of bandstand, the superstars, Deadly impact, Erotica, for women only30
Discreet charm of the bourgeoisie & 3 other titles; motion pictures, Restless, Prince Jack30
Don't change horses & 5 other titles, Read 'em 'n' weep, Real good time26
Double exposure a.k.a. Deadly exposure & Lethal exposure part 330
Eric Clapton and friends24
Florida Straits & 3 other titles; motion picture or television programs, Doorman30
Forever young. Carol Ann's theme; instrumental. Artist: Bernadette Peters, sound recording: MCA Records, Inc30
Frankenstein & 165 other titles, Monster squad, The Running man26
Free to be you and me25
Funny money. Recorded by David Glasser. (In album Dreams askew, dreams anew), Funny money26
George Carlin, playin' with your head, Ghoulies III, The Gobotron aga30
Getting even & 2 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78 Civ. 1769 (CES) filed 19Apr78 in U.S. District Court for Southern District of New York) part 330
Goodbye Bruce Lee, his last game of death & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Skullduggary30
Good morning, Miss America! Kellogg's, the best to you each morning part 230
Guide to looking & feeling great: Weight watchers magazine, Welcome to Blood City30
Hercules unchained (cues) & 1159 other titles. (Part 003 of 006)30
Hider in the house. PAu 1-314-93130
Hollywood hot tubs, pt. II: Educating Crystal, The Dawning, Rooftops30
Home movies30
Hot moves29
In a shanty in old Shanty Town. w Joseph Young, m Little Jack Little, pseud. of Jack Little, & John Siras, pseud. of Ira Schuster, arr. for SATB: M. Witmark & Sons, employer for hire of Gordon Jenkins, Jr part 230
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Investments--analysis, selection, management30
John doormat in "dustcap doormat." By Terrytoons, a division of CBS Television Film Sales, Inc30
Jou pu tuan. By Yu Li, translated from the German version by Franz Kuhn, English translation: Grove Press, Inc., employer for hire of Richard Martin30
Joy sticks & 2 other titles; motion pictures or television programs, Killers, Club sandwich26
Kavik, the wolf dog. By Walt Morey, illustrated by Peter Parnall, The Wild pony30
King of the streets30
Kristalltod & 3 other titles; motion pictures or television programs, The Clones30
Liar's moon & 4 other titles; motion pictures or television programs, Liar's moon24
Light of day & 3 other titles; feature length theatrical motion pictures part 330
Little shop of horrors (film cue) Composed by Bob Guadio & Robby Merkin30
Little shop of horrors (Lorimar), Lost in America, Personal best24
Live from Washington ... it's Dennis Miller, Manhattan baby, Hypersapien30
Live from Washington ... it's Dennis Miller, Manny's orphans, Love in Venice30
Live from Washington ... it's Dennis Miller, Man of flowers, Jennifer: the snake goddess30
Long day's journey into greatness: review of O'Neill; essay. By Joseph Wood Krutch30
Long day's journey into night. By Eugene G. O'Neill [i.e. Eugene Gladstone O'Neill]30
Los Cabelleros de la carva redonda, Loose screws, Laugh with the comedians24
Magic sticks soundcheck collection, The Mind of a piano tuner23
Mark of Cain; motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc24
Massive retaliation30
Merlin and the sword23
Million dollar treasure hunt, Stocks and blondes, Old El Monte mop man30
Mini madcap musicals: the emperor's new clothes 1 other title; television programs part 230
Mount Saint Helens--The Charles and Syronia Laurence prophetic papers24
Naked vengeance30
Nick Faldo II: a.k.a. Nick Faldo Instructional Video, Deadly Sunday, Eulalia30
Nightfighters: story of the Tuskeegee airmen24
Night of the zombies and some monsters, Caged women, Rats--night of terror22
Night school confidential30
No titles given for notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. C78-119 WAI filed 17Feb78 in U.S. District Court, Northern District, San Francisco) Nature of action: Petition for removal of cause from State Court to Federal Court and alternatively, for declaratory judgment and appeal from order granting summary judgment part 230
O'Hara's wife; theme. By Michael Murphy Productions28
On the edge30
Out on a whim: Paul Reiser, Party camp, Pin28
Over her dead body30
Papyri and ostraca from Karanis, second series. By Herbert Chayyim Youtie & John Garrett Winter30
Patches, & 1 other song, Man on fire, Cruel candy30
Perdonado en el corredor de la muerte, Celebrating the wonder of motherhood, Seven from heaven30
Perfect timing ; I wants what I wants when I wants it ; For the Lord ... [et al.]30
Platoon part 230
PMS (post moving-in syndrome) (Hangin' with Mr. Cooper) PA 619-183, Between friends30
Possession part 330
P.O.W. Pt. 2. (12 O'clock high) PA 84-306 (1980), Ironweed, The enslaved30
Promised land & 2 other titles part 230
Radioactive dreams30
Ray "Boom boom" Mancini: My knockout workout, Is there sex after death? Motion picture30
Red heat part 222
*Removed* wars & 1 other title27
Revenge of the cheerleaders. PA 316-17325
Richard Pryor--30 minutes at the Improv, Memory Street, More than rain, I27
Robin Williams talking with David Frost, The New Elizabeth23
Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July, Rocktober blood, S.A.S30
Rupert and pong ping & 12 other titles; episodes from the television series entitled Rupert30
Salvador part 230
Sardu: master of the screaming virgins & 1 other title, Girls school screamers, Wildrose30
Scanty and the magic seed, Honeymoon horror, Gifts25
Scared straight! & 1 other title; documentary television programs30
School spirit (skit), Destroyers, Wheels of fire27
Separate vacations. By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc28
Sex through a window, The Investigator, Extreme close-up22
Shanghai surprise29
She can't hold a candle to you, and other songs, Survivor, One by one30
Silk and sabotage & 1 other title; motion pictures, Steele's law, Lonely in America30
Sorority house massacre29
Sponono; a play in 3 acts. By Alan Paton & Krishna Shah, American drive-in, The Coventry cycle23
Spring symphony: no. TSG67030
Sundown: the vampire in retreat, Watched, Supersonic man30
Takin' it all off26
The Adventures of Handsome Prince, in which the friends arrive at the woodcutter's hut part 330
The adventures of Super Dan the plumber man & Technician Tess the plumbing princess (kid's menu and super action fun book) TX 5-753-728 (2003)30
The Alchemist's book; a play to be presented by adults for children30
The Enforcer. By United States Pictures, Inc23
The Monopoly songbook. By Michael J. Werner, Vincent M. Nicastro, Dominic D. Breaux, Justin D. Robertson & Jon D. Steinhoff30
The Relationship between Federal funds received by colleges and universities and characteristics . part 330
The Sicilian & 4 other titles; motion picture or television programs part 227
The storie of Dottie Daisy, When Babaloo went climbing, The pied piper of Hamelin, The king who couldn't sneeze30
The universe story: from the primordial flaring forth to the ecozoic era--a celebration of unfolding of the cosmos & 1 other title25
The Vegas strip war, Obsessive love28
The Wild duck and other plays. By Henrik Ibsen, translation and introd.: Eva LeGallienne26
To live and die in L.A. & 1 other title part 230
Treasure of the Amazon. By Screen Gems, Inc, Eye of the tiger, Lady beware27
Tubby the tuba. Six selections for piano solo. Music: George Kleinsinger, words: Paul Tripp, arr. Eric Steiner28
Tuck everlasting30
Twice in a lifetime & 6 other titles30
Under the First Street bridge, Igor and the lunatics, Like Father25
Untitled motion picture photoplay derived from the picture: The Adventures of Curley and his gang30
Vagabond & 1 other title; motion pictures, Vigilante, Naked city & 1 other title20
Weekend pass. (Red Shoe Diaries, vol. 5)22
Weight watchers easy shape-up series: healthy back and waist30
What waits below? PA 579-059 (1983)23
When your heart goes (woo, woo, woo) & 3 other titles, The Story of a cowboy angel30
When you whisper go, I can't stop, & 1 other selection, Street music, Understanding development30
Wired to kill25
Woman of substance: a nest of vipers, Very close quarters, Terminal choice30
Woodstorks, barometer of the everglades, Mugsy's girls, Pelle erobreren30
Woodstorks, barometer of the everglades, Murder elite, Obsessed with a married woman30
You can't take it with you (when you go) By Randy Albright, Lisa Silver & Mark Sanders part 430
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