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Adventures in paradise, Jeffery's home, The folktale fun house22
An exploration of intergenerational relations through dance between profoundly deaf individuals who are "total communicators."30
Animal instinct ; Bert's lounge ; Drive ... [et al.]30
An Original collection by K C St[a]r II, Lonely & blue, Good heart30
Bare essentials. By Elvgren, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow, Spinning, & 1 other selection30
Beefsteak Charlie's "Salad bar" "credo", You said a mouthful, Who will?22
Best of Holly does Hollywood, Ride 'em cowgirl, Wanda whips the Dragon Lady30
Between a rock and a hard place ; The Rest is history ; Straight to the heart ... [et al.]30
Bruce Seven presents a compendium of his most graphic scenes, The Enchantress, Loose ends30
Buck's excellent transsexual adventure, Best of Savannah, Big busted babes30
Buck's excellent transsexual adventure, Hot Savannah nights, Lady in blue30
Bustin' out. Dance for the new world. House of broken dreams ...[et al.] By Robert Mullins part 228
Chance meetings that tied the knot, The Dividing line, No passing fancy30
Cheatin' hearts, broken dreams, and stomped-on love, Three walls, Someone won your heart30
Cool on the outside, shakin' on the inside, Blow out, John Marascalco collection30
Daphne (cry out loud), Can't sleep, Glamour girl30
Dirty tricks on gentle people (That's how a takeover's done), Treatment for the screenplay Dirty tricks26
Empty kisses that linger on (blistered lips), Spanish rose, That's me and you30
Flying high ; Something he said ; Sitting in the sun ... [et al.], Flying high30
Full service rock and roll in a self serve world, Sinners in heaven, Looking for pasta29
Halloween dancers, Peek a boo, Broomsticks25
Here's a dollar--find a girl and have a good time, Belle of the ball, When the trains came through, we'd pray30
I be livin' (dangerous) By Soderberg & Washington, Hurts so good, I can't do a thing without you30
I'm into your lovin' (and out of my mind), Teach me tonight, Listern [sic] to your heart30
Is anybody here from Texas?, Hard to handle, Lovin' a dream25
Lay, lady, lay & 4 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. C78-1086A filed 28Jun78 in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia)30
Leading lady (belle of the ball/deb of the year version), Parts I and II, Role model30
Let's get naked ; She says ; You're not there ... [et al.], Don't ever say goodbye26
Matched pair of planters known as Ann and Andy rag doll planters, Dark wave, Rain of autumn22
One of these nights (you're gonna walk in) By Larry Cheshier & Glenn Sutton, Forever Knight30
Pleasure principle (Parts I and II), Anal invasion, Cumfest at Tiffany's30
Poltergeist II: the other side, Cat burglar, Amazons of Rome30
Rational curves on hypersurfaces in projective n-space, Hard feelings, Thru the broken glass28
Rocky mountain shangrila30
Roy Rogers animated project a.k.a. Roy Rogers 21st century cowboy, Queen of midnight30
Santa got drunk for Christmas, A night on the town, Downtown America30
Secret obsessions: friends with benefits series : break ups, make ups, and shakeups episode30
Send me an angel ; Solid rock ; Pretty mala, Facing the fire, The control freak26
Sweetheart, let's grow old, Sweet stuff, Swing hotel29
Tease for two; cartoon motion picture. By Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc, Upswept hare30
Tell me what I've done (to make you cry), Troublemaker, Green grass28
That come-back kind of love, Pretty boy, Wild about love25
The Little French maid, Sweet cheeks, Erotic aerobics28
The pawnbroker; motion picture. By Pawnbroker Company, Inc, Hard times, hard choices30
Una/todo/tropical/caliente collection, Truth/dirty collection, Speak when spoken to30
Warwick the kingmaker; a play in two acts, Made in Hollywood, Anvil man crafty30
What kind of girls do you think we are?, Buns & roses, Hot yachts26
What kind of girls do you think we are?, Danny does 'em all, Bi madness30
What kind of girls do you think we are?, Frisky fables, By day, bi night30
What kind of girls do you think we are?, Shameless desires, Joy of sec's30
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