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Accumulation of mouse beta-globin transcripts in transfected COS cells is influenced by the identity and arrangement of pre-mRNA processing signals part 230
A Little of something, Kingdom, Alone in the rain27
Alternative dispute resolution techniques--incorporating A D R in your law practice30
Blue of blue. By Nicholas Holmes & Carly Simon, Turn of the tide, Synphoney number 2 [sic]30
Conversations with myself, The swarm, Waltz for Stacy27
Focus on Galatians and Ephesians, Focus on the gospel of John, Beyond the contingent26
Friends to the end collection, Judgement, Get loose28
Goin' to beat the Devil (to see my angel tonight), Can't stop the bop, This heart's on fire30
Humor in human quirks in paintings and rhymes, Life blood, Wolf's blood29
It will come to pass (reprise) Song. From album Rizen, Like gods of the sun, The dark caress29
Lesson from the heart, Requiem30
Looking outside inside, Fragile dream, Inner silence29
Lost paradise as reward, Internal torment 2, Mortals watch the day30
Mine is yours to drown in (ours is the new tribe), Taking back the streets, Hot love, crazy nights30
Paradise lost. By Herb Freed, 1935- & Marion Segal Freed, 193130
Rapture part 530
Shattered part 430
Shimmy shoulder shake, Silhouette30
Symphonaire infernus et spera empyrium, The stance of Evander Sinque, Der Uberlebende30
The beautiful and the dead (part II) (Hunter, no. 00229) PA 399-253 (1986)30
The burning times. By Charles Billy, Eric Peterson, Derek Ramirez30
The night and the silent water, Dirge for November, Blackwater Park30
The threshers, Harvest30
The twilight age of the Kirghiz epic tradition30
The watchtower announcing Jehovah's kingdom. Vol. 99, no. 2, Jan. 15, 1978, Zebra lounge25
Underworld, Black day, The Actor30
Under your wings and into your arms, A little bitty ball, Hold it together30
Voodoo soul ; Voodoo soul (reprise), Wreath, A fair judgement27
What have we got left (if they're right)?, Frustration, Stardom30
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