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100 years from now & 109 other titles, Forgive and forget30
1962 supplements to Thompson on real property. Vols. 1, 2 (old), 2 (new), 3-3A, 4-4A, 5-5A, 6, 8-10, 10A, 11-12. By John S. Grimes30
A Broken vow is nothing but a lie. Words & music: Helen Kaye & Arthur Q. Smith, pseud. of James A. Pritchett30
Act of love, and 3 other songs, State of mind, Susanne30
(After Sweet memories) play Born to lose again & 444 other titles. (Part 003 of 003)30
A genealogical gazetteer of England; an alphabetical dictionary of places with their location, ecclesiastical jurisdiction, population, and the date of the earliest entry in the registers of every parish in England. Compiled by Frank Smith28
A Good looking woman (can make a man do some dangerous things) & 3 other titles, If I had a cheating heart24
Ain't it just like you (to take me in)? & 22 other titles, Suddenly there's a valley30
Albuquerque & 62 other titles, Albuquerque part 230
A Little night jazz & 757 other titles. (Part 003 of 004), Out on the Western plains30
All my life I've sung opera (now I wanna sing jazz) By Ray Rivera, Kenny Manges & Vin Roddie part 430
All of my love & 117 other titles part 230
Aloha, Hawaii; musical. Buch u. Musik: Pete Lee Zoellner, Fred T. Smith & R. Alexander Anderson, deutsche Fassung: Walter Brandin30
Another day, another dollar & 16 other titles, Family man, My mother the star28
At the party. w & m Les Cooper & Bobby Robinson (Morgan C. Robinson)30
Beautiful things for you & 14 other titles30
Billy does your bulldog bite? Musical composition, Hard baby to rock, Whenever we touch28
Blue feeling today & 1 other title, You're old enough (to be in love) By Michael Julien27
Call of the wild & 39 other titles part 430
Can't be as lonesome as me. w & m Vern Stovall, Claude McBride & Bobby George, Do my heart a favor. w & m Vern Stovall & Bobby George30
Can't stop talkin' & 2 other titles, Blue mascara. m Art Mooshagian & Charlie McFadden30
Cinco robles. Words, music & piano arr. Dorothy Wright & Larry Sullivan, Vestiges; a cycle in song27
Civil War letters of John G. Marsh, Lieutenant of the Twenty Ninth Regiment Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry27
Collected works of Gary Becks and Thomas Granger, July 1994, Money, fortune & fame30
Comin' back & 22 other titles, Comin' back part 330
Contemporary diagnosis and management of Parkinson's Disease, No territory!27
Cryin' in one eye. w & m Tom Reeves (Thomas Lee Reeves) & Don Deal (Donald Dean Deal) part 330
Dance in the dark. By Joe Curiale & Rick Neigher. (On original appl.: T. J. Hooker, production no. 181637)30
Dance in the dark. By Joe Curiale & Rick Neigher. (On original appl.: T. J. Hooker, production no. 181637) part 230
Death smiles on a dry cleaner-part 2, Like father, like son30
Do it again (a little bit slower) By Wayland Holyfield, Randy Hatch & R. Dickey Lee30
Don't go back to New Orleans. w & m Aaron Walker p.k.a. T-Bone Walker, pseud27
Drums along the strip. m Metric Music Company, Inc., as employer for hire of Scott Turner, Joe Saraceno30
Either/or. By Soeren Aabye Kierkegaard, v. 1 translated by David F. Swenson and Lillian Marvin Swenson, with revisions and a foreword by H. A. Johnson; v. 2 translated by Walter Lowrie, with revisions and a foreword by Howard A. Johnson30
End of time & 2 other titles, (Just) be a friend, End of time30
Evelina Lou. w & m Mark Anthony Traversino, Back to the past--"Where's the miracle?"29
Everybody's got a girl (but me) & 1 other title, Cradle days, Louisiana Saturday night & 10 other titles30
Forgetting you (is the last thing on my mind) By Roger Murrah & Billy Lawson26
"Going, going", almost gone. Words & music: Sal Izzo (Silvio Richard Izzo) & Bob Perper (Robert Perper)26
Granny's got her go-go boots on, & 3 other songs, Love that woman right, Get it the hard way25
Greater love hath no man & 8 other titles30
Happy ending & 5 other titles part 330
Happy Harry's honky tonk (and package liquor store). I won't care (what happens to me) By Carl Belew30
Have a heart Taft Hartley, have a heart30
Her laughin' boy (I'm the name of her game) By Dickey Lee & Kessler, Bonnie Blue & 4 other titles30
Her laughin' boy (I'm the name of her game) By Dickey Lee & Kessler, The Best is over & 29 other titles27
Hey, pretty girl, won't you marry me? w & m Elena Robbins, pseud. of Helen J. Steward, Leroy Kirkland, Al Joyner, arr. Leroy Kirkland30
Hillbilly boy with the rock 'n' roll blues & 1 other title, Kool kats, Cheatin' baby30
Hillbilly boy with the rock 'n' roll blues & 1 other title, So close yet so far away30
Honky tonk heartache of the year26
I can't stop (turning you on) By Joseph Jefferson, Charles Simmons & Richard Roebuck part 430
I couldn't believe what happened last night. By Edward Guzman, Pete Rivera, Gilbert Bridges, Ray Monette, & Mark Olson30
I just don't know what to do with myself. w & m Hal David & Burt F. Bacharach part 330
I'll never know your love again30
I'm afraid to say I love you. w Bill Olofson, m Mark McIntyre, My mama likes you. m Chris Miller, w Bill Olofson30
I'm glad that I'm Bugs Bunny. Words: Warren Foster & Michael Maltese, music: Ardmore Music, a division of Capitol Publications, Inc., employer for hire of William May30
I'm glad that you're happy with somebody else (but I'm sorry it couldn't be me) Words & music: Ben Drohan & Ben McLaughlin30
I'm just a little bit crazy (from lovin' you last night) Musical composition, Copperhead & 1 other title30
Implications for education of prospective changes in society. By Edgar L. Morphet & Charles O. Ryan26
I never miss a day (missing you) By Carl Belew, Van Givens & Moe Bandy (Marion Bandy)28
Instructor's manual for The Legal environment of business. By James L. Houghteling, Jr. & George G. Pierce30
It's just a house without you. w & m Clyde Otis, Brook Benton, Cirino Colacrai & Teddy Randazzo30
It was fun while it lasted (but it's all over now) w & m Billy Barberis, Bobby Weinstein & Kenny Rankin30
I've got a girl. From We take the town. w Matt Dubey, m Harold Karr30
I wish you love to hold when you feel empty and a hand to hold when you're afraid25
June was the end of August. m Joe Saraceno, w Sam Hoffman & Freeman, Do the Y dance & 6 other titles27
Just like before. Words & music: "Tee Pee" Mitchell, pseud. of Mitchell Lewis Tableporter, & Wes McWain & Fabor Robison30
Just to leave this world my name & 20 other titles, Rainbow at midnight. By Tom Kimmel & Danny Tate30
Ko ko mo (I love you so) Words and music: Eunice Levy, Jake Porter & Forest Wilson27
Ladybug, ladybug; theatrical motion picture. By Francis Productions, Inc, Nightwork30
Life's too long (to live like this) Co-writers: Jarvis & Wilson, Mambob & 3 other titles30
Listen to the music & 5 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. CIVIL no. A78-3011 filed 28Feb78 in District of North Dakota--Southeastern Division, Fargo)30
Love doesn't grow on trees & 2 other titles, We are the U. S. A, Rainbow stream28
Love has made a woman out of you, Lone star lonely, Love looks29
Love so right & 7 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. 78-C-434 filed 12Jul78 in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)30
Macarena. Music: Bernardino Bautista Monterde, Spanish lyric: Antonio Ortiz Calero, English lyric: Dorothy Dodd25
Manual for Games to be played with the Encyclopedia Britannica (1978, 15th edition)29
Manual to accompany Essentials of modern English. By Marion C. Sheridan, Dorothy Williams & Lieber B. Anker30
Mirror, mirror & 224 other titles; background music. (Part 002 of 002)30
Miss Untrue. w & m Jimmy Curtiss (Jim Stulberger) & David Fleischhacker, Faded dreams and tender lies30
My boyfriend is a convict, My point of view, King of the universe28
Ol' man river (I've come to talk again) By Ronny Scaife & Danny Hogan, Billy Bardo & 3 other titles30
Once in a blue moon30
On the edge of getting over you & 2 other titles, On the edge part 330
Pass it on. By Seventh Son Music, Inc., employer for hire of Micheal Smotherman30
Protect your hearing. TX 4-412-836 (1998), Tender in the dark, Oh, no29
Recipe for pizza pie: (donna breath on anyone) & 1 other title, It's a million miles to paradise29
Roadmap; collection of ten songs. By Tom Dundee & James Lee Stanley, Just keep it up30
Roaring camp; a musiplay in one act, four scenes. Words: Jerome Lawrence & Robert Lee, music adapted from New World Symphony of Antonin Dvorak, arr. Harms, Inc., employer for hire of Don Wilson30
Saint Christopher, bring him home. w & m Lou Duhig & Hal Blair, Wishbone. w & m Lou Duhig & Ruby Berry30
She cried on my shoulder while she talked about you. w & m Don Robertson (Donald Irwin Robertson) & Hal Blair (Harold Keller Blair) part 230
She say oom dooby doom. w & m Barry Mann, pseud. of Barry Imberman & Mike Anthony, pseud. of Michael Logiudice, piano arr. & chord symbols: Stratton Music, Inc., employer for hire of Chris Langdon30
She's leavin' me tomorrow on a Greyhound bus that brought me home today30
She's mine, she's yours. Words & music: Jimmie Rushing & Jim Rushing (James A. Rushing) & Henry Bernard Glover a.k.a. Henry Bernard30
Smokey blue eyes. w & m Wes Bryan, pseud. (of Bryan Westfield Mintz), Ann Horton, Fred Horton, Fay Kirkland, Reese Morgan, pseud. (of Edward J. Fleming)27
Sonny James in prison, in person with his Tennessee State Prison Band. Sound recordings: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc30
Sonny Liston vs. Eddie Machen, September 7, 1960, Seattle, Washington. By Greatest Fights of the Century, Inc24
Spread a little happiness. From Mister Cinders. Arr. for dance orchestration: Harms, Inc., employer for hire of Jimmy Lally, music by Vivian Ellis, w Percival Davis, pseud. of Clifford Grey, & Greatrex Newman part 430
Strange love of Molly Louvaine part 230
Suddenly there's a valley. Words & music: Chuck Meyer (Charles Meyer) & Biff Jones (George Nater Jones)25
Susie's blues. Music: Serge Chaloff, The Spinner, The Maypole26
Take a hand. w & m Rick Springfield, arr.: Big 3 Music Corporation, employer for hire of Ronnie Ball30
Take a letter, Miss Jones. w Gene Eccles (Eugene Eccles), m Don Rivers McGinnis30
Tender loving care & 10 other titles part 227
That's what a song can do. Words & music: Bernie Wayne & Eve Jay Morris, pseud. of Maurice Zeserson30
(That's what you do) when you're in love & 1 other title, All roads lead to you, Operator, long distance please & 12 other titles30
That's you. w & m Sammy Gallop, Nelson Riddle & Chester Conn, new musical arr., notations & ukulele diagrams: Bregman, Vocco and Conn, Inc., employer for hire of Ben Kendall part 230
The Barnyard hop. w & m Jimmy Harper, Rod Arden, pseud. of Dave Silver, & Don Pelosi23
The Book of the blues. By K. Shirley, F. Driggs, J. Graeme, B. Hartsell, changed w & m (9 songs): Duchess Music Corporation, changed w & m (1 song): Jimmy Witherspoon, Rachel Witherspoon30
The day the bass players took over the world, Ridin' sideways, Rain or shine27
The Family circle & 1 other title, Preventing teen suicide--you can help, Quassy Park30
The Girl can't dance & 4 other titles, Keepin' the faith, Don't lead me to the water24
Them good ol' boys are bad. By Jeff Pennig, Jeff Harrington & Kim Espy for Flowering Stone Music part 330
The One that got away. By the Rank Organisation Film Productions, Ltd30
The Pough (Pugh)/Harvey family reunion '98, His will, Devilish lovelight30
The Prince of Pilsen; a musical comedy in two acts. w Francis Pitley, m Gustave Luders, rev. book, w & m & new m M. Witmark & Sons, employer for hire of Edward Bradley & Don Wilson30
The Puzzle. w & m Nick Savorese, Cliff Crofford & Ritchie Dean, new arr. with chords and harmony: Ben Kendal p.k.a. Ben Kendall30
Things to do with your Texas Instruments 99/4A computer30
'Til Santa's gone (I just can't wait) & 37 other titles, I let her go. Words & music: Hal Blair & Don Robertson30
Tonight I'm lonely, & 1 other selection, All that I can do, Mangy30
Too close to call. PA 385-28230
Trop jolie. Paroles anglaises et musique de Norman Petty, Buddy Holly & Jerry Allison, paroles francaises de Frank Gerald, pseud. of Gerald Biesel30
Volume three of the Gilbert collection of country and pop lyrics, Manhunt, I will bring the hot dog, babe, if you will bring the bun30
Wait a minute, baby. Words and music: Alton Hollowell, Gerald Hollowell, Ulysses Hollowell, Jack Edward Thomas & George Wade30
We belong together (yes, we do) By Robert Spencer30
What about love? By Steve Krikorian, Tim Dulaine & Arnie Badde, A woman in love. From album What about love?30
What a merry Christmas this could be. w & m Harlan Perry Howard & Hank Cochran, If it's gonna happen30
What will tomorrow bring? Words and music by Louis Todd Innis & Danny Coughlan (Donald Coughlan) EU886979 (1965)26
When He set me free. Words and music: Joe Washington, arr. Roberta Martin, Money, fortune & fame & 1 other title30
When the saints come swingin' in. Arr. Simon H. Zentner (Si Zentner) & Robert C. Florence (Bob Chase)26
When winter comes. w Renny Revel, piano & vocal arr. Billy Revel (William Charles Schulman)27
Willie, the weeper. w & m Paul Rubinstein, Vince Cassaro, Bill Barberis, Cominick Fleres & Bob Weinstein30
Will success spoil Dobie's mother? By Twentieth Century Fox Television, Inc., Martin Manulis Productions, Inc., & Selby-Lake, Inc29
With love lighting up my life. w & m Dick Glasser, Pat Glasser, Al Capps & Kathy Wakefield part 230
You're one of the people (that helps keep America beautiful) By John Schweers, You've got a soft place to fall28
You're only losing (what you will find again) By Richard Campbell & Gary Usher, Alamo cowboy & 121 other titles30
You should see me through my father's eyes, That's how much I love you, Take it to Calvary30
You've got what it takes (to break my heart) By Carmen Didier, Quentin Powers & Paul Worley26
You will never know. w & m Wes Farrell & Larry Kusik29
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