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101 things husbands do to annoy their wives, The ultimate deception, God doesn't believe in atheists23
An application of transformational leadership and the multifactor leadership questionnaire among assembles of God church leaders in the United States and Mexico30
An Empirical test of a model of the innovation-decision process in .., Villageites30
Angels from above ; The drifting clouds ; Condemned ; The flowing brook, Life changing reflections27
A revised classification for certain genera of the families Uncinulidae, Hebetoechidae, Obturamentellidae, Glossinotoechiidae, Hypothyridinidae and Hadrorhynchiidae of the superfamily Uncinuloidea, order Rhynchonellida, phylum Brachiopoda30
A scriptural outline of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, Daily strength for daily needs29
Body music ; Waitin' for the buzz ; Cumbe ... [et al.], The remnant, The remnant seed30
Commercial for Hebrew National salami contest, Why me?30
Computational study of protein recognition using molecular dynamics, free energy calculation and sequence analysis30
Effective parent involvement in secondary schools of Texas identified as exemplary, 1982-198930
Effects of fixed and movable sightsinging systems on undergraduate music students' ability to perform diatonic, modulatory, chromatic, and atonal melodic passages30
Effects of imipramine on the cognitive, learning and academic performance of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder30
Enscribing electronic communications of A to Z and numbers 0, 1, to the number 9 functioning as a payee device part 230
Essential truths of the Christian faith, Renewing your mind, The priest with dirty clothes29
Every place your foot shall tread, Beyond imagination, The Hour that changes the world30
Experiencing God all ways and every day. By Winston Press, employer for hire of J. Norman King part 230
Exploring the world of social insects. By Hilda Simon30
Genetically-enhanced Arachnids and digitally-altered advertisements, Women on women30
God's grace and apostate transmogrification thereof, with comments on soteriological and ecclesiological implications30
God's power is limited to the speed of light, God's providence, God's power30
Guide to independent study through correspondence instruction, Manual de sanidad para el hombre integral21
Have you seen this child? By Brent Rowan & Gloria Gaither, God in you, Holy, holy lord30
Heaven or hell, and 2 other selections, Hold me harmless, Vicious circles29
Holy Spirit Hospital Department of Laboratory Medicine handbook, Holy Spirit part 230
In search of early Christian unity--the church united30
Intentional species and the identity between knower and known according to Thomas Aquinas30
Jesus is coming soon! don't despise the chastening of the Lord30
J. Henry Shorthouse, "the author of John Inglesant" (with reference to T. S. Eliot and C. G. Jung)30
J. Henry Shorthouse, "the author of John Inglesant" (with reference to T. S. Eliot and C. G. Jung) part 230
Lectures on revivals of religion. By Charles Grandison Finney, edited by William Gerald McLoughlin27
Living confidently in God's love = formerly titled Living in the sunshine, Diamonds in the Rokahr30
Obtaining answers to prayer = formerly Prayer and praying men, Power through prayer ; Purpose in prayer20
Pardon the liberty I now take in addressing you in this manner on a rather delicate subject30
Pardon the liberty I now take in addressing you in this manner on a rather delicate subject part 230
PinkMonkey literature notes on The pilgrim's progress [by] John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's progress in the allegory of a dream30
Reaching you (a collection of praise lyrics)30
Signs and wonders from our journals30
Single, married, separated, and life after divorce, Becoming a leader: communication techniques30
Song of songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther30
Spiritual warfare surrounding our son's death from autoertic asphyxiation part 230
Structured clinical interview for DSM-IV AXIS 1 disorders clinican version (SCID-1) administration booklet30
Supernatural other worlds and spiritual afterlife in Thomas Pynchon's . part 230
The confessional impulse in French autobiographical works of the Second World War30
The deeper Christian life and other writings, The secret of the throne of grace, Waiting on God27
The Effects of linguistic and contextual variables on "s" productions in children with inconsistent . part 230
The Evidence of God in an expanding universe. By John Clover Monsma30
The Genesis, development, and expansion of evangelism explosion international, . part 330
The Gist of the lesson for 1958. Originated by R. A. Torrey, editor: Ralph G. Turnbull30
The good deserter. By James Currier Lawson (Jason Currier, pseud.), Color me, Chicago (you always make me smile)28
The John Emanual Giarrizzo reality perception comprehension deficiency eternal predictability test30
The Kaiser and his court; the diaries, note books, and letters of Admiral Georg Alexander VonMuller, chief of the Naval Cabinet, 1914-1918. With a foreword by Sven VonMuller, edited by Walter Gorlitz, translator: Mervyn Savell30
The pilgrim's progress 2000 (on the journey from this world to the next), Birdvillage30
The possibility of experiencing spiritual gifts by advancing understanding of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit30
The power of prayer and its effects on the healing of patients30
The Practice of good nutrition through proper eating, through supplements of vitamins and minerals, and the .30
The Women of Faith Fiction Club presents The pearl, War in the Middle East & the road to Armageddon30
Thumb tripping (I'll be moving on) Written by S. Black, R. Cork, H. Elston & F. Butler30
Tools for time management--Christian perspectives on managing priorities, The NIV vest pocket companion for Christian workers30
Until He lifts the clouds. Author of words & music: Helen R. Donaldson, Treasures in heaven29
WASP. By Eve Merriam & Helen Miller, Two shall be one, Wallflower30
Words of wisdom, words of love, words to show the way30
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