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Acapulco HEAT, code name: till death do us part, Bring it on, The in-laws30
A comparison of the attitudes of gay and nongay men toward gay men--testing Herek's psychological functional approach30
Afterlife fo life & 1l other titles, Infamous, Barrels up & 4 other titles28
Against their will: the Andrew Luster case, Rough air, Terror on the rails30
Alexander the great--main title. From Alexander the Great, Alexander, Battle of Granicus. From Alexander the Great24
Amazing grace. SATB with acc. Original setting (adaptation, arr. & additional verses): J. J. Niles (John Jacob Niles), text: John Newton30
Amazing grace. SATB with acc. Original setting (adaptation, arr. & additional verses): J. J. Niles (John Jacob Niles), text: John Newton part 230
Assignment and assumption agreement, Holes, Holes & 2 other titles21
Behind the scenes (behind the scenes) Written by Adam X. Cohen30
Bickford Schmeckler's cool ideas, The namesake, Angel29
Black widow. Add. ti.: Down home. PA 576-996, Black widow, Primal Elements, winter/spring 9928
Bridge to Terabithia score & 4 other titles29
Brokenhearted lovers never sleep alone30
Consequences of organization, I30
Crash & burn, and 2 other song lyrics, Shind, Almost enough22
Day of the dead & 2 other titles; motion pictures30
Death sentence; motion picture. By Shamley Productions, Inc30
Don't the road look rough and rocky? Written by Hall, PS I love you bank/balloon holder30
Do or die30
Doubting Thomas. English w John McCarthy, arr. Arnold Freed30
Eloise at Christmastime. Text: Kay Thompson, ill.: Hilary Knight, Eloise22
Family values through children's literature: grades K-3. TX 5-377-72930
For one night. PA 1-325-703, Cruces, Two-bit politician26
For the people, by the people: a history of the United States, beginnings to present: teacher's manual--teacher's ed30
Four poems of James Stephens. No. 4, And it was stormy weather. For high voice and piano. m & arr. Samuel Adler30
Frame of mind of the successful and/or superior student ; Want to remember it ; Circumstances that contribute to effective learning ... et al30
Frankenstein Junior, the menace of the heartless monster part 330
Frankie and Johnny. From the motion picture Frankie and Johnny. w & arr. Ben Weisman, Fred Karger & Alex Gottlieb30
Gone but not forgotten & 1 other title30
Grampa and the great cyclic harmonium swindle, The visitor30
Gray matters & 1 other title23
I could never be your woman & 1 other title; motion pictures, The flock, The groomsmen21
If I had known. w & m Arthur G. L. Crier, Carl Spencer & Harold Johnson30
I'm not there (1956) RE 771-501 (1998)30
In the valley of Santa Claus. w & m Kathy Dunn, Leroy E. Lambert, Stephen Hudak & Andy Best30
Journey to the end of the night. For soprano, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon. w Ferdinand Celine, m Morton Feldman30
Juiced, wild times rampant roids, smash hits and baseball got big, Find me guilty27
Just like the last one & 3 other titles; unpub. musical compositions30
Larry the cable guy: health inspector, Hurt, Butterfly on a wheel30
Laws of attraction. Written by Aline Brosh McKenna, Karey Kirkpatrick30
Mail order bride. From Mail order bride. m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., employer for hire of George Bassman30
(Mama) is Uncle Clayton Jackson sleeping here again tonight? By Toni Wine & Irwin Levine part 827
One true love (of a lifetim) Composed by Gary S. Burr & Michael Barry Reid30
Premonition (nothin' ever changes) & 1 other title, Premonition30
Running scared. Text: Bob McKnight (Robert C. McKnight)30
Silver bells; arr. for E-flat instruments. m Paramount Pictures Corporation, employer for hire of Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, arr. Paramount Music Corporation, employer for hire of George N. Terry30
Slow burn part 227
Smart people don't drank [i.e. drink] and drive!, The marine, The poker house23
Special agent 34-24-38. w & m Milton Bland, Monk Higgins & Earl Jones24
Spring fever. Words & music: Minnie Pearl, pseud. of Ophelia Cannon & Louis (Grandpa) Jones30
Staten Island hornpipes/swallowtail jig. From album Autoharpin'28
[Stationed in Germany with Fred & Frank, and other contributions], Synecdoche, New York23
Straight jacket/day of the night22
Strangers: story of a mother and daughter, Griffin & Phoenix, Stranger in our house30
Terminator 3: rise of the machines & 1 other title; motion pictures, Showtime, Black flag23
That's incredible, special request no. 330
The authorized collection of Holusion art, how and why it works, Shark attack, Gulf maneuvers24
The challenge of change: achieving flexibility with Oracle applications & 3 other titles part 230
The chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe & 2 other titles, Children on their birthdays19
The condemned. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc., Cambridge Productions, Inc30
The crow & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Gary the tennis coach, Gary30
The Escape of the woo woo kid, The Woo Woo Kid, The woo-woo kid22
The far side of fury. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc., Arcola Pictures Corporation & Fespar Enterprises, Inc30
The girl next door. From album Encores, vol. 2: blue 'n' boogie30
The girls guide to hunting & fishing, Tenderness, The girl30
The illusionist & 3 other titles30
The minister's manual (Doran's); a study and pulpit guide for the calendar year 1966. By Merlo K. W. Heicher30
The one percenters, First snow, Joe's eyes22
The road home30
The Texas chainsaw massacre: origin & 2 other titles; motion pictures29
The tooth fairy's wish, no. 13040, The boogeyman, Wrestle maniacs28
The twelve days of Christmas with the Chipmunks. Cover art Doug Oudekerk. Art direction by Yves Roux. VA 77-868 (1981)30
Together again. w & m Buck Owens, arr. Central Songs, Inc., employer for hire of Lou Halmy part 230
Trailer park pie, and other short stories25
Untitled Kevin Williamson pilot, A mother's gift, Infidelity28
Untitled performing arts school project, That place, Alumni23
What's happening at the seams ; Deck full of jokers ; King Kong ... [et al.]30
What will I come to? Co-writer, Taylor, Cherry crush, Even the thrill is gone27
You are here. By Clarence Samford, Edith S. McCall & Ruth Gue30
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