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10 guaranteed ways to pick up women. Written by David Douglas Hamilton 2nd, pseud30
A Clinical investigation of the translation process for solving word .., The good, the bad, and the nasty (update)30
Acting without reason? an examination of minority group decision making, You shouldn't drink and drive30
A discussion of how DRGs and RVSs may counteract the effects of innovaitons in medical technology, with comments on how cost-containment methods affect distibutive justice in the provision of health care30
A historical survey of woodwind doubling and a form/style analysis of four works for doubler and wind ensemble, a lecture recital together with three recitals of selected works by W. A. Mozart, A. Glazounov, P. Tate, A. Szalowski, A. Copland, and others part 227
Alerta! a complete conversational Spanish survival guide for law enforcement officers part 230
An Experimental investigation of the effects of thoughts on emotions and behavior30
A Radiographic standard of reference for the growing hand and wrist: prepared for the United States national health examination survey18
Asbestos, lead, and underground storage tanks, Living for eternal life, Ed Sharpe songs II30
A Simplified method for attacking the subtest profiles from the Wechsler intelligence scale for children30
A Study of prison overpopulation in the North Carolina State prison system and a proposal for increasing numbers of inmates on third shift jobs part 230
Catalog of performance objectives, criterion-referenced measures, and performance guides for the meat cutter30
Clinical science examination for podiatric medicine, Self-study module, hemostasis25
Close friendships of middle-aged women as a function of intimacy and attachment style30
Coal related polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their aqueous chlorination chemistry30
Common problems in pediatric otolaryngology, To remember You, To remember29
Computerized tomography in orbital disease and neuro-ophthalmology, Practical orthopedics30
Controversial areas in the evaluation and management of prostate cancer, Politics in America, second edition30
Correlational study of the relationship between the Iowa test of basic skills eighth-grade reading scores and the Georgia high school graduation test English language arts scores27
Cow Spring/Siphon, Suwannee County, Florida, My refuge, Almost believe28
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, The Essentials of respiratory therapy27
Cross section of the eastern Aleutian Arc, from Mount Spurr to the Aleutian Trench near Middleton Island, Alaska30
Current problems in obstetrics, gynecology, and fertility, The Year Book of Anesthesia30
Depositional environments, lithostratigraphy, and biostratigraphy of the White River and Arikaree groups (Late Eocene to Early Miocene, North America) part 326
Disposition and anticonvulsant action of valproic acid in the developing rat, Disposition30
Dominique Vivant Denon ; French masters of the nineteenth century, Netherlandish artists28
Dynamic mechanical, dielectric and magnetic resonance .., Photochemical conversion and storage of solar energy30
Eddius Stephanus' Life of Bishop Wilfrid; a theological and literary study of an early English saint's life30
Effects on collective bargaining by Wisconsin mediation-arbitration law as perceived by school district administrators30
EMG waveforms video companion to electromyography and neuromuscular disorders, Hot blood30
Enhancement of integrated personal/professional self (IPPS) through reflective/experiental learning in graduate social work students30
Federal bail and detention handbook alert sheets, Beauty, Duke of the ukelele26
Federal practice and procedure with forms. Vol. 5. By William W. Barron, Francis A. Darnieder & J. Vincent Keogh, West Publishing Company & Edward Thompson Company, employers for hire part 230
Federal taxes affecting real estate (4th ed.), edited by Ivan Faggen. [Cumulative supplement30
Financial reporting research cases--a multi-company emphasis for use with Advanced accounting, seventh edition, [by] James R. Boatsman, Charles H. Griffin, Don Vickrey, Thomas H. Williams part 330
Glitch in the system -- epochalypse, Game day, CPCa25
Goin' home. w & m Wonish Productions, Inc., employer for hire of Galt Macdermot & Formosa Productions, Inc., employer for hire of Joe Lewis30
Handbook of Tourette's syndrome and related tic and behavioral disorders, Epilepsy and sudden death25
I am a special agent for the Federal Internal Bureau, do not be alarmed, take off all your clothes, and do exactly as told. Your co-operation in our struggle against communism will be greatly appreciated26
I'll tell you what I know ; Backseat driver ; Do you really think you're going somewhere? ; Telling on yourself30
Immunology and infectious diseases of the mouth, head, and neck, The Anesthetic plan30
Inductive exploration in human geography, Message to man, The Day you hear my voice30
Instructor's guide to accompany Mastering electricity, Sacred honor, We can swing it27
Instructor's manual to accompany Searching for great ideas, Don't you hear Jesus calling (all sinners from sin)?30
Instructor's manula to accompany Fundamentals of cost accounting by M. Maher, W. Lanen, M. Rajan, and C. Chang30
Instrumental & vocal music of "The tribute", and 1 other selection30
Introduction to IBM operating systems (DOS and OS/2) computer aided instruction materials part 230
Jazz beaux's time of night & 11 other titles, Lobe-lenders, Ground Hogs Day24
Just a pilgrim searching "for a city whose builder and maker is God", Black light30
Liver transplantation: the Cambridge-King's College Hospital experience, Esophageal disorders22
Logar, the biggest giant that ever was, and his very special friend, Color palettes part 227
Longman preparation course for the TOEFL test CBT volume for Windows, Exploring new directions for ending practices of male violence30
Lung cancer journal club, vol. 1, no. 1, Feb. 2001. TX 5-841-462, Lung cancer, One word27
Management of rheumatoid arthritis and its complications, Pioneers of praise, The big decision30
Medicassette--otolaryngology, head and neck surgery30
Medicassette--otolaryngology, head and neck surgery part 229
Methods of animal experimentation. Vol. 2. By William I. Gay, & 12 others, Provinces of night25
Motivating students towards a satisfactory career choice, a study of student attitudes regarding ..30
Musculoskeletal problems and solutions to the office ergonomic health hazards, The Hellenization of politics21
National trade and professional associations of the United States and Canada and labor unions22
Otter Tail County, Minnesota, Farm & Home plat & directory, 1992, Oh, precious Jesus26
Paintings by Thomas Patrick Quigley winter 2007 collection, The Year Book of Sports Medicine20
Pharmacology PreTest self-assessment and review & 7 other titles; literary works30
Physical examination of Hirtzer insulating link: one ton-one kilovolt, serial 1-957-1/G D Whitehouse. TXu 553-81730
Pocket book of technical writing for engineers and scientists26
Problems in physical chemistry. By Lars Gunnar Sillen, Paul W. Lange & Carl O. Gabrielson30
Problem solving ability of graduates from associate and baccalaureate degree nursing .30
Proceedings of the ... U. S. Water Jet Symposium, Magnum, Doing business in newly privatized markets21
Progress in nucleic acid research and molecular biology, The Year Book of Emergency Medicine17
Radiolabeled peptides and pretargeting agents for diagnostic imaging and therapy of cancer30
Radiology of syndromes, metabolic disorders, and skeletal dysplasias, Cutaneous electrosurgery30
Recovery room nursing at Franklin Square Hospital, You'll never leave your love, Four Mark Stacy songs29
Respiratory therapy advanced practitioner home study preparatory package part 230
Selected prose and poetry of the romantic period. By George R. Creeger, Joseph W. Reed30
Sensitivity and psychometric characteristics of instruments and tests designed to diagnose dementia in elderly people with mental retardation30
State taxation of multi-national corporations after Container Corporation, Criminal tax investigations, conferences & prosecutions30
Strategic marketing problems cases and comments, seventh edition [by] Roger A. Kerin, Robert A. Peterson part 330
Student learning guide to accompany Essentials of psychiatric nursing, fourteenth edition30
Student study guide and workbook to accompany The Management of operations, second edition30
Study guide for Calculus, v. 1 (ch. 1-9), by James F. Hurley, Thyroiditis, Come see me, darling30
Success or failure! Key secrets for how to failure-proof your own business, Moonlight lovers30
Supplement to Federal income taxation of partnerships and S corporations, Current pulmonology30
Supplement to the Instructor's manual for Introduction to computer data processing, second edition, for use in conjunction with Introduction to computer data processing with Basic30
Teachers manual for Elements of civil procedure, cases and materials, fifth edition25
Techniques of physical diagnosis--a visual approach, The Neurological examination20
Testing program with complete answer key to accompany Sprechen wir Deutsch!, third edition30
The Affective implications of recombinant D N A and genetic engineering, Andrew L. McCrann's songs30
The American journal of diagnostic gynecology and obstetrics, Ovarian carcinoma, Carcinoma of the endometrium21
The Arthritis Foundation's Guide to good living with rheumatoid arthritis, Mechanisms of disease26
The concepts of justice in the family as reflected in the relational ethics scale, the family of origin scale, and the just world scale29
The effect of teacher voice control on the behavior and work habits of male juvenile delinquents30
The Journal of the American Dental Association, Dental abstracts, Oral research abstracts18
The Lung and its disorders in the newborn infant. By Mary Ellen Avery, Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, vol. 36, no. 3, Sept. 198430
The Management of complications of penile prostheses and the artificial urinary sphincter30
Theoretical calculations of power-broadened microwave lineshapes, Eat to compete25
The Practical assessment & management of children with disorders of development and learning part 230
The Practical assessment & management of children with disorders of development and learning part 330
The Practical assessment & management of children with disorders of development and learning part 430
The Principle of restitution as it relates to third party good faith acquisition of purloined international cultural property part 230
The role of teachers' communication in an adolescent character education and problem behavior prevention program27
The unpublished photographs of Dave Collins, 1995-1998, Baseball's race for the pennant28
The U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council Injuries to the throwing arm, Pediatric orthopedics in clinical practice30
The wonderful food of Provence. By Jean-Noel Escudier, pseud. of Roger Rebstock & Peta J. Fuller, with decorations by Ron Becker30
The Year book of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Self-assessment for The Year book of pediatrics30
The Year Book of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery, Advances in otolaryngology--head and neck surgery30
Trace theory for automatic hierarchical verification of speed-independent circuits30
UFO abduction narratives and religious traditions of heavenly ascent, Merkabah and ma'aseh merkabah, according to rabbinic sources30
Umbrello [sic] of protection, love, and prosperity over home and business, Pre-flight--The Mississippi Earth Stompers30
What every engineer should know about electronic communications systems, Muscle relaxants in clinical anesthesia30
Where the woodbine twinkles (in the wangle doodle morning), Eat sleep hockey, Patriotic stallion28
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