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titleNumber of documents words and music by Steve Broughton and Lol Mason [i.e. Lawrence Mason]30
Autumn rain. w Saul Joel Tepper, m Martin Burns, Autumn rain, You're what I want!29
Bathory aria (Benighted like usher, A murder of ravens in fugue, Eyes that witnessed madness)30
Buff m' stuff--stainless steel burning, Mystery blue, Smoove villains30
Cadenza for Mozart violin concerto no. 4, 1st movement, New car, For me to know30
Children of the dark. By Irving Shulman30
Come let us praise the Lord (St. Louis Choir prayer), Hallowed be thy name, God's protection29
Compilation of selections for the vertical world music project, Heartache city, Special to me30
Creation (fanfare for a 3rd millennium), Love will keep us together, 3 Mile Island30
Days of chocolate cake & pink ice cream, Mary Lou, Reach into your heart26
Don't feel like crying, Your turn, This part of town22
Escape part 730
Es tan corto el amor. Words by Julio Hernandez Serrano, music by Jose Juan (Chiquitin) Garcia30
Everytime that you go away, Fools gold, Winchester/Wrinkle29
Falling into Xtacy (FIX) compositions from January 15, 2001 through July 16th, 200130
Five minutes of funk. By Lawrence Smith, Jalil Hutchins & John Fletcher, Toby and the nighttime. By Lawrence Beall Smith30
Garrison's history of neurology. By Lawrence C. McHenry, Jr., foreword by Derek Denny-Brown30
(Had a good idea on) Monday, Simple, Biscuit barrel30
Hartwell, volume one, High tide, Secrets in the rain30
Holy mackerel, more songs of old Czechoslovakia, Gasoline, Songs of old Czechoslovakia30
If whiskey turns to crazyness [sic], Touch the stars, Bandettos30
I'm doin' fine now, New York City. Sound recording by Chelsea Records, Never dare to dream29
I really want you right now ; I want to help you, Ann, Singin' your song, Airhead girl28
I wish I could break your heart, Protected, Sailing27
La mula arrastrada, Angelica, Senora bonita27
Lighting a fire (that you can't put out), Songs written by Brian Gregory in 198930
Management principles and practices. By Dalton E. McFarland, Somewhere else, Bucky, Bucky, Bucky30
Mike DeRosa's songs for the slanted, Modern love 2, Modern love30
Never trust a stranger ; After the love has gone ; Shake the nation ; When you need someone30
Never trust a stranger ; After the love has gone ; Shake the nation ; When you need someone part 230
No, don't tell me. By Leroy Andrew Battle & Kimberly Bishop, I'll wait, The Songs of Matt Allen30
Phil Schroeder winter 1994 collection, Fall into place, Nothin' like you for me30
Predation on the early life history stages of winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes Americanus) by the sand shrimp (Crangon septemspinosa)30
Rolling home (a far cry from Heaven) By Eric Anderson, Ohio morning, Island in the stream30
Single orphan first year camel, Jackdaw, Kalibukbuk30
Something is starting to happen, The idea, I'm so over you22
(Song for my) sugar spun sister, Going down, Guernica30
Songs by Bruce Thompson and Scott Holverson, Teachers, Brt, a collection of songs30
Standing here alone. w & m Ralph Lynn Scala & Joseph Wayne Stec30
Stray dogs and angel roaches, Cyclops, Life is a magical thing30
Suzie, don't leave me with your boyfriend, American, She's 1925
That's when the tables turn, Killers, Call it a good reason30
The big city summer mix ; The big city summer instrumental, Hot pursuit!, Could not get over you25
The rudimental drummer, Technology, The *Removed*30
The sad but true story of Ray Mingus, & other selections, Red turns to blonde, 4.55 & 227 other titles30
Tickin' of the clock, & 4 other songs, Book I, Book II30
Time out for a good time tonight, Hey, you, Lori's collection30
Too sweet to die ; Bad times (are comin' 'round again) ; Plenty tough-union made ... [et al.]26
Twilight of the idols, Fragments, Tatiana30
Voodoo soul ; Voodoo soul (reprise), (I love you) to the moon & back, Sweet running water30
Waiting to die. Co-writer, Dave Cooley, 31 degrees, C25
Wake up the mountain ; A million to one ; Anything my momma don't like, The time of the oath26
What's on your mind--you're not telling me, You've got me falling in love, Is it alright?30
Where you lie. By Mark Tiplady (a.k.a. Mark Shaw), Jasper Stainthorpe, Stephen Wren, David Taylor, Rob Downes & Alex Mungo part 430
Your hand in mine. By Sam Cornish, illustrated by Carl Owens, I just knew, Black tycoon27
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