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12 days of Christmas & 52 other titles. By Keith Lamar Johnson & co-writers as noted30
4th of July (in mid December) Co-writers: Ina Wolf & Peter Roberts, 4th of July29
$999,999+$1=a meal ticket & 506 other titles & arrangements, Spice 1 with da banksta30
A collection of oral histories of the Central Sierra, 2001 and 2002, Rough around the edges28
A little too late. Co-writer, Helen Darling, Peggie, be my darlin', Scorpius30
All my praise (belongs to Jesus), Little boy30
Angels don't sing, Genuine article, Asterisk28
A tree grows in the ghetto, Assault, Mello mood of maddness30
Baby, I need your love (you're the only one) By Leroy Bell & Casey James, Gentle cruise29
Bio's collection of four songs no. 1 (1993), Hold out, Nothing could be easier29
Bring it on. By Joseph Bruce, Mike E. Clark. (In The Amazing Jekel Brothers), Bring it on part 326
Bruce Hacker's gospel & love song collections, Look into your eyes, Janalyn28
Cadillac & 34 other titles, Wonder what's wrong with the world, You got a friend in Jesus30
Can't let you see my tears, You say, Force of habit28
Da banlieue & 24 other titles; musical commpositions, Must be you, Siddhartha's of suburbia26
Dance your pants off, Bizzar, Mr. Happy30
Down with the clown. By Joseph Bruce, Mike E. Clark, Joseph Utsler. (In The great Milenko)30
Dumbarton Oaks papers. No. 7. Edited for the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and collection of Harvard University by the Committee on Publication: Gerhart Burian Ladner, Paul Julius Alexander et al30
Eighth collection of songs of Eddie Horst, Blue rain, My love is a natural thing29
Falling in love and following through, Lucky in love, Bernadetta collection27
From my heart, & 1 other selection30
Get the girl, grab the money and run, That's when ya lost, Batting practice30
Grace I. By Barry Butler, 1945-, & Mike Chisano, 1952-, w & m John A. Harrington, 1952-, & Nicholas John Horty, 1971 part 230
Her soul's pure rock 'n' roll & 6 other titles, Blues hotel, Wrong side of the street & 6 other titles27
How I wish, and 2 other songs, Riding shotgun, Broken dreamland25
I'd like to take you on the town (and show you off tonight), My little ballerina30
I got loving baby on my mind, I thank God, Lucky Dom Dom27
I love you on the inside, babe, For my real folks, Thug world29
I only wanna be with you. Words, music, arr., performance & recording: Derrick Jackson, 196230
It seems like I miss you (every day of the week) By Gary S. Paxton & Don Pearce30
It's so lonely without you here, Be ready, Take up the music28
I wish my brother liked me, Shakin', Daddy's lullaby30
Let 'em know I'm from Virginia, Bring me down, Josh30
Let them eat chewy granola bars, Don't suck my breath, Steamie Gregg30
Livin' like a bear ; Bad situation ; Better know what you runnin' from ... [et al.]27
Makin' a wrong thing right, Reaction, Makin' a difference30
Millionairess: the sex or the money?, Biosphere, Supermodel laundry girl30
Nothing's left, nothing's right, Love or madness collection, Ecoutez27
Overwhelming world suite, The Farm, On target27
Pentecostal fire is falling (fall fresh on me), The Don, In there30
Phineas McCoy. w & m Wayne Hill, pseud. of Robert Dale, & Michael Leighton, Let's get serious28
Piece of the pie, & 6 other selections, Prism, Earth day24
Please be patient with me (and know that my love will grow), Battlefield, From the womb of a black woman30
Please don't hate me, Murder go round, Chicken huntin'30
Psychological factors affecting compliance to a medical .., Echinacea-induced erythropoiesis25
Queen Elizabeth 2 sails New Zealand and Australia, Warzone, War zones30
Revue unique; humorous, satirical, paradoxical skits & short plays. By David Lloyd Crowder27
Same ol' same ol' (Sarai mix) Co-writers, Christine Milan Flores, David Axelrod & Sarai Howard30
Soon I will be done with the trouble of the world, Early morning, Angel dust--the wack attack30
State of the hood, & 14 other songs, Rappers for Jesus, Gaffled like that27
Stealing from a thief, Across the river, Anthrax30
Steal my soul, and 1 other song lyrics, Bless your name, Can't hang LP by M. C. Ping30
Talked myself back into it, Walk into the light, Checkered past30
Thanks for loving me. w & m J. D. Patterson, 1935-, & P. J. Caskey, 1940, See Jesus there30
The army and the party-report from China (IV), and other contributions. By Edgar Snow29
The children's example, Listening, The answers29
The Durango and Silverton Railroad, Tell me what to do30
The fish who could wish [by] John Bush & Korky Paul, WCFYA, Think about an end30
The musical & lyrical works of Robert F. Kidd & Jeremy Roberts, Movin' on up, Moment28
The Spectator Bird collected works to date, Never closer than that, For love I'd die30
Trying not to think about it27
Two hearts as one, & 1 other song, Sweet potato pie, Still free30
Versatility telemarketing, telesales, and telephone account management system, Versatility30
We praise you, Heavenly Father! ; Come, let us sing! ; No greater love ... [et al.] part 229
What he's done for me. Sending up my timber. Artist: Capitol City Star Singers, sound recording: ABC Records, Inc30
Wherever you go (for there stood by me, Acts 27:23), For me, for you, Little darling girl28
Who's cryin' now? Composed by Gary S. Burr & Alan Gordon Anderson, Hy, Po-mona27
You did me right when you did me wrong, Something better, You loved the leaving out of me30
You dress like a manicun [sic], it's a soul you lack, Deliver me. By Danny Moore27
You make a storm in my teacup, She can fly, Anoranza30
You might get g'eed & 85 other titles; songs, You are the living word, Yes he will30
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