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A Celebration of Easter. m & settings for mixed voices: Roy Ringwald28
A mechanistic-empirical approach to characterizing subgrade support and pavement structural condition for network-level applications30
A New kind of love; song. By Jerry L. Furrow & Fred L. Downher, Smile, God loves you27
As time goes by: the life of Ingrid Bergman30
Beautiful sunshine & 50 other titles; musical arrangements, Baby Jesus, Listen27
Because of Him. w & m Patricia Moore Rigsbee, North Dakota, with love, The GFWC song29
Blessed assurance ; Praise God from whom all blessings flow ; Bless the Lord, O my soul ... [et al.] part 330
Blessed assurance, reprise. Composed by Paula Flautt, Dan Keen & Alan Robertson, lyrics by Fanny Crosby part 230
Bless the Lord (Psalm 103) By Mark Baldwin & John G. Elliott30
Christmas is the time of year, when all good girls and boys will welcome dear old Santa Claus, with all his gifts and toys part 230
Class method for soprano "C" recorder & 3 other titles, Uh, oh. w & m Granville (Sascha) Burland & Don Elliott30
Dreamin' again, & 1 other selection, No longer, Temporary fool30
Dreamin' again. Anything to prove my love to you30
Educational administration in secondary schools; task and challenge. By Stanley W. Williams30
ElPaso's prehistoric past (a systems model in cultural dynamics for the Jornada Mogollon)30
God's children ; I'll cross over Jordan ; Because I know the love of God, Original sacred music selections27
Gospel music on stage with the Sego Brothers & Naomi30
He's still there ; I will go to the healing stream ; Something in the upper room ... [et al.] part 230
Himnos de fe y alabanza. w & m Rafael Moreno Guillen, translation: Maqdalena S. Cantu, compiler, arr. & translation: Robert C. Savage28
Holy, holy, holy. By Franz Schubert. English version & SA or TB & piano arr. Walter Ehret30
I call You faithful ; We are the body ; Holy is His name, Cotton dresses, Slow down & 6 other titles30
I could never say goodbye ; Love beyond reason ; The Gods of men ... [et al.], We're living a lie30
I don't wanna jump in front of that train again & 17 other titles, Taking a walk30
If it don't turn you on (you oughta leave it alone) m Billy Nichols, w Allen Williams30
If it hadn't been for you. Words & music: Charles Singleton, They're singing my song tonight, Lord! Musical composition28
If I were a king & 6 other titles, Collection of gospel tunes, Bless you, Lord28
I know that my Redeemer lives. w Samuel Medley, alt. ; m John Hatton ; arr. Derric Johnson part 230
I'll kick the doors off the church and the drawers off the judge just to make sweet love to you29
I love the Lord28
I'm singing a new song & 33 other titles, Bruised and broken and bleeding, Nothing takes God by surprise30
In the light of the lamb: imagery, parody, and theology in the Apocalypse of John part 230
I will worship the Lord, & 3 other songs, The Storyteller, Israel, O Israel27
Jesus Christ philosophy documents & the characteristic and detail stories of blood & fire part 230
Jesus lives! & 2 other titles, Eucharist--the new covenant, Youth ministry24
Jesus, my Saviour, watches over me30
Jesus paid it all (arr.) By Donnie Harper30
Jesus will carry you through the storm, Jesus is my friend, Jesus will give you love30
King of kings and Lord of lords/Scriptu30
La Liberte eclairant le monde = Liberty enlightening the world, Lord of the wolves30
Let's thank God & 69 other titles, You can't be proud, What about Him?30
Life is a symphony. Compilation, w, m & arr. Beatrice Bush Bixler, w Margaret Armstrong Smith & Avis B. Christiansen28
Lift your glad voices in triumph. Arr. (instrumental parts): Johannes Riedel, melody Samuel Jackson30
Little boy in pink and white outfit holding doll and little boy in blue and white outfit holding bouquet of flowers and placard "for you."30
Lord, we thank you for the blessings we are given, Find it in the word, This day30
Love one another, as I have loved you, so you are to love one another part 230
Low voice solos. No. 6. Compilation, arr., editing: Floyd Hawkins, arrangements: Eleanor Whitsett, m E. Clark Robb et al30
Make straight the way of the Lord, He'll never let you down, Disciple30
More and more here lately he's been staying away, Cross fire, Through the fire30
Morning glory ; Don't look back ; I didn't know how to love you then ... [et al.]30
Philippians 4:13 (stand) By Stephen A. Hurd, I praise You, Oh, the glory of the presence of the Lord27
Praise the flag. By Donna Mitchell Jackson, We danced, Two for eighty-six30
Pull out the stops!: congregational song accompaniments for organ : vol. 2, I am Jesus' little Lamb30
Search me, oh God and know my heart, The Lily and the rose, Your soul's on the line25
Sing alleluia! & 1 other title part 226
Sing to the Lord (angels musical only) By Kathie Hill & Janet McMahan part 330
Songs of the redeemed; songbook. No. 1. By Vep Ellis (V. B. Ellis), C. S. Grogan, Bill Lakey (W. F. Lakey) and others part 230
The experience of integrating gay identity with evangelical Christian faith, Prayer for peace30
The Jordonaires book of songs. By Hayward H. Marks, Jr., Raymond E. Guidry & David Ray Simon30
The Lord's prayer & 30 other titles30
The mirror of St. Anne. For two choirs of mxed voices or one choir of mixed voices and a choir of woodwinds, brasses, strings, or combination thereof, or organ. Antiphonal harmonization of the tune St. Anne: Randall Thompson30
The Pursuit of happiness; reflections in verse and prose. By Eleanor D. Coleman30
The Recorder songbook. For soprano & tenor recorders. Assembling & arr. of traditional songs: Bernard Krainis30
The Red, white, and blue is burning, Was she born for me?, When we kissed30
The Window of prayer. By Lorenz Publishing Company, employer for hire of Richard Alan Martens, pseud. of John M. Rasley (music) & Ina Duley Ogdon (words)30
The Word made manifest & 4 other titles, Holy and lovely, Little Yeshua30
Together we can all be free & 4 other titles part 230
Tunes for technic; technic-developing pieces for the Hammond organist. Book 1. New arranging & compiling: Lloyd B. Norlin & Porter Heaps28
Undying love. By Homer Banks & Raymond Jackson30
Unpublished Waysted guitars and arrangements, Only one life, No other gods30
Voices in praise, winter 1968-69. Compilation, arrangements, w & m John W. Peterson, w & m Larry Mayfield, arrangements: Harold DeCou et al30
Watching the clock (tick the hours away) Words & music: Johnnie Masters, & Jerry Organ, pseud. of Troy Martin30
Welcome to the world (you've just been loved) By George Kent part 230
What will it take? By Nancy Montgomery, Quentin Powers & Thom Flora, Side by side & 2 other titles28
When the war is over. w & m Dimension Music, employer for hire of L. Wayne Hilliard30
When we all get to heaven30
When we all get to heaven & 1 other title; recorded orchestra tracks and vocal demonstrations part 430
(You've become a) habit to me ; Can't get enough ; Standing on the edge ... [et al.]30
You've been so good to me, Daddy, Wait there, Coming up through the years30
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