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NameNumber of records
Unapix Entertainment, Inc.1070
Unart Music Corporation.599
Unichappell Music97
Unichappell Music, Inc.3233
Unicity Music, Inc.251
Unimusica, Inc.1882
Union County Music154
United Artists Corporation1888
United Artists Corporation.2351
United Artists Music and Records Group, Inc.210
United Artists Music Company, Inc.622
United Artists Music, Ltd.257
United Artists Pictures, Inc.1256
United Design Corporation8924
United Features Syndicate, Inc.185
United Feature Syndicate, Inc.2905
United Lion Music, Inc.698
United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc.925
United Nations2967
United States Naval Institute, Annapolis197
United States Sales Corporation2252
Universal City Studios, Inc.7415
Universal City Studios, Inc. Universal Pictures1172
Universal City Studios, Inc. Universal Television231
Universal City Studios, LLLP. Universal Pictures308
Universal City Studios Productions, Inc.1184
Universal Edition, A.G.152
Universal Edition (London) Ltd.264
Universal Musica, Inc.328
Universal Music Corporation3581
Universal Music Enterprises478
Universal Music Latino648
Universal Music Publishing233
Universal Music Publishing, Ltd.342
Universal Network Television, LLC791
Universal Pictures1482
Universal-PolyGram International Publishing, Inc.351
Universal Press Syndicate1215
Universal Records476
Universal-Songs of Polygram International, Inc.306
Universal-Songs of PolyGram International, Inc.254
Universal Studios, Inc.683
Universal Studios, Inc. MCA Music Publishing1030
Universal Studios, Inc. Universal-MCA Music Publishing449
Universal Television Enterprises, Inc.201
Universal Tunes235
University of Alabama Press1016
University of California. Regents7965
University of California. Regents.211
University of Chicago5073
University of Georgia Press1095
University of Hawaii Press740
University of Illinois. Board of Trustees2406
University of Iowa Press447
University of Massachusetts Press366
University of Michigan373
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)1266
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor759
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Regents215
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis334
University of Minnesota Press180
University of Minnesota. Regents877
University of Missouri. Curators1051
University of Nebraska. Board of Regents359
University of Nebraska Press2030
University of New Mexico Press942
University of North Carolina Press1815
University of Notre Dame Press841
University of Oklahoma Press1307
University of Pennsylvania Press984
University of Phoenix, Inc.5855
University of Pittsburgh Press682
University of Queensland Press328
University of South Carolina (Columbia)405
University of South Florida (Tampa)196
University of Tennessee Press763
University of Texas at Austin304
University of Texas Press1708
University of Toronto Press634
University of Utah Press358
University of Virginia, Charlottesville. Rector and Visitors288
University of Washington Press653
University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents1295
University of Wisconsin System. Board of Regents540
University of Wyoming, Laramie. Correspondence Study Department126
University Park Press378
University Press of America2113
University Press of America, Inc.2978
University Press of Colorado364
University Press of Kansas794
University Press of Kentucky862
University Press of Mississippi738
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