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1979 supplement to Author, title, and subject guides to books on demand, Subtypes of career indecision in students who seek career counseling30
A comparison of Mezirow's transformation theory with the process of learning to become an ethical Vegan30
A compendium of processes, materials, test methods, and acceptance criteria for cleaning reusable medical devices30
A Computer program for computing dimensions & clusters of the Brazelton neonatal behavioral assessment scale30
A dictionary of the Castilian contained in the works of Antonio DeNebrija, Hound for the holidays30
A Historical analysis of the men's basketball program at Lake Superior State University from 1946 to 1989 part 230
Alternative design for vocational and necessary cognitive education for secondary emotionally disturbed students part 230
An Analysis of the persistence/dropout behavior of Hispanic students .., Cyrus E. and Damon B. compilation vol. 130
An Egypt-based model for the use of television in national development, Culture and technology in the new Europe30
An eleven-year comparison of academic advising at Catholic colleges and universities30
An Exploration of the origins of objectivity in American news reporting, A typology of the incarcerated female juvenile delinquent30
An Investigation of the effects of two parent centered training programs .., Glimpses, Hell is coming30
Apparatus and method for therapeutically irradiating a chosen area using a diagnostic computer tomography scanner30
A qualitative examination of the attitudes of regular classroom teachers regarding mainstreaming30
Are US Treasury note or bond auction results predictors of future near-term interest rate movements? part 230
A Study of dyscalculia in the elementary school age child--incidence and .., Ruffian30
Aunt Minnie's atlas and imaging-specific diagnosis, Demo tracks, Demo tracks for Black Rob28
Bericht uber den 39. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Psychologie in Hamburg 199425
Changes within the evangelical Luteran synodical conference of North America that led to the exit of the Wisconsin evangelical Lutheran synod27
Characterization of the E3-13.7 kilodalton adenoviral protein and the pathway of epidermal growth factor receptor down-regulation during adenovirus infection part 225
Chemistry transformed, the paradigmatic shift from phlogiston to oxygen, Ex-nuns30
Close relationships and the five personality factors, Our theme song, How do the tears fall29
Comparative syntax and semantics of Estar progressives in contemporary Ibero-Romance27
Computers and composition in English studies, Dancing spirit, Waiting to sing30
Corporate society and education: the philosophy of Elijah Jordan. By George Barnett and Jack Otis30
Costs, benefits, and productivity in training systems, Problem analysis and decision making27
Coverage of the spiritual dimension of health in personal health text books in higher education part 330
Dear Dr. Brazelton, all they want for Christmas is everything!, Bonding, Parent-infant bonding30
Dear Dr. Brazelton, all they want for Christmas is everything!, Why friends are important to your child30
Developing discourse practices in adolescence and adulthood, Text, discourse, and process30
Educational evaluation & measurement competencies for analysis and application, second edition26
Emotion recognition, social skills and adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder30
Entrepreneurship as an economic adaptation strategy for Filipina immigrants working in Washington, DC30
Final report, electric cost-of-service and unbundled rate design study, Brainerd Public Utilities, Brainerd, Minnesota, March 200330
Friendships in normal and handicapped children, Where did my toothbrush go?, A Brand new view30
Functional infertility and its relationship to psychogenic attitudes and physiological disturbances part 330
Generational transmission of illness behavior in psychosomatic .., [Relms ASM 8051 macro assembler]24
Haunted (by your love) With Brian Fairweather, Talking to strangers, You keep me up all night30
Icewater mansions don't always relieve thirst, Lucifer's on the loose, Cultured pearls--from page to stage23
Immunological and biochemical properties of a ribosomal preparation .., Dithyrambic strains of rush-hour traffic23
Implementation of lean manufacturing in a small sized company, Advances in behavioral economics26
Increasing employee self-esteem by teaching the "achievement-directed logic" method of achieving goals part 330
Instructor's manual for Business and economics statistics with computer applications25
Instructor's manual to accompany Good and Brophy's Educational psychology, Identifying and nurturing the gifted22
Instructor's manual to accompany Management and organizational behavior, third edition30
Interactive decision cases for financial accounting--CP ACE guide to discovery30
International journal of computer aided V L S I design, Advances in teacher education26
International journal of systems automation, research & applications, Journal of second language writing23
Isolation of Streptomyces lividans ribosomes and initiation factors and their characterization using in vitro mRNA binding assays29
Kansas secured transactions under revised article 9 of the uniform commercial code30
Kierkegaard's philosophy ; self-deception and cowardice in the present age, Design arguments within a "Reidian" epistemology30
La Ensenanza de la lectura en espanol para el estudiante bilingue = The Teaching of reading in Spanish to the bilingual student27
Lasing and modified spontaneous emission in photonic crystal structures and microcavities28
Linking the U. S. National Technical Information Service with academic and public libraries30
Manual que acompana Que te parece?, intermediate Spanish, 3rd edition, segunda parte (unidad 4-unidad 6)29
Measurement of particle retention in the lungs of donkeys using a remanent magnetic ..30
Metacognition and problem-solving of college students in technology, engineering, mathematics and humanities30
Microstructural evolution in high oxygen fugacity processed Bi(2)Sr(2)CaCu(2)O(8+/-Delta)30
New algorithms for variable time delay and nonuniform image motion estimation, Processing images of faces30
New algorithms for variable time delay and nonuniform image motion estimation, Struggling with their histories30
New algorithms for variable time delay and nonuniform image motion estimation, The world of talk on a Fijian Island30
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, All the night long, Of passion born30
Official methods of analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Walking wounded23
Oh no, it's you again a.k.a. Oh no, it's U again, More ways than one, State of relations30
Performance-based compensation in professional baseball, An elegant dinner party25
Personality correlates of moral reasoning development in male and female Protestant, Jewish, and Roman Catholic master's level theological students30
Portrait mummies from Roman Egypt (I-IV centuries A.D.), The tapestry club, Look on the fields30
Potential for management of Sclerotinia blight of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) caused by Sclerotinia minor with the biological control agent Coniothyrium minitans30
Preliminary draft of outline for "Offshore oil--a saga of the sea", A lark in the morning30
Profile for learners and assessment of needs for schools, Diabetes education namual [sic]30
Psychophysiology of the gastrointestinal tract: experimental and clinical applications26
Raichlen on ribs, ribs, outrageous ribs, 99 top-notch, tasty truly tempting recipes plus slaws, sauces, baked beans and more27
Randomized interdependent group contingencies on prosocial behaviors of juvenile delinquents30
Restructuring secondary schools with extended time blocks and intensive courses, Interiors30
Second language acquisition and its effects on the social and emotional development of immigrant teens in a small midwestern middle school30
Standing in the shadow, & 1 other selection, Dale's in my heart, The day the Towers came down23
Story bible and treatment for eco-heroes, Linguistics and education, Talking science22
Student solutions manual to accompany Feroe/Steinhorn Single-variable calculus with discrete mathematics30
Study guide to accompany Calhoun, Light, Keller, Sociology, sixth edition [by] Craig Calhoun, Donald Light, Suzanne Keller30
Telecommunications and information exchange between systems--private integrated services network--circuit-mode 64 kbit/s bearer services--service description, functional capabilities and information flows part 230
Tennessee secured transactions under revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code forms and practice manual, May 2006 supplement part 330
Tests & measurement for people who (think they) hate tests & measurement, Chaos in the universe30
The analysis of communication content: developments in scientific theories and computer techniques. Editors: George Gerbner, Klaus Kaippendorff, William J. Paisley et al part 223
The Cartridge Family Band parody of My ding-a-ling, New York undercover, Cool place30
The Effects of discrepant and congruent information, repression-sensitization .29
The Effects of time of presentation and type of diagrammatic organizer on .., Saldo a favor30
The Image of women in selected moral weeklies of the early .., Look good, feel good30
The impact of the Hope Scholarship Credit on tuition and enrollment of postsecondary educational institutions30
The Influence of Kolb's experiential learning theory on the responses by undergraduate students .30
The information technology productivity paradox in law enforcement, Wide river. w & m Charles Watkins30
The interactions and reflective thought processes that occur in a teaching/coaching/learning triad situated in a literacy context28
The Legal Sea Foods cookbook. Text by George Berkowitz and Jane Doerfer; ill. by Bruce Hutchinson [sic]30
The perceptions of women superintendents regarding their leadership practices and uses of power30
The relations among feelings of omnipotence, separation anxiety, and self-reported safer-sex behavior among adolescents28
The Relationships among life satisfaction, life-work role pattern, and .., Refuge from want? Virginia's almshouses, 1870--193030
The rhetoric of science in the evolution of American ornithological discourse, Ethics, morality, and the media30
The rhetoric of science in the evolution of American ornithological discourse, Nostalgic angels30
The rhetoric of science in the evolution of American ornithological discourse, Public library youth services30
The Role and importance of managing information for competitive positioning in economic development30
The Role and importance of managing information for competitive positioning in economic development part 230
The Role and importance of managing information for competitive positioning in economic development part 330
The University of Delaware conference interpretation program, Booze, blood, and blues29
To examine the necessity of investing in a professional appraiser to value a small business30
Tonal and thematic coherence in Schubert's Piano sonata in B-flat .., The restless Durans25
Transcendence and mature thought in adulthood, Come closer, baby, Melvin D. Miller (creative collections)30
Transitions in the lives of elderly women who have sustained hip fractures, Transitions26
Trees and how they grow. No. 1708. By Whitman Publishing Company, Katharine Carter & Valerie Swenson30
United States Internal Revenue tax-paid stamps printed on tin-foil and paper tobacco wrappers30
University of Maryland Libraries, College Park, machine readable database, updated May 1, 1989 through August 31, 1989 part 230
What counts in English class? a study of classroom assessment practices among California high school teachers29
You are cordially invited to attend the Nanette Lepore fall 2000 fashion show on Thursday February 10 at 6:00 pm30
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