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10 ways for a newly Christian, single, celibate & sexy woman to live in the city30
1. Quantum-mechanical chemical exchange. 2. Stochastic averaging in magnetic resonance30
Advances in agronomy. Vol. 13. Prepared under the auspices of the American Society of Agronomy, edited by A. G. Norman25
Advances in atomic and molecular physics. Vol. 2. By D. R. Bates, Immanuel Estermann, and nine others25
Advances in computers. Vol. 6. By Franz L. Alt, Morris Rubinoff, and six others30
Advances in experimental social psychology, Neurosteroids and brain function, Development of achievement motivation17
Advances in geophysics. Vol. 11. By H. E. Landsberg, J. VanMieghem and 4 others29
Advances in immunology. Vol. 5. By F. J. Dixon, Jr., J. H. Humphrey, and 5 others part 230
Advances in veterinary science and comparative medicine, Virology, 111 news & views22
A Framework linking discipline-based art education and visualization to .., Blue movie30
A hermeneutical, textual, and semantic examination of the employment of Psalm 8 in Hebrews 230
A Model for developing communicative competence in Spanish .., Bacterial adhesion to cells and tissues20
A Multidimensional therapeutic recreation program and its .., The total sports experience--for kids30
An Empirical analysis of the acceptance and rejection of fact-finding reports .26
An experimental study of the relationship between obsessionality, decision reversibility, and cognitive dissonance25
An exploration of the role of context in high school students' conceptions and representations of linear, quadratic, and exponential functions part 230
Animal applications of research in mammalian development, Virgil's day, Master 1.0 computer chess program30
An introduction to wavelets and other filtering methods in finance and economics30
An introduction to wavelets and other filtering methods in finance and economics part 330
An Investigation of the differential effects of male and female teachers .., Food texture and viscosity30
A performance study for web access to CICS for CICS transaction server version 1, release 3 and OS/390, version 2, release 729
A Proposal for the Center for Communication Technology at Arizona State University30
A Psychoanalytic model for the exploration of maladaptive investor behavior, Motivating substance abusers to enter treatment30
A qualitative study of consumer-survivors' perspectives about the effects of choice and coercion within the mental health system on recovery from psychiatric disability26
A Study of the stated preferences of sixth, seventh, and eigth grade .., Methods in cell biology27
A study of the use of programmatic and liturgical themes in selected wind ensemble compositions of David Gillingham27
A theory of the causes of suburbanization and a case study of some of the costs and subsidies of a modern suburb30
Atmospheric chemistry: fundamentals and experimental techniques, Advances in photochemistry30
Attitudes of middle school teachers toward practices recommended for middle schools30
A unified approach to the finite element method and error analysis procedures, International review of cytology30
Automated reasoning tool (ART) & 14 other titles; computer software, A NS Cobol: a pragmatic approach25
Automation in the design and manufacture of large marine systems; proceedings of the 16th annual MIT sea grant college program lecture and seminar. By Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, employer for hire of Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis part 230
Basin analysis of the Carboniferous strata in central and southern West Wirginia using sequence stratigraphic principles30
Baugeologie, Felsbau, Erdbeben, und rezente Tektonik, Mechanisierung im Tunnelvortrieb, Riskenverteilung im Felsbau part 430
Biochemistry, pharmacology and cytogenetics of MRP-mediated multidrug resistance part 230
C-64 printer demo programs for Commodore64 with Gemini10X/Epson FX80 printers, Dreams that money can buy30
Cellular and molecular procedures in developmental biology, Transgenic plants, The four Asian tigers30
Characteristics and correlates of the revised Minnesota multiphasic .., Open wide26
Characterization and permeation studies on oriented single-crystal ferrierite membranes30
Characterization of alpha(2)-Heremans-Schmid-glycoprotein, a natural inhibitor of human insulin receptor tyrosine kinase30
Complex variables and the Laplace transform for engineers; bk. By Wilbur R. LePage25
Computational methods in biophysics, biomaterials, biotechnology and medical systems22
Computerization project of the Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain30
Connection with nature and family functioning as a child related to later psychological adjustment30
Control and dynamics systems, advances in theory and applications, v. 29: Advances in algorithms and computational techniques in dynamic systems control, part 230
Creating resumes, letters, business cards, and flyers in word, Auditing microcomputers30
Critical processes in new higher education institutions, Scooter mania!, Homeopathic medicine in the home28
Cure behavior of the epoxy resin/spiro orthocarbonate slurry and very thin epoxy resin coatings of steel30
Decorated stoneware of Cowden and the stoneware potteries of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1852-1924 part 230
Delay differential equations with applications in population dynamics, Dynamic aquaria30
Digital cinematography, vol. 1, no. 1, March 1, 2005. TX 6-266-976 (2005), Angel town30
Directory of outplacement firms, 1988-89. By Kennedy Publications/Consultants News, employer for hire of James H. Kennedy, 1924-. 5th ed30
Dr. Ronald E. Powell's January 1995 letter of resignation sent to Dr. Homer Smith of Word for the World Baptist Ministries30
Dy-en theology for atheists, agnostics, and heathens, Volunteer Jam VI dedication30
Earthquake thermodynamics and phase transformations in the Earth's interior, Introduction to biomedical engineering30
Earthquake thermodynamics and phase transformations in the Earth's interior, The zebrafish book30
Effect of disorder and defects in ion-implanted semiconductors, Uncooled infrared imaging arrays and systems26
Elementary probability theory with stochastic processes, Seminar on stochastic processes, 198229
Emergency response planning for corporate and municipal managers, Enhancing the steam-reforming process with acoustics27
Environmental availability of chlorinated organics, explosives, and metals in soils30
Environmental relations and group effectiveness in planned .., Methods in enzymology25
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO & affirmative action) program, Respirators, Medical surveillance and treatment (first aid and CPR30
Erythropoietin vs. usual care in the treatment of cancer-related anemia in women with metastatic breast cancer30
Experimental methods for determination of isolation and multipath for platform mounted antennas28
Family environments mediating psychological distress in physically ill elderly. By James D. Reid30
Group registration for automated database titled St. Cloud Area Association of Realtors MLS Database, published updates from October 1 to December 31, 200430
High pressure nuclear magnetic resonance studies of self-assembly structures formed with phosphorous fluorosurfactants in liquid/supercritical carbon dioxide30
How assessment impacts attitudes towards mathematics held by prospective elementary teachers30
Hypersonic flow; proceedings of the eleventh symposium of the Colston Research Society held in the University of Bristol, April 6-April 8, 1959. By Colston Research Society, employer for hire30
Immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization in the biomedical sciences, Ourselves surprised30
Income tax procedure, 1978 edition, [by] Bower, Langenderfer, Computation and neural systems23
Industrial sociology: the social relations of industry and the community, Unity in diversity30
Initial stage sintering model of 316L stainless steel with application to three dimensionally printed (3DP(TM)) components26
Instructor's manual to accompany Case studies for teacher problem solving, second edition29
Instructor's manual to accompany Management information systems, second edition, Database30
International journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics, Statistics in medicine22
Introduction to biophysical methods for protein and nucleic acid research, Giant molecules30
Introduction to computer data processing, third edition, study guide/workbook to accompany part 230
Japanese party seeks successor to premier--defeat, resignation elate many voters27
Journal of the Japanese and international economies, Quaternary research, Journal of economic theory30
Lab manual to accompany Electronic communications systems fundamentals through advanced part 330
Laboratory and space plasmas: proceedings of the second international workshop on the relation between laboratory and space plasmas, held in Tokyo, Japan, November 25-26, 1986 part 327
Living and dying on my terms through poetry, Blood ties, Junk male30
Look before you leap ; Goodbye Liza Jane a.k.a. Goodbye sweet Liza Jane ; Leaving dear old Ireland ... et al25
Managerial cognitions and objective measures of organization performance, Back Spin26
Mastering mathematics for C. L. A. S. T., College level academic skills test30
Mathematics anxiety and its relationship to students' perceived teacher and parent attitudes toward mathematics30
Microstratigraphy, facies, paleoenvironments, and the origin of widespread, shale-hosted skeletal limestones in the Hamilton Group (Middle Devonian) of New York state30
Minimum mean-squared error adaptive antenna arrays for direct-sequence code-division multiple access systems part 230
Molecular systematics, phylogeography, and hybridization of the rainbow darter Etheostoma caeruleum (Actinopterygii: Percidae)30
Morphological and genetic investigations of miniaturization in salamanders .., The skull30
Neurobehavioral methods and effects in occupational and environmental health, Cavity quantum electrodynamics30
Nuclear magnetic resonance microscopy of perfused single cells and its applications to the study of water diffusion changes in tissue ischemia part 330
ObjectVision: a graphical programming tool for object-oriented applications; book. By Paul Harmon & Brian Sawyer28
Optimization techniques for adaptive quantization of image and video under delay constraints25
Personality characteristics associated with violence in incarcerated adolescent males as identified by comparison of offending behavior and millon adolescent clinical inventory scales30
Person to person consulting service training program30
Photophysiology. Vol. 1: general principles, action of light on plants. Editor: Arthur C. Giese25
Photorefractive fiber and crystal devices--materials, optical properties, and applications III25
Pilot-scale investigation of coal ash transformations under staged combustion, The Ellen EP30
Politics in the Congo: decolonization and independence. By Crawford Young, A Catalog of music for the cornett30
Predictors of in-hospital mortality in elderly patients with catheter-associated nosocomial urinary tract infection30
Preservation of intelligibility and acoustical characteristics in partial laryngectomees and normal laryngeal speakers produced under conditions of competing noise part 230
Purgatory, a place between Durango & heaven to raise a "little hell.", Among the trees30
Radiographic anatomy, positioning & procedures workbook, Parables of Christ series30
Sex differences in depressive symptom patterns, anger, and internalizing and externalizing symptoms in psychiatrically hospitalized depressed adolescents part 330
Social organization of an urban grants economy: a study of business philanthropy and nonprofit organizations30
Solid state physics for engineering and materials science, Advancing materials research30
Solutions manual for An Introduction to digital and analog integrated circuits and applications30
Solving problems in environmental engineering and geosciences with artificial neural networks part 226
Species composition and relative abundance of mammals in managed red-cockaded woodpecker colony sites and unmanaged stands30
Structure-property relationships and correlations with the environmental degradation of engineering materials30
Student solutions manual to accompany Feroe/Steinhorn Single-variable calculus with discrete mathematics part 230
Study guide for Gullotta, Adams, and Alexander's Today's marriages and families, Adolescent life experiences30
Sup with the gods (every ambitious man and women's golden key to riches) By Michael David Taylor30
Systems analysis and systems engineering in environmental remediation programs at the Department of Energy Hanford site part 327
Teacher's manual to accompany Remedies, public and private, fourth edition, Dig2.rat30
The archaelogy of social disintegration in Skunk Hollow: a nineteenth-century rural Black community30
The Collected letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle, Calling you, Let the Devil have mercy on me29
The development and use of a poxvirus vector system to protect pigs against swine influenza virus29
The effect of clinical preceptorships on critical thinking ability and self-confidence levels in baccalaureate nursing students30
The frontier, the challenge, for contemporary public health is to induce health, Murder at Gill's Point30
The Impeachment of President Roosevelt (straight down to heaven), Lost liners, Last dinner on the Titanic30
The inside story of interactive TV and Microsoft WebTV for Windows, Existential phenomenology and the world of ordinary experience30
The League of Nations and the foreshadowing of the International Monetary Fund, Growth and catch-up in Central and Eastern Europe20
The relationship between student-faculty relationships and clinical teaching effectiveness in nursing education part 230
Thermodynamics of equilibrium adsorption and surface tension of single and binary ionic surfactant systems30
The role of career maturity on the persistence process of traditional aged college freshmen enrolled at a public four-year institution part 428
The thematic approach for teaching the Gospel of John in a modular course concept in an undergraduate Bible course30
The ultimate biological weapons, Country I, Gospel I30
The visitor's guide to the birds of the Rocky Mountain National Parks, Looking inside sports aerodynamics30
TTMS scripts application system program and a user's guide to SCRIPTS, REPORT WRITER, and PEN28
Understanding motion capture for computer animation and video games, Nanostructured materials and nanotechnology30
Usefulness of D-dimer testing in the evaluation of suspected venous thromboembolism30
Vernon's Oklahoma forms, with practice commentaries. Pocket part[s], Shooting the moon30
What teachers need to know about their environment but are seldom told, RNA methodologies30
Your wish is my command; an original screenplay. By Neil Cuthbert, The Urban man30
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