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A Critical assessment of the lifework of David and Vera Mace with implications .30
Alice et la pantoufle d'hermine, Alice et le carnet vert, Alice et l'ombre chinoise27
Anatomy of a phenomenon. By Jacques Vallee, L'Arme du Chaos, Kampus30
A Performer's approach to adapting the mechanical clock pieces .., Sports doc, Joey Paterno collection I30
[A satisfactory settlement, and other contributions], None to accompany me, A guest of honour30
A Study concerning the mission of the week-day religious educational .., Daniel Martin30
A Twin study of neuropsychological abilities, Mistral's daughter, Scruples27
Bernard Lermite personnellement je ne veux pas d'enfants, Santana, Traite de l'amour25
Bernard Lermite personnellement je ne veux pas d'enfants, Vivre en beaute toute la vie30
Boating safety, a boater's guide to avoid being hit by big ships, Les Idees a l'endroit27
Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons at the Byrne Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, July 5, 198130
Brulant comme le vent des steppes, Amour cosaque, L'Heritiere30
Building and maintaining character, integrity and self esteem for workplace success30
Charity begins at home, and other contributions, Full cry, Molly-Melo30
Diary of the Sinai Campaign. By Moshe Dayan, translation: George Weidenfeld and Nicolson, Ltd30
Dictionnaire analogique et de synonymes specialement concu pour la resolution des problemes de mots croises et jeux divers30
Die Chinesische Statue, und andere Ueberraschungen, Der Suendenfall der Evolution26
Directory of sea turtle conservation programs in the Southeastern U. S, International journal of nuclear medicine and biology30
Don't let yourself be upset by the sutra, rather upset the sutra yourself, Zen et arts martiaux30
Ego development as related to affective sensitivity and .., Twice a child, Mind, soul, and spirit30
Estructuras e intersecciones en los relatos de Garcia Marquez y William Faulkner30
Exploring the relationship between depression and the practice of health-promoting behaviors in the geriatric population30
Facilitation of parent role in program planning for handicapped children, Fool's rhyme30
Factors influencing the use of outdoor space by residents with dementia in long-term care facilities30
Fallacies and persuasion in four political debates in Thucydides, Executive guide to Washington, DC30
Frederick Law Olmsted--designing the American landscape, Faeries, Les Fees30
From frozen north to filthy lucre. By Ronald Searle, introd. by Groucho Marx, commentaries by Jane Clapperton30
[Great crises in a turbulent political life, and other contributions] By Richard Milhous Nixon30
Guide illustre des auberges romantiques et gites ruraux, Angleterre, Ecosse, Irlande30
Guy DeMaupassant, contes et nouvelles. By Albert Marie Schmidt et Gerard Delaisement28
Herakles; ballet en quatre episodes. m Maurie Thiriet, argument: Andre Boll, Origines30
Histoire de la litterature de langue francaise des annees 1930 aux annees 1980, Voltaire30
Histoire du roman populaire en France de 1840 a 1980, Je t'attends, Hey, joker24
Human motivation: probability and meaning. By Fred T. Schreier, An Attributional theory of motivation and emotion30
Import challenge, sectoral response, and the decline of American .., Les Dinosaures26
Indiana Jones and the sky pirates, A journey through time, Wingborn30
[Introduction to Combat Command in the world of Jack Williamson's The Legion of space--the legion of war]30
[Introduction to Combat command--in the world of Keith Laumer's Star colony, The Omega rebellion]30
Is "Chicken skin" a local delicacy?, Rock dreams, Rock dreams I25
It Takes Two; the fast way to a closer relationship. By Richard Alan Miller, 1961 part 230
Jane. By Dee Wells, French translation: Editions Albin Michel, employer for hire of Marianne Veron30
Jolson--"You ain't heard nothin' yet.", Ordinary girl, Death of a rebel30
Journal d'un notable du Caire durant l'expedition francaise, 1798-1801, La Guerre des filles30
Journal d'un notable du Caire durant l'expedition francaise, 1798-1801, La Moto, L'Accouchement30
Knowledge of God as the transformation of human existence in the.., Holy, holy is the Lord29
Kon-Tiki; film record of the Kon-Tiki expedition. By Sol Lesser Productions, Inc., narrated by Thor Heyerdahl, introd. by Ben Grauer, edited by Olle Nordemar28
Language, education, and cultural identity in a Maya .., Catering, Funkysation26
La Revolution francaise: les annees terribles & 2 other titles, Les Formes de l'histoire30
La Sorciere de la rue Mouffetard et autres contes de la rue Broca, Betes-seller, Le Gentil petit diable et autres contes de la rue Broca30
Le Chevalier a la charrette (d'apres Chretien DeTroyes), Les Amants de Teruel, Le Retour du templier25
Le Developpement psychologique normal, la vie psychologique pathologique, The Biocultural basis of health24
Le Matin des magiciens. By Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier, Romans, Histoires magiques de l'histoire de France30
Les Cahiers de Tycho de Leyde, artiste peintre, 1649-1702, Journal intime, Plus fort que le temps30
Les Cahiers de Tycho de Leyde, artiste peintre, 1649-1702, La Vie dans la societe moderne30
Les Cahiers de Tycho de Leyde, artiste peintre, 1649-1702, Les Echecs spectaculaires30
Les Cahiers de Tycho de Leyde, artiste peintre, 1649-1702, Les Tables tournantes30
Les Faiseurs d'histoire d'Isabelle la Catholique a Catherine la Grande, Le Camp du bout du monde30
Les flagellants. By Carlene Polite, translated into French by Pierre Alien, editor: Christian Bourgois29
Les Nouvelles aventures du chevalier de La Barre, Pandora, Orient-express30
Let's just leave it like it is. By Mack Vickery, Hold on, Winners. Arr. Tom Evans26
Lettre ouverte aux Francais sur la reconquete de la France, Folksong, L'Usure de l'ame30
Lettre ouverte aux Francais sur la reconquete de la France, Jules Verne, initie et initiateur30
Measurement, quantification and interpretation of acoustic signals within an ecological context30
MossRehab aphasia therapy software system (MATSSSS) user's manual (Macintosh), Money & lovin', and 1 other selection30
Needed, serious solutions for serious juvenile crime, Lying ; Away ; Still can't see the sun30
N'importe quoi! dessins inconnus 1948-78, Junior, Wolinski dans l'Huma30
Notes on the history of Armageddon 2419 and after, Rainbow Mars, Un Monde hors du temps30
Official and confidential, Goddess, Conspiracy27
One grandpa's personal opinion concerning black on black killing, The King of the castle30
One grandpa's personal opinion concerning black on black killing, The Mask of the enchantress29
On the eve of forever. By Guy Daniels, pseud. of Guy Daniel Czajka, 1952, Philip Mironov and the Russian Civil War30
Picking up gold and silver, Shadow of the moon, The Golden calm29
Precis chronologique d'histoire de France des origines a nos jours, Un Heros de notre temps30
Psychologie und Zeitkritik in Oskar Loerkes Traumgedichten .30
Purification and biochemical characterization of various members of the NF-kappa B family of transcription factors30
Quand les Francais cherchaient fortune aux Caraibes, Alchimie, Le Corps taoiste30
Randal Keith and The New Units perform the music of Randal Keith and The New Units30
Real French cooking. By Savarin, pseud. of Robert J. Courtine, translated by E. M. Hatt25
Sally Hemings: an American scandal. PA 1-001-060, Echo of lions, La Virginienne27
She's in the world, Napoleon, Again in my heart30
Sine qua non; a Frenchman's irreverent look at life and love. Compilation and English translation: Sine, pseud. of Maurice Sinet30
Taped greeting to the A P C of N. Y., Inc. from C. G. Jung, Aspects of the feminine29
Ten-thirty on a summer night. By Marguerite Duras, English translation: Grove Press, Inc., as employer for hire to translator, Anne Borchardt30
The Abolition of war. By Walter Millis & James Real, History of Sherman Park, Observing the Nixon years30
The answer, my friend and other short stories by the people who sell them, All around the town30
The attack of the avenging virgins (as told by one of the valiant vanquished), Space opera30
The author's commentaries on the occasion of the thirtieth year of publication of The teachings of Don Juan, a Yaqui way of knowledge30
The biographical dictionary of World War II generals and flag officers, Soirs et lendemains de fete30
The Black book. By Lawrence Durrell, E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc., employer for hire of the writer of the introd.: Gerald Sykes30
The Devil's alternative, The Fourth protocol, The Odessa file30
The Encyclopedia of modern murder, 1962-1982, Targeted constraints, Mysteres30
The Gold dog ; and The World's best tailcoat, Turkey in the straw, The Paw paw patch30
The Greek treasure; a biographical novel of Henry and Sophie Schliemann. By Irving Stone27
The History of Irason Taylor and David Louis Poole and allied families, Black-out30
The House of Cthulhu and other tales of the primal land, The day of the dead, Spawn of the winds30
Theology, political theory, and justification in the Jesuit missions to Brazil, 1549-161026
The Prince's person. By Roger Peyrefitte, translation by Martin, Secker & Warburg, Ltd., employer in a work made for hire: Peter Fryer28
The Relationship between factors which influence adolescent sexual decisions, .30
[The Remaking of modern armies and The Revolution in warfare], A Gentle occupation30
The Return of Eva Peron, with The Killings in Trinidad, A Bend in the river, East Indians in the Caribbean30
The role of spiritual well-being as a resource for coping with stress in bereavement among suicide survivors30
The Three brides of Hamid-Dar, Silver metal lover, The Dry season30
Tresors du Liechtenstein chefs-d'oeuvre des collections de peintures du Prince de Liechtenstein30
Twilight of the old order, 1774-1778. By Claude Manceron & Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., translated from the French by Patricia Wolf27
Unlocking the mysteries of birth and death and everything in between, Para Colombia =30
Vermilion. By Phyllis A. Whitney, Domino, The Glass flame27
Who's who in architecture from 1400 to the present, The real McCoy, Generation of soul29
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