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A Comparison of childfree and child-anticipated couples in relation to marital adjustment .30
A cross sectional study of retail foodservice employee satisfaction with job components and retail customer satisfaction with various foodservice factors in an academic medical center30
AFI's 100 years...100 movies (10th anniversary edition) Three hour television special & script part 230
AFI's 100 years--100 passions: America's greatest love stories, Bronx cheers, The badge30
After the roses die. By Anthony Adron Little, 1963, Sabotage, It ain't quitting time (till the job gets done)30
A Gallery of American weathervanes and whirligigs, How I saved the world, Reina the Galgo30
A history of written composition instruction in United States elementary schools to 194530
A Marketing plan for the Coronet City-Combi system in the U S A, Western Avenue, I jumped bail27
American made: a compilation of songs by Kelly McGinnis, Messiah's cell28
An evening of stars benefiting the United Negro College Fund, A Salute to Jack Lemmon30
An evening of stars benefiting the United Negro College Fund, LA jazz, Solid gold30
An Examination of the independent role of women in Friedrich Hebbel's major dramas30
A Star is born at Flagler Hospital, Saint Augustine, Florida, My precious gems, My grandma28
Beautiful people "drop dead gorgeous.", Unearthed, Sub Earth--when all this is over27
Bewitched, bothered & bewildred, Surprise, Living conditions25
Black women law professors in the academy and the politics of higher education since Brown part 230
Block party. For orchestra. Composer & arranger: Harry Alshin, Block party, Miss Ella30
Briefcase blunderhead, Requiem, Judge of execution30
Can I get an amen? Co-writers, Shannon Brown & Blair Daly, St. Christopher. RE 318-916 (1986)22
Child's play ; Give me house ; What's goin' on?30
Competence, influence, problem-solving ability, and fear of success among accountants27
David Horowitz presents The Baby safe home. By David Jonathan Eagle & Eagle/Horowitz Productions, Ltd., Inc30
Despite having a new wife, Burton was still smitten by Liz Taylor before he died22
Did somebody steal the feeling? Written by Williams & Barker, Desert snow crocheted snowflakes22
Die hard with a vengeance, Die hard, Nomads25
Disconnected music. By Thomas Michael Murray30
Don't leave your ring at home, Moving in, Designs30
Double negative; motion picture. By Markham Productions Company, Sappho collections30
Egypt, yesterday and today. Text: Georgiana Stevens, Giant, Lt. Col. George Stevens W W II film30
Family portraits collection30
First daughter-novelization, Why can't we be friends?, Strapped28
Fixtures of matchstick men and Joo, Power of persuasion, Mi casa es su casa30
For all the right reasons, Fair play, Soul of the West25
Foreign body prevention, detection and control, Central retinal vein occlusion, How to perform lid scrubs25
From the heart of a woman: her pain, her passion, her reality30
Getting started with LAN network manager for OS/2, version 2.030
Girl friends, op. 41 (2) Additional title: Three women, Death zone, Mr. Good Behavior30
Happy hour (ain't as happy as it used to be), Jingle bell blues, Big man runnin'30
Heartstopper & 7 other titles; screenplays & motion pictures, Ultimate Avengers II30
Inn at the end of the road, Condemned, Half-pint27
Inspiration information ; Island letter ; Rainy day ... [et al.], Inspiration30
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, in the name of the Holy Spirit, The ballad of Coyote and Bird29
It's been a long and cold hard winter, The visit, Love, life, and a song30
Ladies of the ice: a history of ladies figure skating champions, Dorothy Dandridge30
La llorona del rio = The weeping woman of the river, This is Bill, In the space of God30
Last summer in the Hamptons, Shopping, Babyfever24
Learning bluegrass banjo with Fred Sokolow directed by Mark Kaplan, Devil winds, Now don't forget your promise30
Lie with me, die with me (and in the Heavens fly with me), The End of August, Wake23
Loving you was worth the wait. w & m: Teofilo Rudolfo Rael, 1934-, & Thomas Harold Brown, 194030
Mainline & 4 other titles; motion pictures & screenplays, Graveland, Myth busters30
Marilyn Hotchkiss' ballroom dancing & charm school, Popular, Nobel son30
Masterplots; 250 plots in story form from the world's fine literature. Vol. III. By Frank N. Magill & Dayton M. Kohler part 430
Medical information requirements for UR and medical guidelines development, Private screenings30
Mergers & acquisitions in the communications industry, Soup or salad?30
Michael Downing's new trax no. 1. (2003), Urban beatz 002 delux, Str8 Beatz delux30
Mirabello's spaghetti sauce and a few of my favorite recipes, Painting with light29
Misconceptions and mishaps30
Natural selection's paradox and the outlaw gene, Everything we did, Paging Mister President & 1 other title30
Negative life events, daily hassles and the development of depressive symptoms, Flirting with death30
Nimbus: a cloud symphony (demonstration tape) PA 457-355 (1990), The floating world23
Preview--The sheer glass mosaic collection catalog, Preview, Preview, neoglass, the floor mosaic collection28
Rescue me (instrumental), What will I find?, Father in heaven28
Senzeni na = What have we done?, What of the night?, Pink bullet30
Sex, literature, and censorship. By David Herbert Lawrence, pref. by Harry T. Moore30
Something between us--there'll always be, She stopped dreaming about me, She's more trouble30
Somewhere near Japan. By John Phillips, Terry Melcher, Mike Love & Bruce Johnston part 230
Songs for the journey, Homecoming, Shoal water30
Spatial and temporal distributions of slope processes in the upper .., A Time to sing30
Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone present The Rings of Kether, The Plea, Big iron man30
Strategic liberalization--development through competition in wireless communications30
Student work manual to accompany sixteenth edition, Maternity nursing, family, newborn, and women's health care, [by] Sharon J. Reeder, Leonide L. Martin30
Tempted to use & 7 other titles; song lyrics, My plan, So many lost28
Tenage mutant ninja turtles II: the secret of ooze, The prom, Sad horse30
The 21st century repertory of Dr. Julians materia medica of new homoeopathic remedies part 230
The American Film Institute 1988 appointment diary--twelve great producers, One day in Dallas25
The American Film Institute catalog of motion pictures, Leaf chief, Strike!30
The American Film Institute catalog of motion pictures, Long story short, Chocolate girls23
The American Film Institute catalog of motion pictures, Love, Clayton, Wild dreams and elephant milk,30
The American Film Institute Guide to college courses in film and television, High & inside21
The American Film Institute salute to Sidney Poitier, The Chris Wylde show starring Chris Wylde30
The American girl. By Richard Lewis Springthorpe a.k.a. Rick Springfield30
The Argumentative structure of Kant's deduction of judgments of taste, Down the line30
The babysitters club trivia & puzzle funbook, A Distant shot, Sushi27
The Best of Billie Holiday. By Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, Strange fruit30
The Bible of the loving road, Lao Tzu's Tao teh ching. By Robert Finley, Starbaby27
[The Devils of Kawalerowicz, and other contributions] By Stanley Kauffmann, The Grapes of wrath30
The directory of audiovisual aids for hospital safety programs & 12 other titles part 230
The expositor's Bible commentary, v. 7. By Frank Ely Gaebelein, 1899-, & Richard P. Polcyn part 230
The friends and relations books and photo journals series or collection, The friends30
The Gentle rain from Heaven, Strings, A gentle rain from Heaven30
The getaway ; This is but a test ; Another year goes by ... [et al.], The getaway30
The girl next door's guide to thriving with fibromyalgia, I rode with J. E. B. Stuart27
The Great Catsby, Karl Manx, Genghis Cat, and 90 other cat immortals from the Feline Hall of Fame28
The impact of community service work on adult state prisoners using a restorative justice framework30
The incarnation in the writings and the life of Athanasius of Alexandria, Far on foot30
The last days of the United States; an original screenplay30
The legend of Harley Davidson, The directors, My world is so round26
The lone star kid. PA 383-629 (1988)25
The Official Guinness Book of Records calendar 2000, The Guinness book of records 149228
The other woman (the story of God, Adam & Lilith)30
The persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis DeSade. Rev. version of m Richard Peaslee30
The red door. From album Appassionato, On silver wings, Cadillac dreams30
The Return of Casper Mack Jones, Two soldiers, Man of the night30
The Riviera Hotel and International Gaming Promotions, Inc., present the first annual $15,000 Riviera world championship of craps, May 11-14, 198126
The sew fabulous applique pattern, the special occasion--family reunion, The blue men of the Sahara. PA 528-623 (1990)26
The taxonomy and phylogenetics of the coenosus group of Hister Linnaeus (Coleoptera: Histeridae)30
The visitor who came but could not stay!, The visitor, The glorious bride30
The waiting game, & 2 other selections, The waiting, Say it30
The winners. By Julio Cortazar, translation: Elaine Kerrigan, Hopscotch. By Julio Cortazar, translation: Gregory Rabassa30
They fell from God's hands. By Hans Werner Richter, translation from the German by Geoffrey Sainsbury28
Upward communication in industrial organizations, Real to reel, The Popular icon as commodity and sign26
What really happened before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina?, The Exodus27
When your [sic] not in love it's not the same, A moment of silence, Shelly's theme28
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