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Aspen Law and Business documents
titleNumber of documents
14th annual insurance, excess, and resinsurance coverage disputes, Insurance, excess, and reinsurance coverage disputes, 198630
1953 pocket supplement to Wigmore on evidence. Vols. 1-10. Editor: Richmond Rucker24
A brief history of human expansion beyond concordiat space and subsequent military conflicts between alien species, the concordiat, and human-occupied "fringe space" part 230
Administrative law in medical, surgical, and psychiatric settings part 230
Advanced chapter 11 bankruptcy practice, second edition [by] Thomas J. Salerno, Craig D. Hansen, G. Christopher Meyer26
After you leave & 48 other titles. Composed by Scott Stepakoff & co-composers as noted30
Alternative clauses to standard construction contracts. Cumulative supplement, Law of title insurance26
American constitutional law, fourth edition, [by] Ralph A. Rossum & G. Alan Tarr30
Americans with Disabilities Act handbook, 2002-1 cumulative supplement, I will answer them!30
An Analysis of health insurance schemes in the Lalitpur District, Nepal, Amnesia23
Anatomy and physiology of the mesothalamic dopaminergic system30
An examination of computer-aided instruction, the self-concept and achievement levels of developmental mathematics community college students part 430
A Practical guide to the original issue discount regulations, College union, Exchange & commissary news23
Architect and engineer liability. Claims against design professionals. Cumulative supplement30
A taste of the past; early foodways of the Albemarle region, 1585-1830; February 9, 1991-August 18, 1991. Guest exhibition curator, James C. Jordan 3rd; curator and editor, Barbara E. Taylor; exhibit designer, John D. Ellington; ill. by Linda Dallas; photography by John Bivins and Eric Blevins part 430
Bank directors', officers', and lawyers' civil liabilities, Loss protection, prevention bulletin30
Bittker on the regulation of interstate and foreign commerce, 2006 cumulative supplement30
Business plan proposal for initial public offering of Adventure magazine for thirty-day consideration30
California mechanics' liens and related construction remedies, How to audition, California construction law28
Caregiver education guide for children with developmental disabilities. Supplement part 230
Catalog of aerial photos by Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc., now in the collections of the Department of Geography, University of California at LosAngeles23
Child support guidelines--interpretation and application. Supplement25
Commercial laundry equipment and coin-operated washing machines25
Computer skills resource guide, popular commercial packages, WordPerfect, dBASE 3 Plus & Lotus 1-2-330
Construction claims deskbook--management, documentation, and presentation of claims. Cumulative supplement22
Construction claims deskbook--management, documentation, and presentation of claims. Cumulative supplement part 230
Construction claims deskbook--management, documentation, and presentation of claims. Cumulative supplement part 330
Construction mechanics' & materialmen's liens, the law in Arkansas. Supplement30
Contracts casebook edition keyed to Farnsworth, Young & Jones, with 1980-81 supplement30
Course construction in industrial arts, vocational and technical education, Drafting technology patent license agreements. Supplement30
Criminal law keyed to Dressler's Cases and materials on criminal law, third edition30
Criminal procedure, constitutional constraints, investigation, and proof part 230
Criminal procedure keyed to courses using Allen, Hoffmann, Livingston, and Stuntz's comprehensive criminal procedure30
Design-build contracting handbook, second edition [by] Robert F. Cushman, Michael C. Loulakis, editors ; 2003 cumulative supplement part 330
Directory of federal court guidelines. Supplement, Almanac of the federal judiciary. Supplement22
Drunk driving, everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!30
Effects of H R 3838 on state and local government debt financing, State & local government debt financing29
El "Diario de un poeta reciencasado" de Juan Ramon Jimenez, Idwesa, Adult daughters of incest survivors29
Employee stock ownership plans and the publicly held corporation, a study of their ... economic implications25
Encyclopedia of North American eating & drinking traditions, customs & rituals, The right to die30
Environmental law keyed to Plater, Abrams, Goldfarb, Graham, Heinzerling, and Wirth's Environmental law and policy part 230
Examining the role of naturalistic factors of agitation in nursing home residents25
Federal courts--cases and comments on judicial federalism and judicial power30
Federal income taxation of corporations and shareholders--forms, revised edition. Cumulative supplement part 230
Federal rules of evidence with advisory committee notes, legislative history, and case supplement24
Federal rules of evidence, with advisory committee notes, legislative history, and case supplement30
Final approved Department of Transportation hazardous materials regulatory compliance program for Superior Hauling & Fast Transit, Inc30
First amendment to the special provision to the NAESB base contract for sale and purchase of natural gas30
Florida law of trusts and trustees with forms, second edition. Supplement, Florida law30
Folk on the Delaware general corporation law--a commentary and analysis, second edition. Cumulative supplement29
Fragment from "Chautauqua," an original music drama in three acts, Law of the Internet30
Georgia estate planning, will drafting, and estate administration forms--practice. [Supplement]30
Ginsberg & Martin on bankruptcy. Supplement, FotoSets, Baby Business24
Groundwater monitoring well installation within the regional aquifer at the former location of the Kaiser Steel Facility, City of Fontana, San Bernardino County, California part 230
Habitat selection and host plant preferences of the Lake Huron locust (Trimerotropis huroniana)21
Holistic health promotion and complementary therapies--a resource for integrated practice. Supplement part 430
Inflation: long term problems; proceedings of the Academy of Political Science. Vol. 31, no. 4. Editor, C. Lowell Harriss30
Influence of grazing, fire, and rainfall regime on plant species dynamics in an Ethiopian perennial grassland30
Influences of fruit and hormones on the flowering process of .., He's been there30
Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Anthropology, the exploration of human diversity and Cultural anthropology, both ninth editions, [by] Conrad Phillip Kottak part 230
Instructor's manual for Childhood and adolescence, a psychology of the growing person, fifth edition [by] the late L. Joseph Stone, Joseph Church30
Instructor's manual, lecture outline, test bank, and PowerPoint slides to accompany Modern information systems for managers part 230
Instructor's manual test bank resource integrator to accompany Between one and many30
Instructor's manual to accompany Basic for I B M Personal Computers for the I B M PC, I B M PCXT, and the new I B M PCjr30
Instructor's manual to accompany Legal aspects of architecture, engineering and the construction process, fifth edition21
Instructor's manual to accompany Understanding politics--ideas, institutions, and issues, fourth edition [by] Thomas M. Magstadt, Peter M. Schotten part 230
Intellectual property legal opinions, Tongues, Still chillin'27
Introduction to Florida construction law, liens and bonds, Florida construction law26
Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers, End of the century, I am, Crazy Cleo the caterpillar30
Law and practice of insurance coverage litigation. Cumulative supplement, Juris for next generation systems21
Law of federal mortgage documents. Supplement, Law of real estate brokers. Supplement21
Leadership development through an outdoor leadership program focusing on emotional intelligence30
Legal identity and signatures on the information highway, No small difference, Hero, villain, saint23
Litigating insurance claims--coverage, bad faith, and business disputes. Cumulative supplement21
Lovett's judicial checklists and forms annotated, Family law, Texas products liability28
Managing intellectual property rights. Cumulative supplement, These colors don't run21
Massachusetts laws and liberties and the revolutionary idea that law should serve the public good part 230
Mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts. A transactional analysis of the governing tax, legal, and accounting considerations23
Multimedia legal handbook--a guide from the Software Publishers Association. Supplement22
Natural mysteries--monsters lizards, English dragons, and other puzzling animals30
Negotiation between evaluators and Asian test-takers in a language proficiency interview part 230
New techniques in acquisitions & takeovers doing a deal in the revised S E C & business climate30
On the rocks ; Heads up ; Hustlas, pimps and thugs, Pescadero Point in violet, Sunset sisters II27
Outcomes for children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders and their families30
Outcomes for children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders and their families part 223
Perpetuities law in action. By Jesse Dukeminier, Jr, Property, Teacher's manual for Property30
Pharmacy laws and legislative rules of West Virginia. Cumulative supplement, Medical malpractice. Pharmacy law. Supplement21
PPC's Annual tax planning guide for S corporations, partnerships and LLCs, Magnesian calcites30
Practical guide to construction contract surety claims [by] Richard E. Tasker, G. Wayne Murphy, Sr., William Schwartzkopf, 2001 cumulative supplement part 230
Practioner's guide to litigating insurance coverage actions. Supplement, Libel and privacy23
Proceedings of the ... Annual Conference on Taxation of Investments, Prime times30
Professional responsibility keyed to courses using Hazard, Koniak, Cramton, and Cohen's the law and ethics of lawyering30
Public participation in the politics of environmental discourse, Dye painting!, Joel28
Raising capital, private placement forms & techniques. Supplement, The Regulation of corporate disclosure. [Supplement]22
Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, initiate section, degree 9 nos. 25-26, 27-29, 30-32 ; Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, manifesto 16 ; Wisdom of the masters fragments30
Scott on outsourcing law and practice, 2007 suppl, Legal competency evaluation, Scott on computer law. Supplement28
Securities activities of banks. Supplement, Mutual fund activities of banks, Law of electronic banking. Supplement21
Securitization, structured finance and capital markets, The Regulation of money managers29
Societies around the world. By Irwin T. Sanders, Howard Becker, Richard B. Woodbury et al30
Starting and managing your own business--a freelancing guide for paralegals. Cumulative supplement30
State-by-state guide to architect, engineer, and contractor licensing, volumes 1 and 2. Cumulative supplement26
State-by-state guide to architect, engineer, and contractor licensing, volumes 1 and 2 part 226
Stephen Graham photography images of Beech St.--Cardio Bldg--6582_7_8+6583_9-unpublished24
Strategies for creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, third edition [by] Lynn M. LoPucki30
Supplement to cases and materials on Corporations, including partnerships and limited partnerships, second edition23
Tactile display landing safety and precision improvements for the Space Shuttle, Hardware/software partitioning utilizing Bayesian belief networks30
Taxation, keyed to Bittker, Clark, and McCouch's Federal estate and gift taxation30
Teacher's manual for cases & materials business associations, agency, partnerships & corporations, sixth edition30
Teacher's manual problems and materials on debtor and creditor law, Problems and materials on secured transactions30
Teacher's manual to accompany cases and materials on Corporation including partnerships and limited liability companies, eighth edition part 230
Teacher's manual to accompany Contract and related obligation--theory, doctrine, and practice, fourth edition part 230
Teacher's manual to accompany corporations law and policy materials and problems, fifth edition30
Teacher's manual to accompany evidence an introductory problem approach, Energy and natural resources law in a nutshell30
Tender offers--defenses, responses, and planning. Supplement, Annual Institute on Securities Regulation22
The ecology, geology, and history of Inwood Hill Park in northern Manhattan, New York County, New York30
The economic structure of intellectual property law, Overcoming law, The federal courts25
The Edgarizer tools for MS Word for Windows, EDGAR filer handbook. Supplement, EDGAR and electronic filing27
The exploration of an air pollution hazard scenario using dispersion modeling and a volumetric geographic information system part 430
The factors that black college freshmen perceive as contributing to their social and academic integration within a predominantly white university part 230
The interrelationship between various significant internal and external factors in the game of tennis doubles30
The investment risk of institutional-grade commercial real estate in Australia30
The journal of physical chemistry. B, Materials, surfaces, interfaces & biophysical30
The Law of corporate groups. Problems in the bankruptcy or reorganization of parent and subsidiary corporations, including the law of corporate guaranties. Supplement30
The Law of corporate groups. Problems in the bankruptcy or reorganization of parent and subsidiary corporations, including the law of corporate guaranties. Supplement part 228
The Law of corporate groups. Problems in the bankruptcy or reorganization of parent and subsidiary corporations, including the law of corporate guaranties. Supplement part 423
The Law of corporate groups. Procedural problems in the law of parent and subsidiary corporations. Supplement30
The Law of corporate groups. Procedural problems in the law of parent and subsidiary corporations. Supplement part 230
The law of debtors and creditors--text, cases, and problems, third edition, Subsidized housing in the Chicago suburbs30
The relationship of personality preferences, ethnicity and age with student performance in academic and clinical course work30
The role of fim-linked genes and the EDA gene in the ability of Escherichia coli to colonize the streptomycin-treated mouse intestine25
The Social construction of experience and identity management among post-secondary correctional educators27
The Subjective appraisal of psychological well-being and self-reports of .., Guard your heart23
The trial lawyer's roadmap, plaintiff and witness traffic accident interactive deposition training, instructor's manual23
Treatise on The Law of securities regulation .... Pocket part, The law of securities regulation23
Unclaimed property law and reporting forms. [Supplement and revision], Aperture, Construction disputes--representing the contractor. Supplement30
Updates and supplements to accompany ... West's Federal tax guide with Westlaw, Federal tax course30
Valuing professional practices and licenses--a guide for the matrimonial practitioner. Supplement23
Venture capital and public offering negotiation, Blue sky laws, The Private offering handbook25
V.I.S.I.O.N.S.: vision intervention systems in optimizing necessary skills for hearing impaired, handicapped, and multihandicapped children part 229
Visual dominance behavior as an aspect of power in the single .., Little town, Little town. w Walter G. Samuels, m Ruth Feder30
Western European dissertations on the Hispanic and Lusophone languages and literatures part 325
Wonder tales of the Bible. Bk. 1. By Arthur W. Spalding & Review and Herald Publishing Association28
Woody plant colonization of old fields in central New York, Basic bankruptcy, Hide and go shriek & 33 other titles30
Yokley's Zoning law and practice, fourth edition. Cumulative supplement, What they call me22
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