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Comerica Bank. documents
titleNumber of documents
16 blocks & 6 other titles; motion pictures and screenplays, 16 blocks, Wicker man23
23 days of terror & 18 other titles; motion pictures/projects, A Christmas love generous19
88 minutes, Brilliant26
9 1/2 weeks & 4 other titles, Asylum, Neuromancer20
ABI Administrative Services Corporation administrative management program for the computer software known as ABI software. TXu 453-405 part 330
Accounts receivable runbook, IBM system/38 manufacturing accounting and production information control system, version 2 (MAPICS II) Add. ti.: IBM system/36 version 2 (MAPICS II) manufacturing accounting and production control system accounts receivable runbook, IBM system/36 MAPICS II accounts receivable runbook. TX 2-118-031 part 330
Ambush in Bellary Flats, Boy alone, Uncle Ben28
A Ship called Yesterday, Sound of thunder, Just a kid27
Ask the dust & 9 other titles30
A supernatural evening with Santana, Chris Rock--never scared, Chris Rock27
Awakening & 25 other titles; episodes of animated television series, The shadow gobbler24
Ballad of the whiskey robber: a true story of bank heists, ice hockey, Transylvanian pelt smuggling, moonlighting detectives, and broken hearts part 530
Basic instinct 2: risk addiction & 3 other titles; theatrical motion pictures30
Bear in the big house: no. 228, grandparents just want to have fun & 2 other titles30
Behind the camera: Mork and Mindy & 1 other title; television movies, Hostage for a day25
Berserker & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Felonious, Rachel Fox--without a badge30
BillCast presentation server 1.0 & 1 other title. Notice of release of security interest in copyright19
Black hole & 3 other titles; screenplays & motion pictures, Snakeman, Sweepers30
Board of directors management system & 1196 other titles. (Part 005 of 005), New age thinking for achieving your potential30
Bordertown; musical composition. Piano. Words and music: Charles Henry Hagerty24
Buff and brown placemat & 21 other titles, Yellow/green cane, placemat/Suzi, Teak and twine placemat22
Buried alive in the blues. w & m Nick Gravenites, piano-guitar acc. Kurt Stein part 230
Combustion & 4 other titles; motion pictures/screenplays, The Holidays, (There's no place like) home for the holidays20
Confessions of a civil servant: lessons in changing America's government and military. TX 5-733-865 (2003)30
Confessions of a civil servant: lessons in changing America's government and military. TX 5-733-865 (2003) part 230
Control part 226
Copyright mortgage and assignment (Halflight Productions, Ltd.), Amendment to copyright mortgage28
Cows around the world: the 1999 chick-fil-A calendar, Bottom's up, Bottom's up & 2 other titles30
Crash & 22 other titles; motion pictures/motion picture projects/screenplays, Hostage30
Credentialing in the managed care environment: a guide for managed care organizations and health care networks. TX 4-467-52230
Dancing at the Blue Iguana, Falcon down, The point men23
Deadly skies & 14 other titles; motion pictures, MIC, Monday will never be the same30
Double whammy. w & m Mel Larsen & Jerry Marcellino30
Down in the valley. New words and music (based on a traditional theme): Sylvern Bain Schaefer, pseud. of Elka Sylvern, Paul Bain & Lee Schaefer (Leah C. Schaefer) part 230
Dungeons and dragons and other songs, Dungeons & dragons: the movie, Where the money is25
Elvis has left the building. PA 2-859-86327
Employee of the month. PAu 2-779-35530
Fear and the muse (Anna Akhmatova) (Voices and visions), Body armor, Orphans of time, no. 30730
Final cut & 71 other titles; screenplays & motion pictures, Diary of a mad black woman30
FIRREA regulatory reporting service: Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 198930
Five fingers of death (theme) By Bunny Sigler, Richie Rome & Theodore Life30
Five fingers technique for the right hand, Fine flavor, Fine dinner30
Friendly first encounters--nose to nose. VA 480-697 (1991)30
Glacier EXCEL 600EU & 1200EU (English, Spanish, German & Russian) No. IC-1211, version 630
Goldilocks & the three bears & 2 other titles; screenplays & computer generated images--animated motion pictures28
Goodbye Bruce Lee, his last game of death & 2 other titles; motion pictures, End game30
Good-bye, Holden Caulfield. I mean it. Go! Good-bye!, Thumbsucker, Everything's changed30
Guide to commercial lending law & 1196 other titles. (Part 004 of 005)30
Harsh times & 5 other titles; pictures, Van Wilder 2, Van Wilder Deux23
High performance banking through total quality management. TX 3-928-764 (1994) part 330
Homeland security campaign plan. TXu 1-078-32530
Home of the brave. w & m Kathleen B. Warren, W. Schwebke, C. L. R. James30
Hostage part 430
How to make big money in your own small business, A home at the end of the world30
How to make your small business thrive on perspiration and postage stamps, Blind injustice30
I don't want to be the one to say goodbye. By Larry Willoughby & Suzanna Clark, Blonde ambition30
Inspirational/gospel (with & without vocals), Holidays30
It can be done, it should be done, it shall be done--tomorrow, None could ever, He's good to you22
It can be done-smokefree workplace. TX 1-634-910 (1985), I ain't noways tired, When the hour comes30
IT operations review & 1196 other titles. (Part 003 of 005)30
Jean Claude VanDamme movie & 1 other title; motion pictures, The black Dahlia, Black dahlia30
Just for kicks (soccer design) VA 50-166 (1979)30
Kentucky waltz. Words & music: Bill Monroe (William Smith Monroe), Gargoyles, I saw a star & 2 other titles27
Ladies night out. Co-composers, Jeff Savage & Ronnie E. Broomfield30
Larry the cable guy: health inspector & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Witless protection30
Lesbian sex & sexuality--feature 1, episode 101 & 5 other titles; documentary series part 219
Let's make tonight our night ; Can't stand the heat, Calling you & 19 other titles29
Lloyd: what happened? By Gil Schwartz, employee-for-hire of Home Box Office, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP part 430
Lonely hearts club. w & m Leonard Penrow & George Hall30
Lonely hearts club. w & m Leonard Penrow & George Hall part 230
Lonely hearts: who killed Dan Cupid? By ITC Incorporated Television Company, Ltd part 230
Love and teardrops; a poetry album, The last time, I don't wanna go back23
Loves music, loves to dance & 5 other titles; screenplays & made-for-television motion pictures30
Made2Manage for Windows: advanced manufacturing software that puts you in control. TX 4-253-352 (1996)30
Method of measuring expansibility of kontour formed parts & 6 other titles, Enjoy Diet Coke: paint mask17
Mistress of spices & 2 other titles; motion pictures, Heart, The big white30
Monster warriors--season II, episodes 27-5230
Mortgage of copyright & security agreement, San Saba, AK230
My mother's boyfriend, The matador, Winter passing25
No code of conduct f.k.a. Last child, Android, Outside Ozona30
Nothing but the truth. By Todon of California, Inc., and Briskin Productions, Inc., as tenants in common30
No titles given for photographs taken by Shannon Poissonnier30
Not the music but the news, Gargoyles, Fun28
Opportunities come and go, let's be prepared to take advantage of ones that come our way!30
Opportunities for education in the next decade. Co-editors: E. T. McSwain & Jack R. Childress30
Out of reach. By Andre Alker, Harry Arnold30
Out of reach of my protection. w & m Mike Leander, Eddie Seago30
Piano lesson book: level 1A. Add. ti.: ABPL lesson 1A. PA 1-037-79430
Portrait de l'artiste jeune, suivi des quatre premiers textes publies de Jules Verne30
Private eye: true stories of the hidden camera, Adventures of Alexandra, Heads20
Professional guide in any language, Mercenary, Money30
Puppet master vs. the demonic toys & 2 other titles30
Rambo--First blood, part II, Rambo IV, Collections of a genius30
Release of copyright mortgage and assignment, Combustion, Sueno30
Riding alone for thousands of miles, La nina santa, Crash & 2 other titles23
Rollerball, from film Rollerball, Mercenary, Stagger Lee30
Sixteen blocks, Black Dahlia, 16 blocks28
Sixteen blocks, Wicker man, 16 blocks28
Smart people stay single. From the production Little me. w & m Carolyn Leigh & Cy Coleman30
Something borrowed something blue, Lalawood, The man from Elysian Fields25
Southland tales, Peaceful warrior25
Spring break-up. Reproduction: Arthur Jaffe Heliochrome Company30
Squeeze box & 3 other titles; notification (under 17 USC 508) of filing (docket no. H78-219 filed 9Feb78 in U.S. District Court for the District of Md.)30
Stan Lee presnts, Iron man, Dr. Strange27
State & local government performance measurement: a managerial approach to organization--wide improvement and accountability. TX 5-702-154 (2000)30
Suspect. Pro-lifter. Reason enough ... [et al.] By Michael Cahill, Jerry Kyn, Jason Murray & John Kozik part 227
Synapta services builder for CICS 3270 bridge v.2.0 with bridge designer & 1 other title30
The abandoned cars of Inverness County. From album This right here is Buck 6522
The abandoned oil fields of Wood County, Ohio ; Environmental hazards/Wood County, Ohio24
The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. Directed by Andrew Dominik part 230
The Black Dahlia mystery, Formula 1, White countess20
The Brotherhood of the Red Poppy. Author French language ed.: Henri Troyat, translator: Elisabeth Abbott30
The cleaner management solution (CMS) TX 2-569-934 (1988), The cleaner, Cleaner30
The contract drafting guidebook: a guide to the practical application of the principles of contract law30
The contractors' digest, Puerta Vallarta squeeze, Guinevere21
The contractor's edge: an integrated system for the construction industry. TXu 166-315 (1984)30
The cradle will fall & 5 other titles; screenplays & motion pictures, Comings and goings25
The death and life of Bobby Z & 2 other titles; movies30
The Degrassi reunion special-mother and child reunion & 1 other title, Fangs, The good teacher30
The first 100 years, a celebration of American movies, White noise, Chico Mendes23
The girls' guide to hunting and fishing (working title), The ramen girl, Lovewrecked23
The gravedancers & 10 other titles; motion pictures, Gravedancers, Super sunshine solar man30
The Hardin cemetery. (Buried secrets, episode 2801, international version) PA 1-321-287 (2006)29
The hoax & 4 other titles, Peaceful warrior, Crash19
The last time I saw you & 4 other titles part 430
The last word & 2 other titles, Crossword 3D, Word hunt27
The legend of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Defending my children, Whack the don19
The long weekend23
The lost city & 2 other titles, Linda's mambo ; Linda's theme, Herald Square30
The New Hampshire mill suite, Butterfly on a wheel, Counterparts27
The return part 527
The sisterhood & 1 other title; motion pictures30
The Wendell Baker story & 1 other title29
Today you die & 1 other title; movies, Mozart and the whale, The chumscrubber24
Unicorn Shadow Productions, Crossover, Eternal embrace28
Unrest & 8 other titles; motion pictures, Penny dreadful, Unrest23
Untitled Michael Moore documentary on the health insurance industry, 45, .4522
White noise & 1 other title; motion pictures, White noise30
Wrong turn 2. Motion picture. Based on the motion picture Wrong Turn. PA 1-121-432 (2003) part 630
You'll never hear the end of it. By Porter Carleton Howell, Dwayne Keith O'Brien & Tom Curtis Shapiro30
Your mother or your wife, Til death, Fight friend26
You stayed long enough (to make me love you) w & m Chris Roberts & Earl Ball, The big white30
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