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313th Troop Carrier Group, 47th Troop Carrier Squadron historical diary, Oedipus Tyrannus25
A comparative study in the difference in performance of students enrolled in Algebra One online and students enrolled in Algebra One in traditional classrooms28
A comparative study of mathematics attitudes before and after remediation, Pamela30
A Concordance to the plays, poems, and translations of Christopher Marlowe, Listen to my heart30
A Critical edition of the first two months of W. B. Yeats's automatic .., We should know30
Actual/ideal self-discrepancy and the mediating effects of trait anxiety, depression and unfilled life goals in the prediction of death anxiety30
A description of the relationships among factors thought to be associated with literacy growth in primary children28
Affairs and scandals in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, Egypt in the age of the pyramids28
African-American women executives within dominant culture organizations, Songs of the spirit30
American odyssey: The journey of Lewis & Clark30
An analysis of the measurement, treatment, and correlational aspects of anxiety in sex offenders part 224
An Essay concerning human understanding. By John Locke, editor & author of introd.: A. D. Woozley part 228
An Investigation of standards of correctness by inducing conformity and .., Behind the throne27
Applications of continuum damage mechanics to fatigue and fracture, Danny Jay's, Jay jam25
A Role-set analysis of the position of social work supervisor in hospital .., Alva Data presents "Stud's challenge"27
A study of the priorities in ministerial roles of pastors in growing Florida Baptist churches and pastors in plateaued or declining Florida Baptis churches30
A study of the use of personal traits in teacher selection as perceived by South Carolina public elementary and middle school principals30
A Survey of recent "experimental test case" conversions of mutual savings and loan associations . part 330
Black/white interracial families, marital process and identity development in young children30
Blast affiliated & 39 other titles. Written by Roger Parker, Steve Arrington & co-writers as noted30
Cahiers d'activites ecrites et de laboratoire (student activities manual) to accompany Paroles30
Catalog of performance objectives and performance guides for occupational therapy occupations30
Collaborative learning in music therapy education as experienced in a course in the foundations and principles of music therapy23
Collecting and historical consciousness in early nineteenth-century Germany, Temporal aspects of the representation of the moral point of view30
Democracy in a Communist Party, East Asia, Bali27
Developing an association of religious leaders in southern Brooklyn, New York, Aspects of the history of medicine in Latin America30
Developmental studies for occupational students; post-secondary programs, research publication 77-3, Nov. 1977 part 330
Early Murphy descendants of Mary Hurley and James McCarthy, The world of the ancient Maya30
Enjoying birds around New York City. By Laboratory of Ornithology, Cornell University30
Essential papers on Judaism and Christianity in conflict, Student study guide to accompany Mass media law30
Exploration and contestation in the study of world politics, Comparative public policy30
Fathers and sons Ivan Turgenev, the author on the novel the contemporary reaction essays in criticism30
Fichte, The Vocation of man. Editing & introd.: Roderick M. Chisholm, Berkeley's thought30
Figures of criminality in Indonesia, the Philippines and colonial Vietnam, Traders and gentlefolk30
Food shortage, climatic variability, and epidemic disease in preindustrial Europe30
Food shortage, climatic variability, and epidemic disease in preindustrial Europe part 230
[Foreward by Donald E. Cullen in "Corruption and racketeering in the New York City construction industry"30
[Foreward by Donald E. Cullen in "Corruption and racketeering in the New York City construction industry" part 230
[Foreward by Donald E. Cullen in "Corruption and racketeering in the New York City construction industry" part 330
Freshwater macroinvertebrates of northeastern North America, "Companions of the flame"30
From the Accounting Principles Board to the Financial Accounting Standards Board, a C P A's opinion .26
Hagan and Bruner's Microbiology and infectious diseases of domestic animals, The flat model structure on chain complexes of modules27
Hegel's theory of mental activity: an introductory to theoretical spirit. By Willem A. DeVries part 330
Henry James and the English cult of nostalgia, the past recaptured in the fiction and autobiography of Elizabeth .30
Holy Writ or holy church, the crisis of the Protestant Reformation. By George Henry Tavard30
Horror and mystery photoplay editions and magazine fictionizations, Death in Venice29
Imagination and the self in the philosophies of William Blake and Jiddu Krishnamurti30
Instructors manual to accompany Experimental general chemistry [by] Stanley Marcus, Michell J. Sienko, Robert A. Plane30
Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Constitutional interpretation, sixth edition [by] Craig R. Ducat26
Inter-industry conflict in the North Sea and South China Sea, Closing the gold window26
Intro. Notorious. F.B.I. Who got the gun? Syndicate posse. A Letter I'll never send. Armed and dangerous. Car chase. Just suck. Lost in a freestyle. On tour. Another night in the Bronx. By Donald Lamont a.k.a. Donald D30
ITSOFOMO (in the shadow of forward motion) Co-writer, David Wojnarowicz, Under Heaven's skies30
Justice William Johnson: the first dissenter; the career and constitutional philosophy of a Jeffersonian judge. By Donald Grant Morgan30
Keats and the Bostonians, Amy Lowell, Louise Imogen Guiney, Louis Arthur Holman, Fred Holland Day. By Hyder Edward Rollins & Stephen Maxfield Parrish30
Kinda vague. By Richard Blue Mitchell & Wynton Kelly. When the saints go marching in. Arr. by Richard Blue Mitchell30
Las Desterradas del paraiso, protagonistas en la narrativa de Maria Luisa Bombal30
Lecture outline series for comparative vertebrate anatomy, An Elementary school infusion model based upon the .30
Major governments of Asia. By Keith Callard, Harold C. Hinton, Nobutaka Ike & Norman Palmer, editor: George McT. Kahin29
Manual of clinical problems in cardiology with annotated key references, Everything you like tries to kill you28
Manuscript material, correspondence, and graphic material in the Fiske Icelandic Collection part 230
Mathematics today problem solving teacher's resource book (Texas), Mathematics30
Michel Foucault un parcours philosophique au-dela de l'objectivite et de la subjectivite28
Monstrous bodies/political monstrosities in early modern Europe, Driving the state30
Nationalism and change (1818-1830)--educational edition. (Just the facts: documents of destiny) PA 1-201-670 (2003)30
On Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics 8 and 9, Aspasius, anonymous, Michael of Ephesus30
Optimal supervisory control of cooling plants without storage, A time of war, The Social life of small urban spaces30
Paul Klee at the Guggenheim Museum, Paul Klee, art & music, Trova30
Perceptions of North Carolina school superintendents and their roles with board members in the policy process30
PinkMonkey literature notes on Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary30
Political theory: the foundations of twentieth-century political thought. By Arnold Brecht30
Primordial soup at the psychedelicatessen, Gynesis, Multilevel mailorder can make you rich26
Revivalism, social conscience, and community in the burned-over district, Reference and generality30
Say, Uncle: hysterical history of the U S A. By Eric Nicol and Peter Whalley, Bandits28
Selections from the Greek orators, Gorgias, Perikles, Lysias, Isokrates, Demosthenes30
Sinc methods for quadrature and differential equations, Real friends/crazy boys/crazy girls30
Sonnet series and itinerary poems, 1820-1845 by William Wordsworth, Private interest government30
Special purpose rifle 5.56mm reproduction, Mark 12 model 0/1 verisons, Songs from my guitar30
Spell it right; learn how never to misspell a word through six common-sense, psychologically tested methods of study. By Harry Shaw26
Study guide/solutions manual to accompany Wolfe, Introduction to college chemistry, second edition30
Teacher's manual to accompany American democracy [by] William J. Keefe, Henry J. Abraham, William H. Flanigan ... [et al.]30
Teacher's resource guide to accompany Maryland, a history of its people by Suzanne Ellery Greene Chapelle, Jean H. Baker, Dean R. Esslinger ... [et al.]29
The Aesthetics and politics of social class in Wordsworth's early poetry, 1789-179830
The "Americanization" of naturalism in the novels of .., Theodore Dreiser's Ev'ry month25
The ancient Egyptian books of the afterlife, Exploring humans and the environment26
The case against direct election of the President, Ought, reasons, and morality, Language and philosophy30
The collected works of Harold J. Humphries and Barbara J. Rightnour-Miller, vol. 130
The heritage of world civilizations, v. 1 to 1650, brief edition, [by] Albert M. Craig, William A. Graham, Donald Kagan ... [et al.] part 330
The Impact of socioeconomic development and ecological change on health and nutrition in Latin America part 330
The inheritance. By Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc., Arcola Pictures Corporation & Fespar Enterprises, Inc30
The Legal rights of children born to reproductive technology, Sword I, Hiding from ghosts30
The Levellers; a history of the writings of three seventeenth century Social Democrats: John Lilburne, Richard Overton, William Walwyn. By Joseph Frank30
The neighbor song ; Bigger than Texas ; Someone in Heaven loves you ... [et al.]30
The Practice development tree of organizational support of practice development techniques30
The Prison-House of language: a critical account of structuralism and Russian formalism part 222
The relative validity of MMPI-2 interpretations based on standard and neurocorrected profiles for traumatic brain injury patients receiving rehabilitation services part 230
The Rise of nations in the Soviet Union, America's defense monitor, Universal elements30
The Scribner quarto of modern literature, American writers, Modern American women writers26
The Supreme Court on emergency powers, foreign affairs, and protection of civil liberties, 1935-197530
The Uncle Sam activity book: language development handouts to teach US history and government30
The United States mental and emotional training course for the prevention of murder, child abuse, insane and criminal acts part 330
The Wrong war? The Case against a national energy policy, A Substitute for victory27
Trails of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, The Letters of Margaret Fuller30
Validity and reliability of the geriatric depression scale with the elderly residing in assisted living facilities30
VIP-OPX 100 operating system program listing, location 8000 to 8FFF, Thumbelina, This hill is filled with children30
When the wheel of fortune spins. By Ivory Joe Hunter & Mary Edwards, Song of my heart & 1 other title30
Who killed the butcher? who killed the baker? and who killed the candlestick maker? (the candlestick maker?)30
Woman's fiction: a guide to novels by and about women in America, 1820-1870, The Norton anthology of American literature26
Workbook for The Macmillan handbook of English, fourth edition. By John M. Kierzek & Walker Gibson30
Workers' self-management in the United States, She kissed Jesus, The passage25
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