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A Biographical sketch of Victoria H. Sargent, and Laura Sargent. By Victoria H. Sargent's Student Association, employer for hire of William Curtis Coffman et al30
Ambient grooves, Fashion, Acoustic29
Are you ready to party? ; Hurricane Andrew ; Since I small (I want to play a pan) part 230
Collection and preservation of insects, 1997 livestock grading contest, Self talk30
Concrete--think like a mountain, Concrete, Concrete--lost in Amazonis30
Conflict resolution--two teens learn how to keep it cool30
Creating environments for learning and play (revised), Enter toddling (revised), Threes on the threshold (revised)30
Creating environments for learning and play (revised), Harris Ranch horse division field trip30
Creating environments for learning and play (revised), Senior strategies, Swine breeds30
Education, coop. extension & communication careers, Shielded "stick" metal arc welding--I30
Electrical safety requirements and procedures: an up to date and intensive 2 day seminar, fall 1995 part 230
Family functioning and its influences on Vietnamese adolescents' social functioning and psychological well-being26
Food safety management seminar: a practical application of HACCP, Food safety30
Fundamentals of forestry (supplement included) PA 407-144, Electrical tools identification30
Get the facts! Hasty conclusions often lead to wrong decisions, Fundamental animal microgenetics30
Hegel: reason in history; a general introd. to the philosophy of history. Introd. & new translation of Allgemeine Einleitung of Hegel's Vorlesungen ueber die Philosophie der Weltgeschichte: Robert Schirokauer Hartman26
Hot and cold (I hope I didn't offend ya), Sold on love, Back in my life30
How do I tell you I like you?--building self-esteem through communication27
Identification des exigences. By Philip Crosby Associates, Inc. French translation (QES revision A) (Quality improvement through defect prevention--the individual's role, session III video tape)30
Introduction to the Denver developmental screening test (D. D. S. T.) (for professional personnel)30
Landscape plan for Janacek Road Office Building and Elmbrook Veterinary Clinic, Farmington Village Plainfield, Illinois26
Leaders of tomorrow start with Future Homemakers of America, Hunter under saddle II30
Leaders of tomorrow start with Future Homemakers of America, Judging market steers30
Leaders of tomorrow start with Future Homemakers of America, Practice beef quality grading30
Leaders of tomorrow start with Future Homemakers of America, Practice tree identification30
Let's talk : a national valuation database as a risk assessment tool =, Let's talk30
Little friend doll ; Little friend doll bookmark30
Livestock judging pictorial. By Verdant Hills, author of renewable matter: Brown & Bigelow, division of Standard Packaging Corporation30
Love is what it's all about. By Jeb Stuart, Vital signs, Vital signs series30
Management practices that affect the embedding of occupational health and safety into an organization's culture part 328
Managers and supervisors guide to career planning, Credit, Bank cards--a revolution in spending25
Oxy-acetylene welding--safety and introduction, Practice carcass judging IV, Beef slaughter and dressing30
Oxy-acetylene welding--safety and introduction, Western riding-III, Grass identification-I30
Patient assessment guide for computer aided research on nursing diagnosis25
Performing the SMAW 2G, 3G & 4G weld tests (plate/E-6010), Basic upholstery techniques30
Performing the SMAW 2G, 3G & 4G weld tests (plate/E-6010), Patient environmental history questionnaire30
Performing the SMAW 2G, 3G & 4G weld tests (plate/E-6010), The magic money machine30
Plant tissue culture concepts and laboratory exercises25
Positive discipline: a guide to successful implementation & 1 other title30
Practice horse judgingL hunter under saddle III26
Practice livestock judging V--market and breeding sheep28
Rambo: first blood, part II, Lock-up, Dead sleep29
Refrigeration and air conditioning technology teacher's guide, Residential electrical wiring30
Sales promotion essentials: the 10 basic sales promotion techniques and how to use them25
SG: History of apparel design: 1930 to 21st century, Hydraulic pipe bending, Terrific twos30
Small engine shop guide for valves, cylinders and bearings, service and repair27
Small gas engine part inspection, measurement and machining30
Soil conservation capability classes and taxonomic subgroup-families for readjustments of farm-land values in Puerto Rico29
Special people (opener) PA 93-442 (1981) & PA 100-657 (1981), Exceeding abundantly26
The Diamond method food combining chart for complete and efficient digestion part 230
The entrepreneurial adventure: a history of business in the United States, "Cast from the shadows" collection28
The Greenhouse affect & 5 other titles30
The relationship between middle school students' level of character development and their performance30
This is the way the cookie crumbles, & 1 other song lyrics30
Visual merchandising principles and practice & 6 other titles, The One girl, Let me run30
Watch me grow (baby memory record book) TX 987-70826
Water conservation in Egypt and the applicability of the California experience26
Water treatment; a course for self-instruction. Section 2: boiler feedwater treatment. By D. H. Houghton26
Western pleasure in diamond bezel earrings. VA 914-21830
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