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African spirituality versus the African-American, Elegant evening, You're my spring28
Anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating, Women and AIDS, Couples counseling30
A qualitative study of the maternal experiences of primary school teachers who are not themselves mothers30
Art design for poem "Blessing for little children at night" by Andrew Greeley, The Light beyond30
Back to basics by fundamental problem solving and continuous process improvement30
Cellular and molecular biological identification of glioma-derived transforming growth factor beta molecules30
Collected essays by Thomas E. Krawford, Jr., 1989, on The Transparent self by Sidney Jourard and The Psychology of self esteem by Nathaniel Branden30
Computational improvements in the substitution method for bounding percolation thresholds30
Deconstruction as a creative process as seen in Peter Eisenman's Wexner center for the visual arts and Gyorgy Ligeti's "Ramifications for string orchestra or 12 solo strings"30
Dietrich Bonhoeffer's theology of the world as a key to understanding his political involvement28
Discovering the Holy Spirit through Scripture and daily life, God the Son, Loving and dying25
Efecto del uso de los manipulativos en el aprovechamiento de estudiantes del nivel intermedio en la solucion de ecuaciones lineales con una variable part 330
Foundations of Christian faith, an introduction to the idea of Christianity, A Rahner reader28
Great women of the Bible in art and literature, Upstairs, downstairs, Steppers30
Guidelines for the purchase of furniture and equipment for .., Benefit profile statement--Social Security30
Guide to the petroleum reference literature, She's gotten out of hand, The eye of a heartache30
High-standing women and mission and conversion: a rehetorical-historical analysis of the "antiquities" and acts23
How are home health care agencies in Connecticut educating patients about the proper disposal of contaminated sharps?30
How to create alternative, magnet, and charter schools that work, Sent from the Father30
Instructor's manual for Basic usage, vocabulary, and composition, fourth edition30
Introduction to the catechism of the Catholic Church, Christianity and the crisis of cultures29
I remember part 1728
Karl Rahner's metaphysics of symbol--its origins and development, Cold, cold warrior28
Leader's guide for group study of Great events in the life of Christ, by Jerry Vines30
Man and his deeds. By Manes Sperber, translation: Joachim Neugroschel, The Boy and the tree30
Metaphysical journal. By Gabriel Marcel, translated by Bernard Wall, The lantern26
On becoming homeless :the shelterization process for homeless families part 230
On the perfect state = Mabadi' ara' ahl al-madinat al-fadilah, Islamic life and thought30
Orlando Police data manipulation program for Tandy 6000 host computer, version 1.1830
Our daily bread ; Forgive us as we forgive, Witnesses to Jesus, Our pope26
Point-by-point response to Dr. Francis Crick's comments on the astrocentric hypothesis30
Saint Francis De Sales Parish, Cathedral of South Saint Louis life ; Life ; Belonging ; Hopes & dreams30
Spirituality, dealing with illness, hopelessness, and multidimensional fear of death as perceived by gay men with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) part 330
Straight from the heart (love, pleasure, passion and pain)30
The doctrine of scripture in Hans Urs Von Balthasar's "The glory of the Lord, Mary25
The greatest management principle in the world: the strategies, The Sir Real [sic] collection 230
The Primary world of senses; a vindication of sensory experience. By Erwin Straus, translated from the German by Jacob Needleman25
The Purposes of higher education. By Huston Cummings Smith & Arthur Holly Compton part 230
The Relationship of field independence, social influence, and motivation to .., Canadian Hardware Supplies, Ltd30
Transposable element interactions and transposase functional analysis. critical questions for development of insect gene vectors30
Treatise on the Passover and Dialogue with Heraclides and his fellow bishops on the Father, the Son, and the soul25
What to do if an extra-terrestrial walks out of a rocket ship, flying saucer, or dematerialization-rematerialization machine, also, what to do if an extra-chronological traveler walks out of a chronological traveling machine, or time machine or facsimile thereof and is found in your backyard30
Wilson's Encyclopedia of biblical places, Walking on water, Dance the dance30
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