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Activity-based management for service industries, government entities, and nonprofit organizations part 230
A Guide to the genera of native and commonly introduced ferns and seed plants of eastern North America from the Atlantic to the Great Plains, from Key West-southern Texas into the Arctic30
A multiple case study of beginning teacher support and assessment programs in remote middle schools30
A reevaluation of Chief Nana and the Warm Springs Apache raid of 1881 in the southern New Mexico territory part 427
A study of New Jersey public school superintendents' perceptions regarding the behavioral characteristics of effective elementary school principals25
Atmospheric carbon-12 record spanning the past 50,000 years via high-precision thorium-230/uranium-234/uranium-238, palladium-231/uranium-235 and carbon-14 dating of pristine fossil corals30
Bibliography of publications by the faculty, staff, and students of the University of California, 1876-1980, on grapes, wines, and related subjects30
Biochemical and immunocytochemical analysis of three novel microtubule-associated proteins in Drosophila melanogaster and the rat brain30
Charles Hunt and the United Business Company's world-wide industry logos/market formats, and US healthcare insurance30
Chemical vapor deposition of palladium thin films from Lewis base adducts of Pd(hfac)(2) and of aluminum thin films from diethylamido alanes27
Church records of St. Paul United Church of Christ, 1115 West B St., Belleville, IL, 1839-193928
Coherence, amplification, and quantum effects in semiconductor lasers, Semiconductor material and device characterization30
Congruence of black elementary students' needs and teacher orientations in relation to student ratings of teachers26
Crystalline orientation engineering and charge transport in thin film YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7-x) superconducting surface-coated conductors30
Developing new products and repositioning mature brands: a risk-reduction system that produces investment alternatives part 230
Developments in electrorheological flows and measurement uncertainty, 1994, Enrollment prediction at a Texas Baptist University30
Directory of members of the United States League of Savings Institutions30
Directory of members of the United States League of Savings Institutions, FTS update25
Internatinal journal of theoretical physics: a journal of original research and reviews in theoretical physics and related mathematics, dedicated to the unification of physics, vol. 22, no. 4, Apr. 198330
Microelectronic structures and microelectromechanical devices for optical processing and multimedia applications28
Perceived requisite conditions for launching and maintaining de-tracking in the middle school29
Physics and chemistry of the earth. Vol. 3. By L. H. Ahrens, Frank Press, Kalervo Rankama30
Pittsburgh as frontier gateway in 1803 and staging point for the Lewis and Clark expedition30
Proceedings of the fourth international symposium on electrochemistry in mineral and metal processing30
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Corrosion and Reliability of Electronic Materials and Devices30
Proceedings of the sixteenth state-of-the-art program on compound semiconductors (SOTAPOCS XVI) and the Symposium on materials and processing issues for large scale integrated electronic and photonic arrays30
Proceedings of the Symposia on Reliability of Semiconductor Devices/Interconnections and Dielectric Breakdown and Laser Process for Microelectronic Applications30
Proceedings of the symposium of the Educational Foundation of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Inc. and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery30
Proceedings of the Symposium on nondestructive wafer characterization for compound semiconductor materials and the Twenty-second state-of-the-art program on compound semiconductors (SOTAPOCS XXII) part 230
Proceedings of the Symposium on Performance of Electrodes for Industrial Electrochemical Processes28
Proceedings of the symposium on recent advances in the chemistry and physics of fullerenes and related materials30
Proceedings of the symposium on water purification by photocatalytic, photoelectrochemical, and electrochemical processes28
Proceedings of the Symposium on X-Ray Methods in Corrosion and Interfacial Electrochemistry30
Scandium, yttrium, lanthanum, and lanthanide halides in nonaqueous solvents, October man27
State-of-the-art program on compound semiconductors XXXIX and nitride and wide bandgap semiconductors for sensors, photonics, and electronics IV30
State-of-the-art program on compound semiconductors XXXIX and nitride and wide bandgap semiconductors for sensors, photonics, and electronics IV part 230
State-of-the-art program on compound semiconductors XXXIX and nitride and wide bandgap semiconductors for sensors, photonics, and electronics IV part 320
State of the art program on compound semiconductors XXXVII and wide band gap semiconductors for photonic and electronic devices and sensors II30
Student study guide to accompany Basic statistics for business and economics, second edition [by] Paul G. Hoel, Raymond J. Jessen part 530
Student study guide to accompany Introduction to management, a career perspective [by] Elmer H. Burack, Nicholas J. Mathys part 230
Study guide to accompany An Introduction to programming and problem solving with Pascal, second edition by Schneider/Weingart/Perlman part 430
Teachers manual for Antitrust fundamentals, text, cases, and materials, third editions30
The 99 best residential recreational communities in America for vacation, retirement & investment planning part 330
The follies and excesses of Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Right, Uncle, We are ready!30
The realist tradition and contemporary international relations, The midnight man30
The Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. Translated by Anthony Mottola, introd. by Robert W. Gleason30
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