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Embassy Communications documents
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Alcohol abuse and teens--the turning point, Who's the boss?, No complaints!30
Bedroom window & 519 other titles; motion pictures. (Part 003 of 003)30
Critters & 4 other titles; theatrical motion pictures, Food, glorious food, & 1 other song24
Father Dowling mysteries, Magnum, P. I, Magnum, P I30
Give the little guy on the end a push, Everything's relative, Bridget Maloney28
Harry and the Hendersons, Unhappily ever after, The Charmings30
Married with children & 1 other title part 230
Married with children part 430
Married with children, Pongamoosic, Uncommon IV30
Pilot & 5 other titles; musical scores to the television pictures for the television series entitled Married people30
Pilot & 7 other titles; musical scores for use in episodes of the television series: Trial and error; f.k.a. Amigos30
Silent night, holy smokes. By Bill Boulware, Pearl's kitchen, 22727
Teachers only; theme. By The Carson Productions Group, Ltd, Married with children30
The Best legs in the eighth grade, Washingtoon, MacDoodle Street30
The Eliminators & 5 other titles; motion pictures, Murro the Maurauder, The pirate plot30
The Facts of life--Willie Dixon part 230
The Judge and the hatter. By Georges Simenon, comprising The Witnesses, translated from the French by Moura Budberg and The Hatter's ghosts, translated from the French by Nigel Ryan30
The Mystery of Al Capone's vaults, Benson, The Redd Foxx show30
The Wayans Brothers: no. 466101, Grandma's in the hiz-ouse, 22730
The Wayans Brothers: no. 466101, Grandma's in the hiz-ouse, 227, The Charmings30
Trial and error, Chevalier30
What's the worst that could happen?, Who's the boss?30
Who's the boss? part 330
Who's the boss? Randy Moss!30
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