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13th and 14th Infectious Disease Symposia, Wilmington Medical Center, Delaware, May, 1976 and May, 197726
AACE International's professional practice guide to cost engineering in the utility industries part 330
Academic development and performance enhancement among minority students enrolled in mathematics and science based curriculum programs at post-secondary institutions part 230
A Man for all seasons. A play in two acts. By Robert Bolt, Buddha, Flowering cherry; a play in two acts. By Robert Bolt25
American paintings from the collection of the Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, Massachusetts30
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: therapeutic, psychological, and research aspects, International Resuscitation Days28
An exploration of the role of context in high school students' conceptions and representations of linear, quadratic, and exponential functions part 325
An investigation into the significance of acetylcholinesterase inhibition in the toxicity of organophosphorus insecticides in mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis30
A Physical and physiological basis for the interpretation of cardiac auscultation30
A Primer in electrocardiography, with technical and some evaluative values, Electrocardiography30
ASEeXAM, Inc., special competency in echocardiography, Echocardiography, Being frank with Anne23
Assessing the importance of the recreation, education, and social functions of a fair to visitors at the 1988 South Carolina State Fair part 430
A Theory of change in population redistribution and an application to the nonmetropolitan .30
Basic figure to be used to illustrate electrocardiographic abnormalities, Internal medicine--a board review30
Basic science, clinical science, ocular pharmacology, TMOD VRICS state law exams30
Biopsy-determined muscle fiber distribution in collegiate track and .., Cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias30
Biotechnology for the mining, metal-refining, and fossil fuel processing industries part 230
Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult clinical companion, Journal of interventional cardiology30
Breast cancer prognostic panel by Chroma Vision ACIS assisted quantitative image analysis30
Calcium channel entry blockers and ischemic heart disease, The Paradox of pulmonary embolism18
Capital Transactions, Inc., presents a Michael Cohen special business seminar, Own and expand your own business30
Cardiac arrhythmias: electrophysiologic basis for clinical interpretation30
Cardiovascular significance of endothelium-derived vasoactive factors, Endothelin30
Catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in patients with structural heart disease30
Catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in patients with structural heart disease part 230
Catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in patients with structural heart disease part 330
Catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in patients with structural heart disease part 430
Characterization of the role of Saccharomyces cerevisiae single-stranded DNA binding protein RP-A in direct repeat recombination30
Clinical application and mathematical modeling of continuous glucose monitoring (CGMS) data in patients with diabetes mellitus30
Clinical cardiology--therapy. By Aldo A. Luisada28
Clinical electrocardiography: interpretation on a psychologic basis. By Manuel Gardberg, with chapters by Richard Ashman, Irving L. Rosen, and Louis Levy 2nd29
Computer-mediated communication (CMC) and the communication of technical information in aerospace30
Computer Science Professionals Space save organizer plus for Space Saver Shelving Company, Inc30
Congenital heart disease in infants. (Clinical symposia) B67462 (1975), Songs of Fryar & Mullins27
Correction law of New York and extracts of other New York laws for correction, probation, and parole officers, 1988-198930
Critical care nurses' knowledge of selected recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for the prevention and control of nosocomial infection30
Current concepts in diagnosis and management of arrhythmias in infants and children30
Deep freeze. By Saban Entertainment, Inc., Saban International, NV. (Monster farm: no. 19B)30
Der Mann, der die Welt retten wollte und andere neurologische Geschichten, Neurology for the non-neurologist28
Development of a floating random-walk algorithm for solving Maxwell's equations in complex IC-interconnect structures30
Diagnosis and treatment of group a beta hemolytic streptococcal pharyngitis in children in low and middle income countries30
Differential diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disordered and emotionally/behaviorally disordered children using the temperament assessment battery for children30
Dream flight of the Thunderbirds & 2 other titles, Electrocardiographic diagnosis of tachycardias28
Elements of an applications-driven optical interconnect technology modeling framework for ultracompact massively parallel processing systems part 230
Etiology and morphogenesis of congenital heart disease, The heart of a child, Developmental cardiology28
Experiments in practical transistors and linear integrated circuits, Cardiac morphogenesis30
Exploring the nature of human potential and how it can best be realized in contemporary society30
Gastrointestinal endoscopy, technique and interpretation, Doppler echocardiography25
Genetics and counseling in cardiovascular diseases, Medical genetics principles & practice30
Greenwald Life Skill Centers, Inc., a hypothetical alternative educational system for the information age of the 80's part 230
Hispanic Training Institute integrated language training, Spanish language training instructor manual30
Holly leaves and berries ; Pine needles and pine cones, Weathered wood, and 5 other works30
How modern management controls and distributes liabililty exposure to those responsible30
Instructor's manual to accompany Marketing principles & perspectives, third edition [by] William O. Bearden, Thomas N. Ingram, Raymond W. LaForge part 230
Intervention follow-up studies designed to identify the heatlh effects of bathing in marine waters contaminated with domestic sewage part 230
In vitro and mathematical models of the injury response of axons to dynamic loading of the central nervous system30
Jesse E. Edwards' Synopsis of congenital heart disease, Mimic, Gabriel, & 1 other song28
Journal of rapid methods and automation in microbiology, Journal of social philosophy28
Kinetic characterization of the ATPase cycle of DnaK, an Escherichia coli molecular chaperone30
Lexicon of psychiatry, neurology, and the neurosciences, Cardiac arrhythmia, Evaluation of your heart30
Management of extracranial cerebrovascular disease, Never knew, Father of blue grass music30
Maximize your potential through the power of your subconscious mind to create wealth and success part 230
Mechanical alloy process simulation of a ball mill. By Dimitri Gavrilov, 1971-, Oleg G. Vinogradov, 193730
Medical education in black colleges and universities in the United States of America30
Medical Portfolio for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons: v. 7, no. 3, Neverland & 32 other titles30
Metabolic complications of acute arterial occlusions and related conditions (myonephropathic-metabolic syndrome)30
Metabolic complications of acute arterial occlusions and related conditions (myonephropathic-metabolic syndrome) part 230
Ministerial manual of discipline of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Association, Inc30
Modern technics in surgery. Cardiac/thoracic surgery, Endocarditis module (Spanish)21
["Moon shine" series I]/ Giordano [i.e. Joseph Giordano], Something for me, Ethnicity and family therapy30
Must walls divide? The creative witness of the churches in Europe, The Pulmonary circulation in health and disease26
New frontiers in rare earth science and applications, proceedings of the International Conference on rare earth development and applications, Beijing, the People's Republic of China part 530
New Orleans French Quarter, French Quarter New Orleans, Breakfast collection, Hard to hide collection30
New perspectives on the contribution of symptomatic behavior and mental illness labels to the rejection of the mentally ill part 230
New perspectives on the contribution of symptomatic behavior and mental illness labels to the rejection of the mentally ill part 330
NMR techniques in the study of cardiovascular structure and function, Portal hypertension30
Pediatric cardiology: proceedings of the second world congress, Tricuspid atresia30
Perceived loss of control in acute hospitalized .., Cardiogenic shock, Diagnostic procedures for cardiovascular disease22
Personality characteristics of athletes who play different .., Is it weakness of man?30
Perspectives on the use of nonaversive and aversive interventions for persons with developmental disabilities30
Practical maintenance troubleshooting and repair of electric motors and controllers30
Practical management of eye, ear, nose, mouth, and throat emergencies, Suck, The Hooker and the john30
Practical protective procedures against identity theft, The Journal of bone and joint surgery25
Preliminary clinical studies of intrathecal autologous lymphocyte infusions in malignant glioma patients30
Preserving Jewishness in your family after intermarriage has occurred, Sex and death30
Principals' and aspiring principals' perceptions of skills and .., Comprehensive respiratory care27
Proceedings of the Symposium on advances in mathematical modeling and simulation of electrochemical processes and oxygen depolarized cathodes and activated cathodes for chlor-alkali and chlorate processes part 330
Recommendations for creating, leading, and managing a successful sales & marketing organization30
Relationships between teacher attitudes toward African-American vernacular English and student attitudes toward reading and self-perceptions as readers part 230
Reliability and validity of a scale for assessing the functioning of geriatric patients30
Selected topics in the classical theory of functions of a complex variable. By Maurice Heins30
Selections from An evening with Steve Corey at the harp, The construction of Ottoman Aleppo30
Sonate numero IV pour flute a bec soprano, ou tenor ou flute traversiere et basse continue30
State of the art noise control for chipping and grinding, combustion, electric arc furnaces, shakeout, molding operations30
Stress echocardiography and electron-beam CT in the evaluation of Ischemic heart disease22
Synthesis of nitric oxide and n-nitrosamines in macrophages activated by helicobacter pylori part 230
Teacher certification seminar for students who want to become teachers, Station break30
Teaching with the Norton anthology of American literature, Pilots' directions, A Rural carpenter's world29
Technical drawings, The John I. Phillips Silvercrest Center, Santa Monica, California30
That's my child & 1 other title, 214 collection, Better safe than sorry collection28
The distinct binding specificities exhibited by enterobacterial type 1 Fimbriae are determined by their fimbrial shafts30
The effect of a semester of experience on the self-reported academic and social/transitional anxieties of first-year community college student part 230
The Effects of community building group process intervention technique on reading performance among inmates in a medium security prison part 330
The First year of public education collective bargaining under the .30
The foundation, structure, and capstone for success which are paramount in self-development part 330
The holy family of Nazrareth verses the working married couple of the United States25
The Hormones of the pituitary gland as related to the onset of pubescence in man28
The impact of the California Highway Patrol's role in development and implementation of intelligent vehicle highway system technology by the year 200230
The Influence of instructional settings on the acquisition of .., Neurological disorders25
The interaction of prenatal solvent exposures with genetic polymorphisms in solvent-metabolizing enzymes30
The jealously guarded secrets of successful network marketing on the Internet, Computational implications of activity-dependent neuronal processes30
The learning readiness system, teacher's guidebook for the LRS seeriation test, preschool level, kindergarten/first grade level, lower extention level. By Ralph Scott, Jerald Nelson, Ann Mary Dunbar. 30
The pedagogical function of the human psyche, its potential healing capacity, and its gendered outer significance23
The psychological experience of living with hypospadias through verbal descriptions and drawings30
The relationship between demographics, health variables and subjective depressive symptoms in a nationally representative sample of community dwelling adults aged 65 and older28
The short term effects of small group hand drumming on mood, group cohesiveness and rhythm perception30
The transfer of scanning probe microscope research to the university classroom, No-Man's-Land30
Touch Learning Concepts, Inc., presents the Touch Math subtraction book with individual student flashcards30
Trigeminal neuralgia, photophobia, and ocular muscle imbalance, The Medical and surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia30
Un estudio a 5 anos sobre la incidencia de discinesias en pacientes con enfermedad de Parkinson en estadios iniciales tratados con ropinirol o levodopa part 230
Union house, union bar; the history of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union, A F L-C I O. By Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union, employer for hire of Matthew Josephson30
Use and approval of antihypertensive agents and surrogate endpoints for the approval of drugs affecting antiarrhythmic heart failure and hypolipidemia30
Use of Andersen's and Smereck's rainbow of awareness by persons living with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome part 430
Weissengerger's New Jersey evidence 2005 courtroom manual, Weissenberger's Federal civil procedure28
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